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Home Security Sales



She’d been the top sales person in the office for a year, somehow managing to make sales even in the quiet periods. The new offer to give a 10% discount if you could sell at least three units in the same street had sent the sellers into a frenzy as the boss had promised a big commission bonus to whomever sold the most systems by the end of the month. Off they dashed while Megan sat quietly at her desk self-assuredly taking her time as she checked her designated area on-line. Cold calling was bad enough but with no information available, you were sure to get more byes than hi’s.

Some time on Google maps and the Bureau of Statistics, using the last census data, gave her the edge. Incomes and disposable incomes, break-ins and crime and insurance claim rates and she was ready. Which streets had the most residential houses was all printed – no wasting time trying to sell in apartment blocks and the like for her. Some of the office guys thought it was a good idea, but she believed people in those places already feel there is safety in numbers and aren’t going to hand over some serious money. Out to the car she went. Her sporty BMW was her reward for a year of good sales.

Strolling out of the building into the pleasant spring morning, she was ready. Her long slim legs took her clipping along the sidewalk in her high heels as she went around to the car park, eyes turned from everywhere to watch her go. Tall, perhaps 5′ 9″ but more in heels, slim but lovely firm C cups breasts under her silk blouse and her dark, knee length skirt with a split to her thigh that showed her stockings as she walked. Cat-walk model looks in business attire, her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back, she was the picture of elegance that everyone admired.

Making her way through the traffic to her chosen suburban area, she contemplated the selling techniques she had used with the various types of people she had met in her many visits. Often just getting in the door was the biggest challenge and the right opening line meant summing up the person who opened that door within a split second. She was adept at this, her keen skills in observation enabled her to pick the details very quickly – wedding ring, clothing, grooming – and the appearance of the home and how well maintained it was all giving clues. How many cars usually parked in the drive shown by oil stains. All a clue to family size and ages. This helped the approach in selling security; when you could emphasize family safety, a parent always values that over their own.

Once inside that door, the décor told the story of every family – photos, furnishings, pets. All the features that told her what to say and how to go about it. She wasn’t above flirting to get the sale but only when the partner was definitely out. It was almost a mantra: Never lose a sale by making someone jealous! But her looks made that difficult at times as some dowdy housewife saw what she may have lost years ago when they saw Megan. Still it is the job to sell and that means getting on the good side. Even the housewife can be swayed with a few well-chosen compliments about her home. Pride in house before self.

Thinking strategically, Megan chose her first street and drove up its length and back to get a feel for the area and individual houses. Which places already had security systems – cross off those numbers – and which to leave until later because so many people were about; and finally, which to make an early call. There was no just walking down the street like other sellers for her. You arrived like you were there for a personal appointment. Nobody wanted to buy the same item as every other person in the street and this bonus deal, while attractive, was a negative in this regard. Spotting her first destination, Megan pulled into the driveway and got out her attaché case, closed the car door and walked up the path.

Nicely appointed home with two storeys, well kept gardens and a couple of small bikes near the garage which was open and only one car. So, a couple of kids and a married couple with hubby at work and kids at school. Nobody leaves the garage open when they are all out. Up the path thinking she was probably about to meet a thirty something mum just doing the housework after getting the family off and out. She is ready for a break and a short sit down.

Knocking on the door there was some music playing inside as she waited; it softened. Only a few moments later the door opened. Score one for Megan. A quick perusal said it all: mid to late 30’s, nice well-kept figure and pleasantly dressed in blouse and slacks and sandals, wedding ring on the finger and a big family portrait on the wall behind her of husband and two kids.

Big smile and, “Hiii. I am in the area visiting prospective clients for a special offer we have going at the moment.” Don’t make it sound too much like just another sales pitch – clients not customers. Let her ask!

“Oh, really … what is it that you are selling,” she responded after taking a look at Megan and deciding any distraction bursa escort from going back to the housework is worth it.

“I am Megan from Be Safe Home Security. I’d like to show you our special offer for home alarm and monitoring systems. Do you already have one?” She knew the answer with the lack of hardware out the front, but she had to get this woman talking so she could get inside.

