Holiday Party Ch. 02

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Holiday Party Ch. 02


Anal Plug

New Year’s Eve was upon us, and we were getting ready to go to Lorraine and Bob’s party. Eve had showered and was getting ready. She’s not much on make up, and looks great without it. She has a natural beauty about her, but at 64 she does need to be careful to moisturize, which can take a little time. I went in to shave and shower, leaving her to her routine.

When I came out about 20 minutes later, she was dressed and ready. I was stunned. There is a lot to be said for a little black dress, and Eve was driving the point home. It was short, coming to mid thigh, with the top a deep V that came down past her breasts, enough of them showing that she would be the center of attention. She had on black stockings and black 4″ heels. Her blonde hair contrasted with the dress, making her look even more stunning.

I wanted her right there. I pulled her to me, kissing her hard. She returned my kiss, rubbing her hands up and down my chest, playing them through the thick hair. Our kiss was passionate, and I soon felt her fingers clutching at me, pulling my chest hair as she went into a mini orgasm. I pulled her to the bed, sliding up, pulling her on top of me as I slid up. She was now straddling me. She kissed me again, and I grabbed her hips, pulling her over me.

I moved Eve up so she was directly over my face, and I could see up her dress. The stockings were thigh highs, reaching almost up to her crotch, where she was wearing black crotchless panties. I pulled her down so I could reach her, and put my tongue in the gap where I saw blonde curls poking through. Eve moaned as I licked up and down her labia, then her clit. I intensified my attack on her only partly contained pussy, not letting up til I felt her thighs close around my head and her juice flood my face. I pushed her hips down my body, lifting up the back of her dress. I was hard as a stone post now, and I positioned her over my cock, pushing her down so it found the gap in her panties, and her spread, wet, labia. I pushed in, the head opening her up so I could get deep in and feel her heat.

I was soon fully inside her. Eve looked down and smiled at me. “You remember what the plan was for tonight, right??”

“Yes, I do.” Eve looked at me, still smiling.

“Marking your territory??” she asked.

“Preemptive strike,” I said, making Eve laugh. “Besides, if you do get Bob in bed, you’re going to need something to smooth the way for him get his dick inside you.”

“Let’s make it real easy for him,” said Eve as she sank down hard on my swelling erection. She leaned forward to kiss me, and I pushed the top of her dress aside, letting her tits rest on my chest. She now had enough space to move her hips, and she rode up and down on me, rising just enough so the head of my cock was barely inside her, then pounding back down on me. I rose to meet her thrusting hips, pounding back as good as I got. I could feel the opening in the middle of Eve’s panties on my shaft as I went in and out, which only served to heighten my arousal. I pulled her ass down, holding her on me, my cock now fully buried in her blonde, 64 year old twat. I rocked her on top of me, my cock head now shoving into her cervix, her clit pressed hard against the base. I felt her shake as her orgasm washed over her, and her kiss became almost violent as she came, her body in a full press on mine. I started to feel the surge building in my groin.

Eve felt it too. “Come inside me, baby. I want your come. I want it soaking me while I’m at the party.” That was all I needed, and I unloaded inside her, coating her newly clutching vagina with thick bursts of sperm. Eve rose to a sitting position as I came, feeling my spurting dick pulse inside her. It was a turn on watching her small, soft tits shake as she came again from my come flooding her insides. My orgasm trailed off, hers taking a little longer to subside as she sat atop me, my still hard cock filling her pussy. She took my hands as we enjoyed the moments after our encounter. She finally leaned forward and kissed me.

“Hope Bob doesn’t mind sloppy seconds,” Eve said, a wicked smile crossing her pretty face.

“I have a feeling he’ll be happy to get you, no matter how he finds you.” Eve kissed me again and rolled off, lying on the bed next to me. I got up to go into the bathroom, turning to look at her, on her back, dress riding up so I could see her thighs and panties. The little bit of bush I could see was wet, as was the front of her crotchless panties. Our eyes met. “You’re so hot it’s not funny. If I could get hard again this soon, I’d do you all over again, party or not.” Eve looked at me longingly. I blew her a kiss. “I love you, Eve.”

Eve stuck a finger into her panties to scoop up a glob of come that was leaking from her, licking it off slowly. “I love you too, honey. Don’t forget that later when I’m with Bob.”

“No worries, hon. I know where your heart is.”

She looked at me lovingly and blew me a kiss back. “Always yours. I know where yours is too.”

