Hostile Work Environment Pt. 01

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Hostile Work Environment Pt. 01



Things had been brewing between Caitlin and Sofia all summer. The latter, a 20 year old intern had a sarcastic streak and a quick temper, while Caitlin, a 31 year old manager, tried her best to rein in Sofia’s wilder tendencies. Lately though Sofia had started to act bolder and bolder, flirting with male coworkers and sniping at female coworkers in meetings.

Caitlin was 5-4, 145lbs with shoulder length dark blonde hair and D cup breasts that she sought to hide under conservative business attire. Despite her gym trips, she always seemed to carry a few extra pounds; she wasn’t fat, but very curvy. Sofia was 5-1 and a slight 85lbs with long wavy dark brown hair; a former ballet dancer she had a slim but wiry look, and would often flirt with people by sitting on their laps or asking if they could pick her up. She was comfortable being small – she made the most of it, really – but secretly insecure about her flat chest, which was barely an A cup. She’d gotten tipsy at a happy hour early in the summer and confided in Caitlin about that insecurity, but over the last few weeks the two had been far from close confidants.

Earlier in the morning Sofia had made a comment in a meeting that a peer – a product manager named Kristen – disagreed with. Sofia verbally and publicly shredded Kristen, who had to hold back tears. Caitlin and Kristin were friends and Caitlin took offense on her behalf. Seething she called Sofia into an office and waved for Kristen to join them.

Finally confronting Sofia head on, Caitlin found herself more heated than she realized. Kristen could barely look up from the floor but Caitlin stood firm, chastising her younger counterpart and insisting she apologize. Sofia was blithe and dismissive, and tossed her hair over her shoulder before walking toward the door. On her way out she could have sidestepped her coworkers but instead rudely pushed both Kristen and Caitlin. Kristen, a 5-4, 120lb brunette with casino oyna B cups, retreated slightly but Caitlin, now enraged, pushed back. Then, before she even realized what she was doing, reached up and pulled Sofia’s hair.

The younger woman yelped and turned around eager to confront her older coworker but was met with several quick and devastating slaps to the face followed by a knee to the stomach. Caitlin, despite her conservative outward appearance, was a bit of a fighter. She tripped Sofia and, falling on top of her, pinned her to the carpeted meeting room floor. Moving up slightly she placed her knees on Sofia’s arms, trapping her in a schoolgirl pin.

Sofia was helpless but undeterred. Caitlin, still seared on Sofia, told the surprised looking Kristen to come over and insisted Sofia apologize. The younger woman was defiant still and refused.

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Kristen answered it and, try as she might to keep Alex, a 5-7, 130lb blonde coworker at bay, wound up giving away what was happening. Alex and Kristen walked over and stood looking down at their younger coworker finally in a position where she wasn’t able to act superior.

As Caitlin sat there thinking about what to do next, an evil idea sprang to mind.

She said, “Kristen, I have an idea – but I’m going to need your help. I need you to hold Sofia’s arms down. And no matter what, don’t let go!”

Kristen, uncertain, came closer and sat by Sofia’s head, not sure what might happen next as she grasped Sophia’s arms at the wrists and held them down.

Caitlin slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and then, to the amazement of her two coworkers in the room (and her stunned coworker under her) reached back and unclasped her bra. She cupped her large, soft boobs while looking down at Sofia.

“Have you ever seen breasts before? Like, actual breasts – not like what you have.” She let that insult sink in and slot oyna watched it register with a grimace on the insecure Sofia’s face.

“Well Sofia – you’re going to get a chance to see them up close and personal whether you want to or not. I’m going to smother you with them.”

As Kristen held Sofia’s wrists down Caitlin lowered herself so that she was lying full length on top of Sofia, pressing the air out of her younger, smaller counterpart. Then, slowly, Caitlin shifted forward, aligning her breasts with Sofia’s face and grabbing ahold of Sofia’s long brown hair with one hand and wrapping her arm around the back of Sofia’s head with her other. Finally, while Sofia was still trying to make sense of what was happening, Caitlin hugged Sofia’s face to her breasts and pressed down, holding her in place by gripping a big handful of hair almost like a handle.

After about 15 seconds Caitlin lifted up, revealing a gasping, sputtering Sofia. Secretly both Kristen and Alex were awed by how thoroughly Caitlin’s pillowy breasts could smother Sofia.

“I’ll give you another chance to apologize…but not just yet,” Caitlin said, pressing back down again while the muffled protests of Sofia could be heard.

Caitlin toyed with Sofia, constantly adjusting and readjusting, holding Sofia’s head still and trying to find the exact right position to rob Sofia of breath and make her struggles more desperate. Alex and Kristen watched in stunned silence.

Sofia was panicking. All she could see or feel were Caitlin’s boobs, which were pressed down snuggly and firmly over her face. She had no way to buck the heavier Caitlin off (in fact, the weight of her coworker was beginning to fatigue her) and Kristen, despite her outward meekness, was surprisingly strong and holding her arms down firmly.

With Caitlin lying on her with a firm grip on her head and her arms held down firmly Sofia had few options but to flail her legs canlı casino siteleri futilely. Caitlin had, unbeknownst to anyone else in the room, actually smothered people before and was somewhat of an expert in how to do it effectively. As soon as Sofia began to show signs of struggle Caitlin just held her head tighter still and pressed down a bit harder, squeezing her breasts together, riding her out and letting her burn off her dwindling oxygen in a vain attempt to escape. Sofia considered biting but feared the retribution that might bring – and in any case Caitlin had a hold of her chin, preemptively guarding against it.

Caitlin was toying with her younger, smaller coworker now – lifting up for a split second and allowing Sofia a partial breath before lowering herself again. Sofia was finding it surprisingly hard to find any breathing room as Caitlin knew how expertly position herself over her nose and mouth. Caitlin would count in her head, and usually around the six or seven second mark Sofia would start to struggle. She’d hold Sofia longer, though, enjoying her ineffective but desperate attempts to break free. Sofia was still kicking furiously the whole time, and Caitlin had an idea.

“Alex…” she said softly. “Would you mind helping me out? Her legs are so wild could you hold them a bit?”

Alex, taken aback, gathered herself and thought about it for a second.

“Sure!” she said, surprising even herself with the enthusiasm. Alex went over and positioned herself at Sofia’s feet. Holding her ankles, she fixed Sofia’s legs to the floor, then straddled them, sitting on her shins to really keep them pinned.

“Thanks! She was really starting to annoy me” Caitlin said as she buried Sofia in her cleavage once more.

Caitlin continued toying with Sofia, but shortly after securing the smother noticed Sofia was struggling more and earlier than usual. She was almost manic, her arms thrashing and Caitlin could feel her writhing beneath her.

“What is wrong with you, Sofie?” Caitlin taunted.

Alex spoke up, though – “Oh, sorry – I was tickling her thighs. I’ll stop.”


To be continued…

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