“Actually, no we don’t. We have thought about it but …”

Smiling and conciliatory, “I know, it is so overwhelming with so many on the market,” Megan laughed a little as she spoke. “Perhaps you would let me show you our system and its features? Is your husband home? It’s good to have both together.”

“Oh no, he is at work,” she sighed.

“Not to worry, I am sure you can tell him all about it later and decide then;” nothing like empowering her to deliver the final blow in the sales. It will be a done deal by then. “May I come in to go over the brochure?”

“Sure, come in,” she said stepping back and holding the door.

Stepping into the entry Megan made the next move, turning to the woman as she closed the door and standing close to offer a handshake and show her subtle physical superiority. “As I said, I am Megan … and you are …?” she offered the hand.

“Ashley, Ashley Michaels,” she said taking the hand and getting the first delightful smell of Megan’s soft perfume. Megan could now examine Ashley in more detail; about 5′ 6″ and nicely packaged, obviously in shape after two kids and looking closer to 37 or 38. A pretty face with a little make-up and a similar bust to her own. Actually, a rather attractive lady Megan contemplated.

Taking a little bit of a risk Megan became a little flirty, “Can we sit for a while so I can show you what I have to offer?” she said with a little twinkle in her eye as she looked Ashley up and down quite obviously attracted. It had the desired effect as Ashley felt the gentle squeeze of her hand that Megan still held as she looked up into her beautiful features, particularly that gorgeous long blonde hair – something she had always wanted and always felt made a woman even more beautiful for some reason. Mentally comparing herself and feeling she fell short. She was unnerved by the intense eye contact.

“Yes, … yes of course. This way,” she gestured towards the lounge and Megan released her saying, “Please lead the way. What a lovely home you have.”

Ashley turned and led the way giving Megan a delightful view of her slim waist over slightly fuller hips all above a deliciously trim backside. She clearly did keep fit with some regular sport or the gym. She sauntered after her into the lounge. Spying the couch facing the bay window overlooking the street with a coffee table before it, she ensured the next step with, “Oh here will be perfect,” even though Ashley was heading towards the armchair, still a little unnerved about this woman.

‘What is it about her?’ she wondered. ‘She is very pretty and so tall. Why have I got butterflies? I’ve never felt like this before – I’m not even attracted to women.’ Brief flitting memories of some college dormitory fumbling came back to mind. “Well, not anymore.”

Letting Ashley sit first while she opened her case to retrieve the brochures meant that she could now really help herself sell this package. Bending over her case she knew that her skirt moulded perfectly around her hips and buttocks that she had turned slightly to Ashley. Acting busy, she took a sly peak and was rewarded with a view of Ashley looking her up and down from behind while she sat. A naughty smile crept to her lips and she felt her attraction grow as she contemplated, ‘She’s probably never been with a woman before or perhaps not since her college days; this could be fun.’

Ashley shifted nervously as Megan sat beside her, much closer than she expected but there was nowhere to move. Sitting so very close, Megan’s long legs together but her thigh just touching against Ashley’s. She noticed the touch, her leg so smooth and shapely. The split in her skirt falling naturally to reveal some lace as she spied a little bit of stocking top on those lovely legs. Butterflies danced in her stomach. ‘What is happening?’ she queried mentally.

She was broken from the reverie by Megan’s voice, “So would it be okay for me to run you through what I have to offer?” Inwardly smiling knowing that the phrase would send signals.

Feeling nervous at the closeness, there was an urgent need to escape the effect this woman was having, looking up into her beautiful blue eyes, “Can I get you a coffee or something?” she said, making to get up from the couch.

Megan saw the nervous hesitation and couldn’t risk letting Ashley leave the room as that would lose this sale, and any other bonus, she might be able to extract this morning. Again having just the right response she smiled, slightly running her tongue over the elegant red lipstick on her mouth and replied, “No thanks, I like to keep my lips wet through the day, so I always carry what I bursa escort bayan need.”

Ashley couldn’t help feeling the double meaning as again she watched as Megan took a close look at her lips. She felt the butterflies and her breathing rate increased, her breasts rising and falling; Megan’s gaze dropped to look briefly at the lovely C cups as they moved inside Ashley’s blouse.

