Back Lot

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Back Lot



Times at work changed and she could go in an hour later and at first had that intention, but a guy she had met at work convinced her to go in at the same time so they could meet up. She met this guy a month before when he started there at the plant and he was nice enough and had noticeably started to take interest in her and it evolved into a more personal interest most of which she had either ignored or declined, he was good looking average body not over weight or any thing and short cropped hair his name was Danny.

She pulled into the parking lot an hour early it was their old time to be coming into work, she started to wonder just what the hell she was doing actually coming to meet him because she knew he liked her and would likely try some thing but some thing in her managed to get her here. She pulled around to the very back of the parking lot and found his big old van parked in the furthest corner, she parked beside it and got out noticing it was still running probably because it was cold as hell out side and frost was all over the place.

She knocked on the window and he opened the back door and invited her in, it was warm inside and she was taken aback finding that there was a bed mattress in here that fit the entire back of the van like one of those love wagons of the 70’s.

To speed through the details she was right on him trying some thing but some how he managed to not run her off and she had stayed, though most of the hour they had was burned up by idle talk and then Danny trying to get into her pants they had burned up a good 45 minutes before she actually consented just a bit. It was the combo of him stroking her through her jeans as well as her fondling her big tits and what topped it off was that he had taken his cock out and stroked it with one hand while rubbing her crotch though her pants and he was pretty darn big when hard she noticed.

She found herself on her back on the mattress her jeans and underwear to her ankles and legs up his hands behind her knees helping hold her legs up, she let out a gasp and long groan as she felt his hot wet tongue plant itself on her asshole and then slowly work up parting her pussy lips as he pushed it inside her running it through her wet slit until the tip of it found and his lips latched onto the little nub of her clit and sucked hard on it getting another but louder groan from her. From there he proceeded to eat her in earnest running his tongue from top to bottom eating her ass and thoroughly tongue fucking her hole, 5 or so minutes later she made him move around into a half ass 69 position on their sides and for the first time he groaned as he felt her hot wet mouth close around the swollen tip.

His cock was so hard it throbbed as he felt her lips glide along him, her teeth lightly glancing his sensitive girth her tongue swirled around the swollen head and he could feel hot pressure from her sucking as he dredged his tongue through her slit, his hands reached up and parted her big ass cheeks and the thickness of her thighs in order to get better access to this bbw’s sweet tasting snatch.

Danny always loved big women and with this one he thought he found his ideal fuck partner, she was 5ft and weighed around 230lbs maybe a little more give or take but most of the weight resided in her hips ass and thighs with a fairly firm and not over hanging ponch of a belly that wasn’t huge it gave her a pretty firm Greek mother type of figure oh and not to mention huge double D tits. Just as things were getting good his alarm went off signaling just enough time to get sorted and into work, he felt himself come free of her mouth with a slurp and he reluctantly with drew from her pussy her juices shined on his face which he had to wipe off.

“Ah fuck time to go…damn and it was just getting good.”

“I’m sorry, I dunno what came over me…hate to leave you like that though but we got to get in.”

She pointed at his cock which stood up jutting thickly from his pelvis, it was even more swollen than before and was wet with her spit.

“Well…it’s ok, if you want…after work…could finish me off then, that is if you want other wise I’ll have blue balls and have to go home and jerk off thinking of you.”

The day went slow as hell and it sucked for both of them actually both were left horny as hell, she was amazed and also kind of ashamed of what she did and as her pussy twitched and new juices dampened her underwear she was ashamed of what she was likely to do after work too. And it happened too, after work she found herself back in his van the curtains and window tinting assured no one could see in. She forwent having him eat her for the time being and had him is a half sitting reclining position on the bed against the side wall his pants and boxers around his knees and his hard cock in her mouth, she could constantly taste his sweat and thick pre cum as she sucked him working his thick shaft with one hand and massaging his sizable ball sack with the other.

It only took casino siteleri a little short of 10 minutes before she felt him squirm and then hear him groan very loudly, a second later she felt him arch a little and then suddenly a really big hot wad of his seed exploded in her mouth right on her tongue, it was sweet and salty and was very hot and thick as another of nearly the same size filled her mouth this time hitting the back of her throat. She fought back the urge to cough and swallowed the hot mouthful, she felt his fingers running through her hair and him saying lewd things that strangely turned her on as she worked to drain him completely.

“Oh…GOD yes Rebecca, gnnahh…oh fuck suck me dry…swallow it all sweetness…shit I can’t wait to bury my dick in you and fuck your brains out.”

At this point his flow had slowed down and she had the head locked between her lips and both of her hands were working his shaft from bottom to top milking what was left in him it was a big load that surprised her, her pussy throbbed hearing that he wanted to fuck her his cock when fully hard was a little bigger than her boyfriends even maybe half an inch but also he was thicker too the thickest cock she had ever seen in person actually and the head was massive but not too much for her mouth.

They got their selves together after a few minutes and went their separate ways without too much being said mostly casual stuff, on the way home all she could think about was how rock hard he was and how big his cock had been in her mouth, she could hardly believe what she had done today but she could still taste the proof in her mouth the remnant of his pungently sweet seed. Her pussy drove her crazy with tingling and remained exceedingly wet and though it was wrong, she knew she would do it again and probably soon too.

