Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 04

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Hopes For Pure Heaven… Ch. 04



Hopes For Pure Heaven Turn To Pure Hell Chapter 4

Darnell and Kim get up and leave the court room after Monica is led out in handcuffs, and get in their car to head home. Meanwhile Monica is lead threw the back door out to the bus full of other women being transported to prison. Taking Monica and putting her on the bus Mike looks at her and says, “See I told you, you would lose.” Monica looks at Mike and replies, “Fuck you pig,” and spits in his face.

Mike being an officer of the law collects himself wiping his face turns and walks away. After all the women are on the bus and buckled in they pull off starting their long journey to the state prison for woman. About half way there the woman sitting next to Monica looks at her.

“Hi. My name is Cindy what’s yours?” Monica just looks over at Cindy.

“Fuck you bitch go to hell.” Monica replies. Cindy shocked at what Monica has just said looks forward and doesn’t say anything to Monica the rest of the way there. Once at the prison the guard in charge unhooks all the women, and walks to the front of the bus.

“I want you all in a straight line, and once off the bus I want you in a straight line standing beside the bus understood?” The guard commands.

“Yes ma’am.” The ladies reply. Now off the bus Monica stretches her legs, and her as well as the rest of the ladies are led into the prison single file. Once inside the warden walks into the room where they are being held for now.

“Welcome to my prison ladies my name is Tracy. I am the warden here, and you will do as instructed to do at all times either by me, or by my officers is this understood?”

“Yes.” All the ladies reply. The warden walks to the front of the room.

“Beside you is a bag all your stuff is to be put in that bag, and I mean all of it. When your done I want you standing here naked understood?”

“Yes” the ladies again reply.

“Good now strip.” The warden barks. The ladies start to disrobe until they are all nude, and their stuff is in the proper bags. The guard on duty says, “Ok ladies we are going to walk into the next room, and you will be searched from top to bottom now walk.” Once in the next room the ladies standing single file are approached one at a time, and searched thoroughly. The guard walks over to Monica.

“Run your fingers threw your hair.” Monica does as told. “Now lift up your arms, and now your breasts one at a time. Now turn around.” Turning around Monica getting more and more scared begins to shake. The guard says, “Lift your right foot, and now your left. Now bend over.”

“Is this necessary?” Monica asks.

“Yes, now turn around and bend over.” The guard replies. Monica turns back around and bends over as told to do in the first place. The guard puts on a pair of rubber gloves, and they snap as they go on. Monica jumps slightly from being startled. Taking one finger the guard checks each orphasis thoroughly.

“Ok stand back up and turn around.” The guard then moves on to the next woman in line. After all the women are checked for drugs, weapons, or anything of that nature, and are all clean the guard looks at them and says, “Ok now you are all going to take a shower, but only 5 at a time will be permitted.” The guard starts leading them in five at a time, and once finished they head into the next room when they are finished. Monica’s group is led into the showers. Monica soaps herself down, rinses off, and dries up, and proceeds to walk into the next room with the rest of the ladies.

“Ok.” The guard says. “Next to you are your clothes put them on, and walk into the next room for your other things you’ll need. Monica gets dressed, and walks into the other room to collect to collect the other things she will need for her stay here. After all the women have collected their stuff they are lead to their proper cells. The guard comes to Monica’s cell and says, “You are in here.” Walking into the cell Monica sees this woman sitting on the lower bunk. Monica puts her stuff on her bed. Her cellmate just looks at casino oyna her.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Putting my stuff on my bed.” Monica replies in a low tone now shaking a little bit. The girl stands up grabbing Monica by the hair.

“This is not your bed it’s mine, and to earn a place to sleep you have to something for me, or sleep on the floor it’s your choice.” Monica looks at the woman talking to her.

“What do I have to do?” Monica asks.

“You have to clean my pussy and ass crack with your tongue.”

“I’m not going to do that.” Monica replies in a harsh tone with a little bit of a scream to her voice. The woman looks at Monica, and grabs her by the hair and throws her to the floor.

“Oh yes you will because for as long as your are in here you’re now going to be my bitch.” The woman now standing over Monica unsnaps her pants pulling them down to her ankles, and takes Monica by her hair.

“Stick out your tongue Bitch.” Monica does as told, and sticks her tongue as far out as she could. The woman takes Monica by the back of the head, and pushes her face first right into her hairy, and moist mound.

“NOW CLEAN MY PUSSY YOU LITTLE BITCH!!” Monica now really scared does as told to do taking her tongue she starts to lick this girls pussy clean with long slow strokes not missing an inch of her pussy.

“Faster Bitch Faster” The woman demands pulling Monica’s face into her pussy even more. Monica starts to really lick this woman’s pussy not missing a drop of her wetness. Monica continues to do so till she hears this woman start to moan in pure pleasure.

