A Gift

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A Gift



I keep asking you what is this “surprise” gift you have for me. You tell me I will find out, but only after I promise to let you see me enjoying it!

Damn, I think, that’s what I get for telling you I always take a picture of myself enjoying a gift for the person who sent it to me. Okay, I say, yes you can see me enjoying the gift. We make plans for you to give me my present.

I have a few sneaking ideas as to what the “gift” may be. . .you think naughty thoughts like I do! However, always seemed to me just as I think I have someone figured out they change the rules on me! So I prepare myself for the present to be anything.

I get my standard Nude Man door greeting from you. Instantly, I am in an even better mood than the two seconds before you open the door! After some hugs and kisses, I start pressing you to present the gift. I am so dying to know what you want to see me “enjoying.”

You disappear for a few moments, returning with a rectangular box wrapped in glittery paper. I sit on the couch as you hand me the gift. You have a mischievous grin, so I know something is up. I shake the box, but hear no movement. I make a few comments about what it could be. . .a new Barbie doll? You tell me the only way for me to know is to open the damn thing!

I decide to be a bit more difficult, by carefully opening up each corner and keeping the paper intact. Doing so belies my true character of tearing the paper off of a gift! I don’t even peek into the exposed end of the paper tunnel, I continue to gingerly open the gift.

Finally, when I have removed the last of the tape, I roll the paper off of the box. I don’t look at the box- instead, I set it down next to the couch as I fold the paper. . .once again you tell me to stop being silly and look at my present!

Before I do, I tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness at surprising me out of the blue with a gift. You are too kind, too sweet, and too sensitive I say, as you bend over my lap to grab my gift. Here, you say, as you put it on my lap.

Oh my, I say, as I realize you have given me a fantastic new toy– bursa escort a shiny new vibrator! And a nice one it is– about six inches in length, and about an inch and a half in diameter. It was even ribbed– “for her pleasure.” I take my plaything out of it’s wrapping. I examine it, making sure it has no rough edges or anything that could be a problem (a girl has to check these things, you know!) impressed with the smoothness of the plastic. I even liked how easy it was to turn the switch at the base of the gift. Not all vibrators are created equal, and I could instantly tell you dropped a pretty penny for this charming gift!

You are still grinning with excitement, when I say to you– there are no batteries. Darn. How will I enjoy my new gift? Not missing a beat, you say oh as you pull two C batteries from under the couch. I smile as I take them from you. . .yes you are indeed a very smart, thinking kind of a guy. . .

I load the batteries in my new toy, asking you if you want me to take pleasure from it now, or later– say, in a week or two? Hell no, you say, telling me how much you want to see me play right now! Okey dokey I say, as I watch your cock rise.

I kick off my shoes, then stand up and let my jeans fall to the floor. I slip my bra off from under my sweatshirt, leaving my sweatshirt on. You protest, but I tell you I will take it off in a few minutes. I step out of my jeans and sit back down on the couch. You turn off the tv, dim the lights a tiny bit, and put on a CD. I don’t know who it was, but it was definitely relaxing music. I slide to one end of the couch as you sit at the other end. I lean over to give you a big, wet kiss; one you eagerly accept. As I pull away to go back to my reclining position, I fire up the vibrator. ..

It makes a low hum. . .not loud or clacking like cheap vibrators. This I like, as I comment to you it is a “stealth vibrator!” As I look at you, I can tell you want me to hurry up and start touching myself with the damn thing! I turn it off, telling you I have to get my pretty pussy ready for the toy. . .

I let my legs fall open, exposing bursa escort bayan my wet pussy to you. I slide my hand down the slit, opening myself up. You can easily see how wet I am, and my hard nipples are poking up under my sweatshirt. I lean back even more on the couch, as I start to use my other hand to play with my clit. I can feel your eyes burning on my pussy, which makes me even hotter to know you derive joy from watching me. I savor your hand stroking my lower leg. . .this makes me want to give you the best show of me enjoying my gift.

I remove my hands from my pussy, picking up the toy. I give it life again, turning the vibration down to “low.” Too much vibration too quick would result in me not cumming at all! I spread my lips again, (you know which ones) and touch my love button with the tip of the toy. Doing this sends warm waves of pleasure through my thighs, causing me to moan softly. You encourage me on, telling me how sexy I look, how much you want to see the vibrator in me, making me cum. You tell me how after I make myself cum, you won’t be able to keep your tongue out of my slick pussy! I keep the vibrator on the tip of my clit, as I listen to you tell me more. . .you tell me how you want to stick your fingers inside of me, making me wetter. You tell me how you want to make me cum, then make me cum again before you stick your rock hard cock in me. You tell me how you want to taste my liquor as it gushes forth on your hands. You tell me you want to see me lick your fingers, full of my honey!

The more you say, the hotter I get. I am so wet, I begin to wonder if the toy has a tight seal where the batteries go– sure would hate to corrode my new plaything! I start to touch the tip at the opening of my pussy…I think, just a quick movement would allow me to feel the toy inside of me. I look at you, as you eagerly anticipate me sliding the toy inside of me.

I turn up the speed on the vibrator a tiny bit. It is still quiet, and I slowly start to push the toy in me. I go real slow, because I know doing such would tease me as much as it teases you. You continue escort bursa to stroke my leg, as you start to stroke your cock.

Suddenly, I pull the toy out, as you protest. You ask me what’s wrong, and I tell you nothing. I slide my ass down to the floor as well as fling my sweatshirt off. Join me, I say as you waste no time getting comfortable on the floor with me. I tease my pussy with the toy again, then push it in me.

When it is all the way in my pussy, I can feel how the whole toy vibrates, not just the tip. Wow, I think, you are a man who knows his toys! I turn up the speed a tiny bit more. You move so your head is right by my wet pussy. I tell you that you have a ringside seat, and if you are not careful you might get wet! You say you are banking on it!

I am so wet, I know you can see the juice slipping out of me. I can smell how hot, how sticky sweet I am. I tickle my clit with my fingers, bringing myself right to the edge of an orgasm. . .

You can tell how hot I have made myself, as I writhe around on the floor. I pull the vibrator out, and put the tip of it back on my clit. . .

This drives me crazy– at this point, I am breathing hard. Not only that, but my nipples are still hard– wanting to be touched by you. I tighten up a fragment, as I ask you to please lick me.

You instantly stick your tongue in my hot pussy, giving me the extra stimulation I need to make me cum.

Oh, this is a good one too (are any of them ever bad? I think not!) I gush what feels like a gallon of my precious juice, and you eagerly catch every drop on your tongue. The waves of pleasure spread all through me, feeling extra-delicious. . .

Because I didn’t move the toy as soon as I came, I inadvertently gave myself another orgasm! This one was so marvelous, I dropped the toy! You grab my ass, holding on as this orgasm causes me to buck my hips– once again you catch each drop of sweet nectar on your tongue!

As the intense pleasure subsides in me, you gently lick my pussy. This feels great to me; you manage to keep me horny and wanting more fun!

I calmly tell you you forgot to take a picture of me enjoying my gift!

You grin, tell me no problem. You pick up the still-vibrating gift, hand it to me, and tell me there’s going to be plenty of chances to take pictures of me enjoying the gift. . .

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