I went poker oyna to get a couple of hot washcloths so we could clean up, then got dressed as Eve put herself back together. We pulled the bottle of champagne from the fridge that we were bringing to the party, and we were off.

We got to the party around 9:30. Bob and Lorraine met us at the door. Bob greeted Eve with a slightly lingering kiss. Eve, while not encouraging him, didn’t pull away from him, either. Lorraine greeted me in a similar fashion, her kiss also a little longer than usual. I didn’t pull away, and she gave me a smile as we parted.

Once inside, Eve was turning heads, as I expected she would. Despite being one of the older women in our group, she is one of the most attractive, something not lost on the other men at the party, often to the chagrin of their wives. Tonight was no exception, as Eve showed definitively why a black party dress is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe. Bob noticed right away, as we thought he would. Eve would normally resist Bob’s advances; it was a little game they played. He’d say something suggestive, she’d deflect him, and so it would go through any of these get togethers. It was mostly in fun, though tonight would be different. Eve was going to be a little less resistant, but let the tension build. If things went right, and if I could get Lorraine to play, we’d be ringing in the New Year in a new way.

The party flowed well, everyone there having a good time and mixing well. Bob, while not following Eve around like a puppy, seemed to be giving her a lot of attention. I know he was checking out her tits while getting her a drink at the table set up with punch and other libations. Lorraine was around a lot for me as well, not that I minded. She was wearing a long, deep red gown, with a slit up the side, and a deep halter top that showed off her hanging breasts well. She paid a lot of attention to me at the buffet table, leaning forward to point out some of the choices on the back of the table, which gave me a good look at her tits.

Eve was making the most out of teasing Bob, but wasn’t shy about getting me worked up, too. Several times she flashed me her crotchless panties during the evening, including a couple of times when I was talking to Bob, so he had to have seen the same view I did. He commented to me that Eve looked hot. I agreed, saying she always did.

At midnight, we all had champagne, toasting the New Year, and kissing our friends and neighbors, as is the long standing custom. After Eve and I kissed, our hosts were right next to us, eager to greet us in the new year. Eve kissed Bob, and I kissed Lorraine, a little longer than when we arrived. As we all greeted and kissed each other, Bob and Lorraine got lost in the crowd. I asked Eve how it was going.

“I’m having a great time. You know how I love a good party,” she said.

“I see Bob has taken an interest in you, more than other parties.”

“Yes, he has. Of course, that kiss when we got here was a little more lingering than usual, but I’ve also been flashing him my panties when I see him looking at me. You saw how I kissed him at midnight.”

I laughed. “Yes, I did. If he doesn’t come on to you tonight, there’s something wrong with him. For what it’s worth, Lorraine kissed me just as enthusiastically then as well.”

Eve smiled. “Yeah, I saw that. She’s been paying you a lot of attention tonight.”

“She has,” I replied. “Seems like every time I go up for a plate of something, she’s right there to show me what’s good, leaning forward so I can see her boobs.”

Eve leaned into me. “I don’t hear you complaining,” she said, smiling up at me.

“Nope. They’re surely fun to look at. You checking out Bob??”

Eve smiled like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. “Yup. Looks like he’s happy to see me, judging by the swelling in his pants. When we danced earlier, he was pressed into me, and he was definitely excited.”

I thought a moment. “There are still quite a few people here. Let’s see how things work out once the party quiets down some.” We kissed and went back to the party, working the room as we usually do.

By about 1:30, some of the attendees had left, and those still at the party were engaged in conversation and dancing. I was talking to a couple of our neighbors when Eve winked at me, blew me a kiss, then disappeared down the hall leading to the bath. I thought she might be going to the bathroom, but at the same time, also thought maybe the opportunity we had discussed had presented itself as I looked around and didn’t see Bob. I found Lorraine in the kitchen, putting away a couple of serving pieces.

“Hey Rainey, have you seen Eve??”

Lorraine turned to me. It seemed her halter had opened up a little from when we first arrived, as it looked like more of her tits were showing. She smiled. “Yeah, I think she and Bob went off somewhere. Maybe we can find them.” She took my hand and led me through the house. We soon were at the door to their bedroom. canlı poker oyna She opened it a crack. “Bob, you in there??”