Breaking the spell before she scared Ashley away, Megan commented, “This is why I love sales like this – going to people in their homes and meeting them when they are comfortable. I always feel so welcome. So, here is our current offer. We have a special of full home security including alarms and monitoring. Here is the brochure to show the packages we have available and how it is installed.”

She unfolded the glossy sheet to reveal a standard house plan and laid it in Ashley’s lap. She went to pick it up, but Megan was quick to start the spiel, pointing out the features with her delicate long nail that Ashley now felt through the paper on her thighs. Deftly pointing out the typical positions for sensors, she traced lines all over Ashley’s thighs, feigning ignorance of any other effect she might be having on this lovely lady with their closeness.

She had to get away. What was this woman doing to her? Why was she so flustered? She blurted, “Oh my gosh you have such lovely hands Megan; not like mine – dishwasher’s.” she laughed nervously as she grabbed the brochure to browse the options and break the physical contact with her leg. “Which package do you think is best for me in this area?”

Megan wasn’t going to be deterred now, “Really? I think you have lovely hands,” she said, taking one into her hand to steady the brochure while casually resting the other on Ashley’s thigh. The movement causing Megan to press her leg against Ashley and the warm contact was strangely alluring for her. Glancing down at the point of contact, Ashley saw the thigh split had opened more, either by accident or design, to reveal those soft white thighs above the stocking top and a glimpse of a suspender clip holding it in place.

If it wasn’t too dramatic to state, Ashley felt like she would swoon. Her own love of lingerie had her appreciating this, but she had never thought about a woman being attracted to her the way Megan seemed to be. Could this be real or was she just imagining it in her humdrum housewife world. The gentle squeeze on her thigh told her this was not imagination. She was giddy with strange feelings. She sat frozen to the spot as Megan took control of the situation. Still talking about the offer, the words flowed but none registered as Ashley could only concentrate on the sudden sense of arousal she was having. ‘But I’m not gay? I love my husband! How can this be happening?’

The gentle hand on her thigh had crept up and was gently kneading her firm upper thigh muscles while Ashley’s hand that was holding the brochure seemed to have lost it and was now feeling a warmth she hadn’t experienced for many years when fooling around in the dorm in college. It was being gently manipulated in Megan’s fingers, a softness of touch as they moved to her palm and then steered the back of her hand to Megan’s firm bust; the texture of the material of her bra was easy to feel. It was all a dream and she would wake up soon, except the fondling left hand was now nearing her crotch and she could feel the warm breath on her ear and neck as Megan turned and leaned in to make contact with those red lips while stroking herself with Ashley’s hand against her breast.

The first touch of those lips was a searing heat that almost burnt her neck as they contacted her skin. It tingled through her as it trailed up to her ear and those firm breasts pushed against her and she felt her released hand naturally cupping one, the wrist now held by Megan to guide it. She involuntarily gave the breast a squeeze and her palm felt the hard nipple beneath the material. Her crotch was being stroked firmly, those long delicate fingers probing her, outside her slacks, and she felt herself falling from reality into this fantasy except it was happening! Her wrist was released but she did not move her hand, rather allowing it to explore the delightful warmth of the flesh she could feel as her fingers found a button and undid it. As she did this, she felt the soft cupping of her own breast.

The thrilling warmth of the contact made her let out a little gasp. The nibbling teeth on her ear drove wild erotic sensations through her and now the mouth made its way around her neck that she had subconsciously stretched to give more access. Megan kissed her way up to the chin and the sweet lips above. The gentlest butterfly brush of the lips with hers first and Ashley instantly turned to her for more. The two mouths met, and Megan poked a tentative tongue out to run across their junction, nuzzling its entry to Ashley’s mouth. It opened a small but significant amount as Megan pressed home her advantage and probed the mouth with her tongue as her hands busied themselves escort bursa with stroking Ashley’s splayed crotch and removing the blouse she wore. Buttons popped under Megan’s dextrous fingers and the blouse fell away while she pressed into Ashley, tongues now duelling.

