He owned me now.

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He owned me now.



He owned me now.I had just gotten home from work,and Id**g my tired sore body to the shower.As I stood under thehot waterfall,all I could think of, was to finish showering, crawl into bed,and drift off to sleep.As I was drying myself off,the phone rang.It was John.I answered the phone,and all he said was, put on the pair of satin shorts,a tee shirt and flip flops,and get down to the book store.I tried to explain to him how tired I was,but before I could, he said now, and hung up.I finished drying off, puton my shorts,tee shirt and flipflops, when I realized,my toes were still painted.Oh hell, it’s only a few blocks, and I would be in the car.The big mistake I made,was to lay down for a few minutes.I was awakened by my phone ringing.It was John again,and all he said was to check my e-mail.I brought up my e-mail,and the it was.Pictures of me sucking cock,covered in cum,and getting my ass fucked.The casino şirketleri message he sent was, next time you disobey me, your pics wil not have your face blacked out.I hopped in my car, and drove off to the book store.As I pulled into the parking lot,I noticed it was almost full.At that moment, I was in big trouble.I walked in the back door,and John looked pissed.He walked over,locked the door,and said this had better not happen again.He grabbed my arm and we proceeded into the back room.Arriving into the back room,Isaw that there had to be at least 12 men there,watching porn,and already stroking their big cocks.John pushed me into the crowd,and before I knew it, there were hands all over me.Then each of them took turns kissing me,pinching my nipples and ass,and passing me around like a slut that I would soon be turned into.After a few minutes of this, my shorts and casino firmalari tee shirt was ripped of,and I was shoved down to my knees.Cock after cock was shoved in my face,and eventually, into my mouth and down my throat.Within seconds of this, I felt something cold on my ass,and turned to find John,with a jar of lube,getting my ass ready for a long night of fucking.I was lifted up from my knees,and lead over to this swing, were I was strapped in and blindfolded.After what seemed like an eternity,I felt a cock on my face,and one against my pussy hole.Then another on the other side of my face.I was told to open my mouth, and as I did,the cock slid deep into my mouth.Seconds later I felt the cock on my ass,sliding deep into me.For the next 3 hours, each of the men took turns fucking my mouth and pussy,all stopping before they would cum.When I thought it would never stop, my blindfold güvenilir casino was taken off and I was untied and taken from the swing and laid down on the dirty cumstained floor.I looked up and found I was surrounded by all the men, jerking the cocks like madmen.It only took a few minutes before the first load of cum hit my face, then another and another.John grunted to me to open my mouth,and as I did,he shot a huge load into my mouth,then all over my face.He was followed by 3 more men,until I was completly covered with cum.AFTER the rest of the men finished unloading on my face,I stood up and realized through cum covered eyes,that there was a man in the corner of the room, videotaping the whole thing.John and the other men started laughing at the look of horror on my face.He handed me my clothes,and said get dressed,you are going to take me to pick up some food from the drive-thru.I started to head to the bathroom to clean up, when he stopped me,and said no,I want you to show everyone who sees you,know you are the cum slut that you are.And you will listen to me,because with all the pictures and now the videotape I have, I own you now.

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