Aylar: Nisan 2021

The Agency

So…my previous stories were based on fact. In this story I indulge my erotic fantasies. Imagine people are matched by some agency to be together for a few months to explore their most erotic desires. The agency screens people to align their interests and then sends them to some tropical island resort where all basic Read more

The (Former) Trophy Wife Pt. 02

I pull my panties and leggings up and then turn back to Chris, pressing myself against him and putting my lips to his once more. Despite having found such a potent release just a few minutes prior, my body already aches for more attention from my new found lover. From the way he kisses me, Read more

The Addict Ch. 04

I remember I was minding my own business on my work break when I got a call from Brittany, one of the girls who I had a threesome with, and she had terrible news for a player like me. “I’m pregnant you asshole!” Brittany screamed into the phone. “You fucked me with another girl…but you Read more

That Damn Imp Ch. 09

IX o0o Edinburgh, Scotland (newly part of the United Kingdom) 1710 Even though Edinburgh was emerging as a banking center, its sheer population density led it to being one of the most overcrowded cities in Europe, and naturally, there was an almost innumerable amount of people living in, or near poverty. A large part of Read more

The Adventures of Natalia Ch. 02

It was another glorious day in Laguna Beach, nice warm breezes and smog free air. Natalia walked out onto the patio with her morning coffee in one hand and her laptop in the other. Her naked body loved the feel of the sun waking her senses. It was five weeks since the pool company changed Read more

That Trip to Topchanchi Ch. 04

“So you gave a torrid time to Savita-di last night?” Ritu was sitting in the drawing room with a can of chilled mid-morning beer. Bira 91. “Yes, the cow was rather lively last night. Kept squealing while I drilled into her.” “Must have been the blessings of the Devi … she must have somehow turned Read more

Terminal Sex

It had been a long time coming, this week long cruise had been in the works for a year. The first phone calls, rediscovering the magic that caused my soul to burn, were a solid base for the long conversations and sexually intense innuendo. The desire to follow them up with action was almost overwhelming, Read more

Texas Heat

It was one of those moments when you curse your job and your luck. Sure in life there were many such times but up until this moment Shelly hadn’t really come across them much. Cute and petite she was the one people equated to dynamite. She was perky and energetic, always the one to have Read more

Thank You

You have been so good to me. So amazing. I wish you were here so I could thank you. Really thank you. I think first I would just give you a light kiss on your lips — just lips to lips, gentle and soft. I would give you a trail of these soft kisses across Read more

Ten Items or Less

I was at the grocery store in the “10 items or less line”, getting a few last minute items to take to my elderly folks house when I ran into her. I was just back in my home town for the day to get some errands and chores done at their house and then it Read more
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