Yazar: analsex

Texas Heat

It was one of those moments when you curse your job and your luck. Sure in life there were many such times but up until this moment Shelly hadn’t really come across them much. Cute and petite she was the one people equated to dynamite. She was perky and energetic, always the one to have Read more

Thank You

You have been so good to me. So amazing. I wish you were here so I could thank you. Really thank you. I think first I would just give you a light kiss on your lips — just lips to lips, gentle and soft. I would give you a trail of these soft kisses across Read more

Ten Items or Less

I was at the grocery store in the “10 items or less line”, getting a few last minute items to take to my elderly folks house when I ran into her. I was just back in my home town for the day to get some errands and chores done at their house and then it Read more


‘You’re going to be fun. You’re going to be fun. You’re going to be fun.’ Her words repeated themselves over and over again in my head as Kara and I rode the shuttle bus back to the freshman quad. ‘Temptation, thy name is Ashley Donovan.’ What the fuck was that supposed to mean? Was that Read more

Teen Surprise

One weekend this summer while my wife was out of town, my 18-year-old daughter had several of her friends over to spend the night at our house. All of these young girls are very cute and they all have those young, tight, teenage bodies that make my old dick stay hard when they are around. Read more


The height of the bed lets him be at eye level to my breasts, I love that but it leaves me standing there only able to take it. But tonight, I don’t want to be just the fly in his web. I don’t want to let him win. This has been going on all evening. Read more

Teaching Professor Mahoney Ch. 02

I quite enjoy teaching my Herbology class especially Lara Simpkin. Well it’s more like she teaches me. Our relationship is a dangerous one. She holds a power over me ever since the other afternoon. The bell rings for the start of class. I stand leaning on my desk at the front of the room. It’s Read more

Teacher by Day, Dancer by Night Ch. 02

Catherine Bentley adjusted the straps of her red v-neck tank top and looked in the mirror. Her tight gray pants emphasized her round ass and long legs. She brushed her blonde hair and tied it back in a loose ponytail. As she studied her reflection, her mind began to stray to the events of the Read more

Teacher’s Pet Pt. 01

Continuing the stories of my sexual education and adventures. My senior year in high school I had a pretty hot history teacher. Judy was in her 1st year of teaching after graduating from college and was 22-23 years old. Judy had shoulder length black hair, was 5’6″, probably 130 pounds, great legs and ass, slim Read more

Tea and Rain

I have an umbrella, but it’s no use against the rain, keeping only the top of my head dry. The street is mostly deserted and the figures rushing past, into doors, cars, down other streets, don’t seem to notice each other, including me. As I stroll south, a block or so away, a man in Read more
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