I heard Bob’s voice from inside, along with what sounded like lips smacking. “Yeah, come on in.” Lorraine and I entered the bedroom to find Eve on her knees in front of Bob. She was still dressed, but he was already undone, his pants down to the floor as he sat on the bed, his 7″ cock bobbing in front of him.

Eve turned to face me. “Hi, honey. Have a seat,” she said, patting the bed next to Bob. I sat, and no sooner than my ass hit the bed, Lorraine was in front of me, tugging at my belt. She got me opened up, then had me lift my butt off the bed so she could get my pants down. I watched as her tits bounced under the top of her dress.

Lorraine looked over at Eve, then at me. “We decided you guys needed a special start to the new year, so Eve and I got together for a little holiday cheer.” She took my cock in her mouth, giving it a good long pull between her lips.

Eve, who had been sucking on Bob’s cock while Lorraine started undressing me, looked up at him, then me. “Yeah, since I knew Bob had the hots for me for a long time.” She took Bob in her mouth again.

Lorraine cut in as she released my cock from her mouth. “And I’ve wanted Tom for just as long. Eve and I got talking before and the subject came up.”

“Right,” said Eve. “I told Lorraine what we had been talking about after the Christmas party, so we decided why not make it a foursome??” Both girls now had our cocks out of their mouths. They looked at each other.

“Switch!!” they said in unison. With that, both got up and changed places, Eve now in front of me, Lorraine in front of her husband. They resumed their oral attention to our stiff dicks.

After about three minutes, Lorraine let go of Bob’s cock. “Switch!!” she said, and again the girls changed spots. This went on for about 10 minutes, with the girls changing places every few minutes. It was a lesson in comparative blow jobs. Each woman had her own style, Eve’s a slower approach, using her tongue on the underside, while Lorraine would engulf my cock in one swoop, then slowly lift off til the head was just inside her mouth, fondling my balls the whole time. Both were wonderful, and changing partners only intensified the arousal. Then Bob told Eve he was about to blow his load. Eve pulled away from his cock and looked at Lorraine.

“Time to climb up,” said Eve, pushing Bob onto his back on the bed. “Slide up.” Bob slid up so his head was on the pillow. Meanwhile, I did the same. Eve pounced on Bob like a cat on a mouse, clambering up the bed til his face was between her thighs. Her dress rode up, and Bob had a close up view of Eve’s crotchless panties with her bush and open labia pushing through them. Bob didn’t know he was getting a bonus, since some of my load was still in Eve’s pussy from our pre party quickie.

Lorraine was wearing an ankle length dress, so that wouldn’t work for her. She stood up, pulling the straps off her shoulders, revealing her hanging C cup tits. She smiled at me, then pushed the rest of her dress down til it fell to the floor in a puddle around her feet. She had dispensed with panties altogether, and she was now standing in front of me fully naked, showing off a thick, brown bush that framed her opening pussy lips alluringly. She climbed up on the bed, taking the same position over me that Eve had over Bob. She slowly lowered her twat onto my face, her hands holding onto the headboard for support. I had no choice but to stick my tongue between her spread labia. I took her hips in my hands, guiding her up and down on my tongue, sticking it inside her as far as I could make it go. I couldn’t see Eve, but I could tell Bob was giving her a good ride, as I could hear her whimpering, then moan, as she rubbed her partly hidden cunt on his face.

I was getting Lorraine worked up as well. I could hear her breaths get shorter as she became more aroused, then her hips shake as she had a small orgasm. Breathlessly she called out, “Switch!!” She dismounted me as Eve climbed off Bob. The girls climbed aboard their new partners, Eve bending to kiss me quickly as she got on me. She put her pussy in my face, already open and looking worked over from Bob’s oral assault. Her labia and a good portion of her bush were now extended through the opening in her panties.

“Should I take them off??” Eve asked.

“Hell, no!!” I said, looking up at her. I took in the view of Eve in her short black dress, thigh high stockings and crotchless panties. “You look smoking hot right now.” I pulled her twat to me and dove right in, tonguing her clit and lips, licking up inside her, making her moan. I could hear Lorraine riding Bob, she telling him to lick her good. About the time Eve started to shake on top of me, her hips closed on my face as she came.