And if the time came which it would most likely that he would slip the bulbous head of that fat stalk of his up along her soaked slit and wedged it at the entrance of her cunt, she had no doubt that she would likely only welcome him into her with only slight reluctance. What would a cock like that feel like inside her, no doubt the size of it would have her stretched beyond any thing she had felt before.

That night she managed to get some from her boyfriend of six years, he was very good in bed better than any she had in her life so far, and yet still the thoughts came even while he was making her come repeatedly jamming his own sizable cock deep inside her deep enough to make her wince in pain and pleasure. She thought of how Danny might feel in this position or when her bf had her in doggie style how Danny might ream her from behind, when finally he grunted and stiffened when she felt his hot cum flowing into her she wondered as she came how that big load she had tasted and swallowed today might feel deep in her pussy she came again and hard.

After cleaning up she lay in bed next to him and her mind still thought of Danny, by the time she fell asleep she was horny all over again. She thought of her once again early morning and how it was a sham, she didn’t have to go in that early she only told her man half of the story on the hours change at work, she had made that decision on a whim and later wondered why she had done that because now she was into some thing she shouldn’t have been. Earlier that day her and Danny were talking and he had even mentioned now and then she should make the excuse that she worked late, that way not only would they have the hour in the mornings before work but also one or so after work.

They didn’t give off any different appearance at work as they knew people there gossiped like crazy and who knows who that stuff might get to, being out in the lot after work was dangerous for that if some one seen her get into his van in the lot. Mornings were safe as no one was out there and in the back of the lot it was even less likely that any one might see them get into he van, Danny also at that mentioned that they could always go to his place. He said it wasn’t much just a small house one bed room half bath and so on but he kept it fairly clean and no one there would bother them or see them suspiciously, he left that to her to think on.

About a year ago she couldn’t even think of doing stuff like this, well she might have been able to do the morning trysts they had already started but the after work? No, her older two kids drove her bf nuts and she couldn’t leave him with their two little ones and the older two for an extended period like that. But last year the two older ones had become unmanageable for them and she had reluctantly sent them both to life with their respective dads, so now things at home were mellowed and he did not mind his own two kids which were turning out nothing like their older brother and sister.

They had even found a house that was much better for them than the old trailer they had been living in, this house was 3 bedroom two bath and was pretty spacious.

Next day

The morning went as slot oyna it normally did though she wished she had not bothered with this early crap she had a whole hour more to play with in reality, but no she had to open her big mouth and got herself into a precarious position and not only that but she was cheating…some thing she had NEVER done in her life.

Every one was still asleep as she left the house and on the way to work her nether region started tingling again and she could feel herself getting damp, the idea that she was getting up earlier than she should and leaving like this she was doing it to meet up with this man at work. Another kicker was that he was younger than she was, not by too much he was 29 years old and she was 33 still younger than she had preferred but she oddly did not seem to mind a bit her smoothly shave crotch liked it if she moved a certain ay she could feel her nether lips slip against each other.

She turned into the parking lot at her work slowly making her way again to the very back corner of the lot and low and behold there it was old maroon Dodge Conversion van, she thought he was was a 1996. It was big and roomy, the only seats left in it were the fronts, behind those he had taken all the rest out and had managed to fit what looked like a queen sized pillow top mattress in there with sheets comforter and pillows and every thing. He had also put in a big sheet like thing separating the front from the back to keep people from looking in she guessed, and also the back windows had been tinted black and he even had put more blinds up they were mixed and matched as a few of the old ones were missing so no one from the outside could see into the back of that van…which made her more comfortable.

She parked next to the van and shut her van off, checking the time on the clock she had a little over an hour before she had to go inside and clock in. Again that intense but pleasurable twinge deep in her pussy bringing forth more juice came, ‘all the more time with Danny’ her mind thought and again she wondered what the hell she was doing. But it was a little late for that, maybe she thought…she could put an end to all this before it got way too far out of hand or maybe keep it to some sort of minimum. She had no clue what or how and she had her doubts as she looked over and seen the van was running and Danny was inside waiting on her, likely hard as a rock no doubt in anticipation just as she was wet soaking her panties already.

Knocking a bit on the back door it opened before she finished knocking the smiling face of Danny greeted her, he had a five o cock shadow and needed a little bit of a shave but that added a bit to his ruggedness and appeal. Soon they were sitting in the warm van on the mattress talking, strangely he asked how things went when she went home yesterday. She went on to tell the normal stuff then he interrupted her.

“Well I was meaning how did things go? Like were you nervous? Regardless how it went I’m not judging, did he at least have the courtesy to see take care of your needs and fuck you? I would have but I know you gotta get home to him and the kids, I’m not going to disrupt all that.”

She went a little quiet and admitted it, not like it was his business or that she was worried how he might take it they had barely done any thing and it wasn’t like they were dating they had made that clear first and foremost there in the van as they talked and he did not mind that a bit. He admitted that he really liked her but he never had the thought of even trying to take her from her man, but that he liked her in the way that he wanted to fuck her and please her he was just that type was all and he hoped she wouldn’t mind and she said she didn’t though she stiffened as he began touching her.