She pulled away to look at her prize. Ashley’s dilated pupils and demure stare showed her nervous arousal. Reaching forward, and removing her thin top, Megan took her into her arms again and kissed her and, this time she felt the movement and Ashley’s hands take her hint as they slipped inside her own silk blouse and felt her body, pulling her into the embrace. The heaving breasts pushed together as the two women kissed with passion. Megan reached behind and undid the bra and it sagged between them as her hand slipped inside and circled the body to grasp the full breast. Remaining over Ashley, she pulled away from their kiss and let the bra slip down an arm to be shrugged off.

Ashley’s open-eyed stare showed a myriad emotions. “How are you doing this to me? I’ve never felt this way … ooohhhh!”

The exclamation followed her nipple pinched between thumb and finger before disappearing into Megan’s mouth. It hardened instantly, and the stiff flesh of her areola dimpled as the lips and tongue circled the teat in warm wetness. Her sensitive nub was engorged and her breathing now panting, and she automatically ran her hand through the long blonde hair of her assailant as she held her head to her breast, feeling the nipple distend in her suctioning mouth. The sensations set off fireworks in her mind as she looked down to see those beautiful lips wrapped around her breast. Ashley’s free hand roamed to find the firm mammary pressed to her as she fondled and squeezed as she knew she enjoyed having it done. The mewling squeals of pleasure as the lips remained in place told her that this was appreciated. Sliding her hand inside the cup she scooped the firm flesh from the elegant lacy bra and ran her fingers across the nipple that was already hard to the touch.

Ashley’s thoughts flowed: I want to suck that nipple … but I am not gay! I’ve never done this before with a woman; but she knows how to make me feel just right? How can this be?

All these deliberations continued as she caressed and fondled as Megan pulled back, Ashley’s nipple still firmly held in the beautiful blonde’s mouth. She shrugged off her own blouse and released her bra catch and allowed the lacy material to slip to the floor. Manoeuvring her body around while suckling the tit, Megan allowed her breast to hang over Ashley’s face, offering itself to her but needing her to accept the offer.

Ashley writhed under the body weight upon her as she felt the tremors of pleasure in her breast. Looking up she could see the dark circle of thick flesh surrounding the erect nipple. Poking her tongue out she made the first tentative touch and felt the warm flesh and hardness against her tongue. Rolling around that nipple she moved closer, her lips nearly within reach as she lapped naturally at the bud until she was there and sucked it in like it was the most natural thing in the world. Megan pressed into her to give her what she wanted. The two women were engaged in a nipple devouring 69, with one of their firm breasts being nurtured by the other woman each simply doing what they knew they loved being done to them.

Now both topless and intimately aroused, Megan began to push the waistband of the slacks down, all the while suckling hungrily on Ashley. The sensation of being undressed registered immediately and Ashley spontaneously lifted her hips a little to allow her clothing to be removed. Her wanton abandon so foreign to her daily life, but there was something about this woman that unwillingly yet naturally captivated her. The smooth warm hands caressed her as they pushed her slacks away and, with a wiggle, they were gone. She was at Megan’s mercy, practically naked and lying on the lounge as she was being taken to places she had never been but perhaps had only dreamed about.

Megan broke contact and stood up to look down on her. Ashley felt the appraising eyes but was transfixed as she saw the statuesque blonde undo the skirt and let it fall to reveal her gorgeous long legs enhanced in their stockings and suspenders and the silky panties and the faint outline of her protruding womanhood. The beautiful lingerie complimenting every nuance of her figure while Ashley felt the pang of her plain underwear. Megan’s gaze paused on Ashley’s crotch and she smiled as she then leaned down over her to make full body contact and kissed her gently, sweetly; her hands roamed, and Ashley felt giddy under the spotlight of attention being paid to her. Megan rained little kisses as she moved down Ashley’s chin and neck, across her breasts pausing briefly to revive the arousal of each nipple with her teeth. And then on.

Ashley nervously realised that this woman was heading south to her thatch of pubic hair hidden in her panties. She felt no need these days to trim, her husband so rarely visited there in their pretty vanilla sex life. Perhaps that’s why she was letting herself go like this; being wanted was its own aphrodisiac and this beautiful blonde was paying her more attention than she’d had from him in months.

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