After a moment of ecstasy, she called out, “Switch!!” Lorraine let out a moan as she was interrupted in mid come. When she relaxed, the girls again internet casino changed places. Lorraine looked down at me, kissed me, and said, “Finish what my husband started.” Across the bed, I could hear Eve telling Bob the same thing. The girls rode our faces for a few more minutes. Eve is quiet when she comes, not a real screamer, though she will moan as she gets close and goes over the edge of the cliff. I always know when she comes, since her thighs will close hard around me. Bob was just finding this out, as Eve let out a moan and came hard, squeezing Bob’s head. I could hear his muffled grunt as my wife tried to suffocate him between her legs.

Lorraine was a real surprise. I licked up into her pussy and over her clit, swirling my tongue. That sent her over the top. She didn’t make a sound. All I knew was that suddenly I was drowning. She came like someone turned on a hose. As her orgasm washed over her, she held onto the headboard, her hips churning on my face after the initial dousing. It took her a few minutes to come off the high. She looked down at me and smiled. “Thank you,” she mouthed silently.

The girls looked at each other, now that they had both come from each of us guys and let out a contented sigh. “Time for the main event??” asked Eve.

“I think it is,” replied Lorraine. She moved down my body til her pussy was over my cock, while Eve did the same on Bob. Lorraine took my cock in her hand, placing it between her open lips, letting it rest on her clit. She smiled as she rubbed it there a couple of times, then sank down on me. I felt her spread to accept me into her moist cavern, then slide in easily til my balls were resting on her ass. I looked over at Eve and Bob. He and I were about the same length, but he was a bit thicker than me. Eve is pretty tight, and I wondered if he would have trouble getting inside her. I needn’t have worried. She’d had two orgasms, one from each of us, and also my come in her pussy from earlier, which helped lube her. Lorraine and I watched as Eve took Bob’s cock, rubbed it up and down on her pussy, grimacing as she slowly worked it past her labia, slowly and steadily sinking down on it. Watching his fat cock disappear into the slit in her panties was really hot, as was seeing her still almost fully dressed, getting fucked from underneath.

Bob took Eve’s hips, rotating them as he thrust up into her. After a few minutes, he pulled the top of her dress aside, releasing her tits. He immediately starting squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I was doing the same to Lorraine right next to them, and both wives were soon orgasming over our swelling dicks.

“Switch!!” yelled Eve, dismounting from Bob, then taking Lorraine’s place over me as she went to her husband. Each wife kissed her husband, then impaled herself on his cock. My cock stiffened as I watched it enter her through the gap in her panties, her stocking clad legs around me. As Eve got settled on me, I reached up to play with her tits, then pulled her forward to suck on them as she rode me. I was bottoming out in her cunt, poking her cervix as I pulled her hips back and forth on my cock. She kissed me hard and came, and I felt her juices flood over me as her legs tightened around me. She sat up, looking over to see Lorraine coming all over Bob’s dick, her hips thrusting down into him, her tits bouncing as she rode out her orgasm.

Lorraine looked at Eve. “Switch,” she said, her voice showing a little weariness from the several orgasms she’d had in the last 20 minutes. The girls again changed places and settled in to their new partners. Bob again slowly put his thick erection into Eve as Lorraine took me deep inside her. She leaned forward to kiss me, her soft tits resting on my chest. “Come inside me this time,” she said quietly. I took her hips, angling her so I could stroke my cock on her clit on the out stroke, and push against her G spot on the inward thrust. We were soon in a steady rhythm, as were Bob and Eve next to us.

They seemed to be getting close to the finish line. I looked over at Bob. “Give it to her, man. Fill her up.”

“Yeah,” said Eve. “Fill me, blow your seed into me, I want your come.” Bob didn’t need any more encouragement. I heard him groan, then push his hips up into Eve, holding her by the hips as he came. She closed her eyes, her body shaking as Bob’s come hit her deep, setting her off.

Meanwhile, Lorraine was feeding me first her left tit, then her right while she rode up and down on my cock. “Mmmmm,” she moaned gently as she felt it stiffen and swell. “Come in me, baby,” she said, looking into my eyes. I held her close to me and let go, shooting blast after blast deep into her lush, dark haired cunt, a tsunami of semen filling her wanting vagina, overflowing her. She came after I started coming, the resulting flood of our mixed juices soaking my crotch.

“Oh, God, you’re still coming!!” Lorraine cried out as I continued to spew inside her. Eve smiled a knowing smile, as she had felt that many times over the previous two decades. I finally stopped shooting, and Lorraine’s orgasm subsided, allowing her to catch her breath. “Wow, you come a lot!!” she said, smiling at me. “Does he always come like that??” she said to Eve.

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