“I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR FACE, AND THERE ISN’T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT BITCH.” This now horny as hell woman looks down at Monica and without warning starts to unload all her juices on Monica’s face. Monica trying to keep up licks this woman’s pussy faster and faster till she stops releasing her juices in Monica’s mouth.

“Good job now my ass needs cleaning.” Turning around, and spreading her ass cheeks she looks back at Monica. “Now lick my ass clean Bitch!” Monica takes her hands, and replaces the woman’s hands with her own, and starts to lick every inch of this woman’s ass, even her puckered up tight little asshole like a good little slut. The woman with both hands free reaches back taking Monica by the back of the head pushes her face deep into the confines of her now awaiting ass crack.

“Now lick me good you little slut. Don’t miss any part of my ass.” Monica sticks her tongue up in the woman’s tight rosebud till her chin hits the woman’s ass cheeks. The woman bends over the bed taking and spreading her legs more and more as the pleasure runs through her body. Monica takes two of her fingers and sticks them slowly into the woman’s awaiting pussy. The woman screams in pleasure as she does this slowly. Monica picks up her pace tongue fucking this woman’s ass with more and more force deep deep strokes in and out. The girl looks back at Monica.

“That’s good now fuck me harder with those fingers.” She pushes her ass back against Monica’s face hard. Monica starts to fuck the girl harder and harder with her fingers while the girl rides her tongue. Suddenly the girl screams in a rather loud voice.

“FUCK YESSSSSSSSS I’M CUMMING DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP.” Monica keeps fucking the woman’s ass with her tongue, and her pussy with her fingers as she feels the woman release all her juices all over her fingers. The woman stands up, and turns around and looks at Monica. “Ok you can sleep here, but you will be my little slave your whole stay here understood.”

“Yes” Monica replies. About thirty minutes later the guards come get all the ladies in cellblock B for dinner.

“I’m Kelly what’s your name?”


“Ok lets go get some grub, and you sit next to me understood.”

“Yes” Monica replies. This goes on in Monica’s life for the next five years; her and Kelly playing around in the cell whenever Kelly wants to be relieved. About two years into her sentence slot oyna Monica started working as a clerk in the prison library, and one evening she was putting the books away that have been returned from the other inmates. Monica is up on a ladder putting books away on the top shelf, and all of a sudden this girl grabs her from out of nowhere and leads her back to this closet, and pushes Monica inside as she goes in behind her, and her other goons stood watch outside the door. Monica turns around and looks at the woman.

“Let me out of here right now.” Monica commands as she lunges for the door. The woman pushes Monica back against the wall.

“You’re not leaving till I’m done with you. Kelly said you wouldn’t fight me. She said you would do what ever I wanted you to do.”

“Kelly sent you?” Monica replies.

“Yes, she said you would pay her debt to me.”

“Ok do what ever it is you’re going to do to me so I can get back to work.” The woman walks up to Monica, and spins her around yanking down her jumper that is tied around her waist, and then pulls down her panties. The girl yanks Monica back around and pushes her down across the back of this chair, and steps in behind her pushing two fingers into Monica’s awaiting anal passage. Monica screams in pain as the girl starts rapidly fucking Monica with her fingers. Monica can feel her orgasm starting to build up inside her as she does so. The woman listening to Monica’s moans starts to fuck her tight little ass even harder.

“THAT’S RIGHT BITCH, FUCK MY FINGERS FASTER. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LITTLE SLUT. NOW FUCK THESE FINGERS.” Monica hearing the woman’s commands starts to fuck her fingers faster and faster pushing her fingers deeper and deeper up inside her tight little ass. Finally the woman starts pulling Monica’s hair, and this just drives Monica all the more toward her orgasm.

“OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING I’M GOING TO SQUIRT ALL OVER YOUR FINGERS.” Monica screams out with one more push backward onto the girls fingers Monica began to squirt all of her juices all over the woman’s fingers. Monica finishes her work in the library, and heads back to her cell. When she walks in she sees Kelly standing at the sink.

“You have made me a loaner to pay off your debts?” Monica asks Kelly.

“Yes.” Kelly replies. “I told you as long as you’re here you would be my bitch, and do as told to do.”

“That’s fine, but next time tell someone that your loaning them out cause I just got jumped by one of the people you have a debt with, and didn’t know why.”

“Who was it?” Kelly asks.

“I don’t know some woman with brown hair and blue eyes.” Two more years go by Monica is sitting in her cell, and this woman guard comes over to the cell and looks at Monica.

“Are you Monica? The guard asks.

“Yes Ma’am.” Monica replies.