Soon enough they were back at where they had started yesterday morning, his mouth and tongue rooting through her now sopping wet slit his hands spreading her open getting him better access as she had him in her mouth doing her best to suck him. She was unable to get more than an inch or so past the head down onto the shaft before her teeth began to dig into him so she did her best with what she could manage, it didn’t take much in oral with a man the head was the most sensitive spot any way and he had a lot of sensitive area with a head this size. He made her come once before he grabbed her hips and casually rolled her over onto her back, her breathing was a bit racy as moved over top of her.

“You ok?”

She only nodded, he could tell she was thinking a whole lot.

“I’ll go slow, let me know…”

Let him know, guess that could mean any thing from he was hurting her or if she was getting second thoughts. Either way she looked down to see his swollen shaft between her spread legs, it looked really thick and it wasn’t an illusion the head was a deep color and darn near the size of a small lemon or even a plum. Every thing seemed bigger about him, the head was huge, the piss slit was big too. The shaft was matching canlı casino siteleri the head about really thick with far veins that stood out proudly running big ridge lines all along his hard pole. His balls were big and heavy as well, she had summed up the size earlier while sucking him and she compared holding his warm sack in her hand to that of holding a tennis ball.

She suddenly gasped and was brought out of her train of thought as she felt the head slip down her slit and lodge against the tight ring of her entrance, she had no doubt at all that it was going to be tight perhaps even a super tight fit. She had never had a cock this big enter her before, he boyfriend was big at over 7 and a half inches long nearly 8 inches and pretty thick she had gotten fairly used to his size so that might help.

Danny though was about as long if not maybe a tiny bit longer, but the big difference where Danny over shadowed her boyfriend was this girth. Every thing seemed to be bigger with him not much in length but thickness he was enormous, the head was the main attraction and after that the thick round shaft. It was loose skinned though circumcised and it was riddled with thick veins that coiled and twisted along the shaft from the base to under the head, those made it look imposing and rugged and powerful.

He held it there for a moment then stroked it through her wet slit once more bringing it back and then he pressed against her opening, she felt herself stretch and this was a familiar sensation but in a second it went beyond that and became more intense. A moment later the fat head popped inside making her groan, she had never felt her entrance stretched so wide it was almost painful. Her legs came up he heels locked around him, and he took that as a sign to go on ahead.

Slowly and steadily Danny worked and worked, it was pure bliss for him as he felt his stiff throbbing shaft slowly burrow itself deeper feeling her tight wet canal yield to him the tip spreading her wide. She was so tight around him and soaking wet her juices coating his shaft, when he felt resistance mount around him he slowly pulled and inch or two out and then slowly move his hips forward pressing in again each time gaining more depth. Her insides felt wonderful around him he felt her actually ripple around him especially around the head sending sensations through him that made him throb almost painfully from the tip to deep in his balls which were already drawn up tight against his body.

“Ohhh shit…”

He groaned as finally he felt her mound mash against his his balls pressed into the cleft of her ass cheeks, a wet noise came from their coupling as he bottomed out buried completely in her tight deep cunt and she made odd sounds beneath him her body shook a bit…she had and was coming all over him. He held himself still where he was buried to the hilt inside her letting her body adjust to him, his manhood throbbed manically and so did her pussy around him.

“Ah damn, I came…god that’s never happened just over having any thing put in me…”

He grinned and said nothing at first, instead leaning down and taking one of her big nipples into his mouth and sucking it hard getting a sigh from her letting it pop from his lips.

“Well every thing is new with this huh? Sucks to say, but we had better make this a quick one…if you like this…we could always try again you know..”

With that he slowly moved pulling slowly out of her, stopping at the point where only the head remained lodged inside her. He leaned down and kissed her at first she was non responsive then hesitant, then he slowly shoved himself back into her to the hilt. This elicited a moan from her that escaped between their lips and she responded by kissing him as hard as he was kissing her and he kept this motion up. As another orgasm began to wash over her he sped up his thrusts and soon he was landing every thing he had into her making use of her seemingly constant orgasms to use long strokes and going as deep as he could making her body shudder and her tits bounce wildly each time he firmly buried himself hitting bottom.

He ignored the slight poking feeling at the head of his dick when he hit bottom in her he was far too turned on to give a shit, not to mention he was already well on his way to his own orgasm he would just ask her later about it. After a few more tense minutes of ragged panting grunting and moaning things came to a head, she attempted to be quiet which she half way succeeded in except at the peak, Danny did some what the same except when he went over the top he let out a animal like growl and a deep series of grunts.


He erupted deep inside her, and each time he buried himself as deep as he could in her a deep grunt came from his lips his body strained muscles standing out as he shot his load in her pussy. She made low deep noises as she came with him she could feel the first spurt of his cum hit and spread across the mouth of her cervix and with each grunt from him followed another super hot splash deep in her, she could feel him filling her up his cum was so hot and felt so good she just kept cumming and cumming.

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