A Hot Mess

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A Hot Mess



He stirs beneath the covers and his hand brushes the side of his cock. It feels soft and warm and full. He gives the foreskin a squeeze between his fingers and rolls it around in his fingers a little. It’s responsive and eager. It grows a little. He cups it in his hand and starts to stroke. It grows more, it fills, it hardens, stands straight in his hand. He tugs up and down. It’s hard, but not full. It waits.

She has blond hair and is maybe five foot seven. They kiss, drunkenly, their tongues desperate to feel all of the other’s mouth and tongue simultaneously. They are everywhere at once, just like the hands, pulling, tugging, ripping clothing off and then squeezing, grasping, rubbing. They back towards the bed, and she falls backward. He falls on top, broad shoulders hovering over her in the dim light as he sucks on her nipples. She moans and wiggles backward for more space on the bed. Her thighs, ample and cream white, spring open like a bear trap, fueled by the vodka tonic. His hand finds her silk panties a sodden mess. He pulls desperately down and she has to spring her thighs back together again before he can dispense with the panties, soaked with her anticipation, to the side. He looks into her closed eyes as his hand thrusts inside, desperately feeling everywhere and anywhere. Her thighs buck and he kisses her neck, sucking and biting while his fingers caress the inside of her.

“Oh god,” she whispers. “Fuck me! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she pleads, gasps.

His hand leaves and for a moment she is empty again, craving to be filled. He rises up, blocking the lamp, and his silhouette looms over her. He guides his penis into her with his hand.

“Oh god please give me your cock!”

The tip meets warm, wet, sticky flesh and both catch their breath. He eases forward, plunging. A brief moment of resistance, and then squeezes into her, filling her. She screams, and her legs, half wrapped around his back, shoot straight out, forming a perfect Y as she grabs his ass, pulling him in as deep as he’ll go.

“Oh my god!” she yells. “It’s so big! It’s so thick!”

He can feel his cock is rock hard now as his hand pumps up and down with purpose.

Another blond, this one shorter, thinner, with large breasts with perfect nipples. She sits perched on the edge of the bed, her head near the center. She’s on her knees and her ass is hoisted in the air, waiting, expectantly. He can see her pink, shaven slit glisten in the afternoon light pouring in the window. Her face, lying on the bed, is turned toward him. Her eyes are droopy with desire and he can tell she can barely think straight. He stands at the edge of the bed, cock at full attention, living in the moment before anything happens. He looks at her eyes and then moves forward, placing both hands bursa escort on her rounded cheeks, gently caressing, then pushing downward. It doesn’t work. The height is wrong. She gets up in one fluid motion, grabs him by the cock and leads him into the kitchen.

She bends over the table, breasts flush against the wood grain. She pushes a plate in her way off the table. Her legs are spread and her ass is now presented at the perfect height. His dick is now covered in precum, so that when he approaches her with a slight urgency brought on by the words not being spoken, the looks being shared, he slides into her with ease. The first thrust is like fire on fire, as if every nerve in each person is located in that one spot, his dick sliding into her steamy cunt. He grabs her hips, pulling her ass toward him as he thrusts forward, filling her to the hilt with his cock. She gasps, eyes closed, mouth open on the table, panting. He starts to fuck her slowly, finishing each thrust with an extra little burst that makes her shake and the table buck against the wall.

“Harder,” she pants.

He gathers for a full thrust, slamming his cock into her as hard as he can, over and over again like a battering ram.

“Ah! She “ah!” squeals “ah!” with “ah!” each “ah!” thrust “Ahhh!”

“Faster,” she begs between breaths.

He starts gathering her hips into him as fast as he can, grunting with exertion as he feels his cock slide in and out of her squeezing pussy. He raises his hand and spanks her once. She squeals even louder. He spanks her again. A quick moan.

“You like that?”

“Yes,” she breaths. Spank.


“Yes!” A hard spank.


“YES! Oh god.”

“I knew you’d like getting spanked you little whore. Tell me how much you like getting fucked like a whore.”

“Oh god keep fucking me please please please fuck yes” she says all at once. He starts panting as he thrusts faster and faster, harder and harder.

She pounds the table with one hand “Fuck!”

His boxers are off now, beneath the covers, as he strokes himself furiously, head back, eyes closed.

He leads her into his room and she slams the door behind them. He chuckles as she dives to her knees in front of him, grabs his shorts and pulls them down. His cock, already hard, springs upward to meet her as the elastic band passes over them. She grabs the base with one hand, moves her hair out of her face with another and leans forward and engulfs his cock in her mouth. He lets out a long sigh. For a minute he just stands there, admiring her.