“Come with me the warden wants to see you.” Monica stands up, and walks with the woman, and as they walk past this supply closet the guard stops her.

“Stop here.” The guard commands.

“Why?” Monica asks.

“Just stand there and be quiet.” Monica stands beside the door and the woman guard opens the door.

“Get in there NOW!!!” The guard commands. Monica walks into the closet and the guard walks in behind her.

“Take off all your clothes now.”

“HELL NO I WON’T DO THAT. YOU’RE A GUARD, AND YOU’RE NOT HAVING YOUR WAY WITH ME. I WON’T STAND FOR IT.” Monica replies in a harsh tone. The guard just looks at Monica.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way it’s your choice. I’m going to give you one more chance now strip.” Monica looks at the guard and realizes she isn’t playing, and begins to strip. The woman guard sees Monica is doing as told, and the guard starts to strip as well revealing an eight-inch strap on under her uniform as she takes off her clothes.

“What’s that for?” Monica asks as she is now in shock.

“You don’t know me but I know you. I’m the sister of the Officer you called a “Pig” and spit in his face as he was putting you on the bus for your canlı casino siteleri transfer here. I am Wendy. Mike tells me you were harassing a couple friends of ours Darnell and Kim.”

“Oh them two assholes. Yes I was, and that’s why I am in here in the first place.” Monica replies with a laugh.

“I don’t think there is a damn thing funny about your doing that, and I’m here to tell you right now it will not happen again, and I will make sure of it. NOW TURN AROUND, BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES BITCH.”

“Hell no I won’t do that I will not.”

“Yes you will, and I will show you that you will I’m done playing with your little ass.” Wendy goes over to Monica, and grabs her by the hair, and spins her around bending her over.

“NOW BITCH GRAB YOUR ANKLES OR YOU WILL MAKE IT WORSE ON YOURSELF I PROMISE YOU THAT!” Wendy commands in a very harsh tone. Monica now really scared grabs her ankles, and in doing so it spreads her ass wide open for Wendy to do with as she sees fit. Wendy walks up behind Monica and grabs a hold of the shaft of her strap on, and shoves the whole thing at one time into Monica’s tight little asshole.

“You will not bother Darnell and Kim again cause if you do and you land your nasty self back in here I promise you I will deal with you myself!” Wendy keeps fucking Monica’s ass harder and harder with that strap-on till Monica starts screaming in pain.


“OH YOU WILL, WILL YOU?” Wendy replies, and starts fucking Monica even harder then before, and starts spanking her ass till it’s bright red. “You will do no such thing, and for that matter you will not mention this at all I do make myself clear?” Wendy pushes that big massive dong into Monica’s tight ass once more. Monica seeing Wendy means what she says looks back over her shoulder at her.

“Yes Ma’am, I won’t bother them I promise.” Monica replies knowing full well when she gets out it will start all over again. Wendy pulls the strap on out of Monica’s ass.

“Ok get dressed we have to go and see the warden.” Monica gets dressed, and Wendy does as well. They head off to the warden’s office. Walking Monica in, and sitting her down Wendy takes two steps back and in just a few seconds the warden walks into the office. The warden takes a seat at her desk and just looks at Monica.

“You have been here for eight and a half years now and I have been watching you. I have talked to the states attorney’s office, and we have decided to shorten your sentence under one condition. When you are released you are to by no means go anywhere around the couple that you spent so much time harassing. If at any time you get caught doing such, and are rearrested you will be brought right back here and you SHALL finish out your fifteen-year sentence. Is this perfectly clear to you?” Monica jumps up crying in pure joy and looks at the warden.

“Yes Ma’am this is perfectly clear. When can I get out of here?” The warden looks at Monica.

“How long will it take you to go back to your cell and collect your things?” The warden asks.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready.” The warden looks at Wendy.

“Take her back to her cell and collect her things, and let her change back into her street clothes and come back here understood?”

“Yes.” Wendy replies. Monica stands up slowly cause her ass still hurts from the thrashing it just got. Monica and Wendy walk back to her cell and collect her things. Taking Monica to the bathroom so she can change into her street clothes, walking into the bathroom Monica starts to change sliding her jumper down over her hips bending over as she does so. Wendy smacks her on the ass really hard.

“Remember don’t come backing her for the same thing or you will deal with me I promise you.”

“I won’t.” Monica replies looking at Wendy and laughing. Monica now finished dressing her and Wendy walk back to the warden’s office. Monica, Wendy the guard, and the Warden walk outside to the main gates where Monica is set free back into the world.

Stay tuned for the Final conclusion…”Hopes for Pure Heaven turn to Pure Hell Part 5 (Monica’s reign of Terror finally comes to an end.)

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