She is short, with black hair and huge, spilling-out-of-her-dress size tits. She’s wearing a teal dress which he knows has nothing underneath it. She bobs up and down on his dick, swirling her tongue about the bursa escort bayan head, pausing to lick her lips and savor the precum. She spits on his dick and then resumes sucking. She plays gently with his balls while he remembers what she said and presses his hand on the back of her head, forcing her down farther onto his cock. She struggles for air, chokes, and he relents. She gasps for air, goes back in, and he presses her down onto him again. She pulls the neckline of her dress underneath her breasts, revealing them in full, takes his head in her mouth and looks up at him while she slurps his precum. He grabs her head with both hands and holds her on his cock until she starts choking again, then releases her. She pulls off and licks her lips.

“Now fuck me,” she says. She lunges toward the bed and leans over, waiting, squeezing her tits in anticipation. He flips her short dress over her ass, revealing a perfect heart shaped ass and a shaved pussy dripping with her juices. He approached her quickly and grabbed her. He starts fucking her. He spanks her once. A soft moan escapes her lips.

“You like that?”

He feels a wave of precum wash over his hand as he pumps his dick.

She has reddish brown hair and freckles. Her breasts are the size of tennis balls, firm and perky. Her skin is lily white. She lies spread eagle on the bed, each limb chained to a different bed post. Her ass is covered in ruler-shaped welts and she wears a blindfold and a gag. She mumbles inaudibly against it as he runs a finger down her shoulder. He leans in and sniffs her neck. He licks in. He sucks on it briefly, then turns it into a love nip. He blows on the saliva left behind. He sees her tits are now rock hard. He brushes his lips briefly against each one. Her breath quickens slightly. He licks them, then sucks on them, then squeezes them. He trailed kisses down her stomach while his hands played with her tits. Just as he was about to reach her pussy, her trimmed bush, he stopped. Her breath caught, and his face moved away. She bucked against the restraints. He licked her toes and trailed kisses up her legs and thighs. He rubbed his face against her thighs, let her feel his breath right outside the range of her sex. She could feel his breath against it, the hot air. She moaned again, louder, against the gag. She felt his full weight on the bed, his knees close to hers. She moaned in excitement. She was finally going to get fucked. She felt him position his body over her, the warmth in the air between their bodies. Her hips bucked wildly, trying to find a cock to fill itself with.

He’s panting now, sweating, throws the covers off the bed, exposed on the dark, fucking himself with his hand as fast and hard as he can.

He knelt, naked, before her. The welts on her ass were almost escort bursa gone now, replaced by the straps that held a large, firm, black cock on her pelvis. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and she had just got him to assume the proper position.

“Have you been a good slave?”

“No ma’am.”

“You kept mistress chained and waiting for your nice, thick, cock. Is it nice to keep my wet cunt waiting for it’s cock?”


“What was that?”

“No, ma’am.”

“And those nasty names you called me. What did you call your mistress?”

He mumbled something. She grabbed his hair and jerked his face upward to look at her.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I called you a dirty, cum-thirsty slut of a whore, ma’am.”


“And a cock-hungry cunt, ma’am.”

“And you know the punishment for calling mistress anything other than ma’am, mistress or master, don’t you?”

He nodded.

“Good boy.”

Still grabbing his hair, she guided his face toward her 10-inch strap-on dildo. She prodded it against his lips, which remained closed. She slapped him in the face, hard, and pulled his hair towards her cock. His mouth opened and he took the dildo in his mouth and sucked.

“That’s right, suck mistresses’ cock. You’re nothing but my slave. You deserve to be used. Suck my cock, bitch.”

She held his head on her cock until he started gagging.

“Looks like you’re the fucking cock slut, you little bitch.”

She wasn’t sure if he could hear her, he was now sucking her black cock with such gusto. His head bobbed up and down on her cock and he sucked as hard and fast as he could. She cupped his cheek in her hand and guided his gaze upward, mouth full of her cock.

“That’s a good boy. Now turn around.”

The next things he felt were her cock, black, huge and coated in his own saliva, sliding into his lubed asshole. His eyes opened wide, but he kept his mouth shut as she plunged into him. Once the entire dildo was up his ass he allowed himself a brief moan as she reached around and started stroking his rock-hard cock. She thurst back and forth as she jerked him off.

“You like it when misresses fucks you, don’t you bitch? You like it up the ass, huh? You fucking whore.”

His whole body tensed.

She screamed beneath him, her ass writhing below him and her eyes in the back of her head.

Her knees buckled against the table as he filled her with cum.

He squatted over her chained form as he pumped his dick with his hand, waiting until just the right moment to pull the blindfold off and cover her face with thick, white, sticky ropes.

His mistresses’ cock buried deep in his ass, his cock spurted cum which she caught in her hand and then smeared on his face.

Alone in bed, his back arched and he let out an almost surprised yelp as he came, shooting cum all over himself. He pumped until no more would come out, and then lay there, panting, covered in semen, gasping, lying amidst a heap of fantasies.

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