How I Got To Sleep With An Angel

22 Şub

How I Got To Sleep With An Angel



This story is co-authored with Maurizio, a Literotican from Italy. It wouldn’t have been written without his ideas and drafts. Also, it wouldn’t have been submitted without being carefully revised by one very nice Literotica editor, lilsadie69. A big thank you to you both!


It’s seven a.m. and in a couple of hours I have my audition for the new gay porn movie directed by Jessica Henstridge, a very attractive woman who directed gay porn movies for almost five years.

I absolutely want to be a part of it; it is a big dream for me. I did not sleep well last night due to my anxiety for this audition.

Now I am taking a shower. The warm water is raining down on me and I am thinking how the audition will be. Will she ask me to masturbate in front of her? Will she ask me to perform oral sex or even intercourse with other men just to see how I would do that? Or will she ask me to undress and stay naked only?

I am excited……. so very excited and my cock is about to explode. I take it in my hand and start stroking it slowly, with my other hand stroking over my body. I’m stroking over my strong chest, my flat belly, my butt and finally my balls. I increase the speed of my movement following the excitement I feel inside. I get out of the shower walking in front of the large mirror I have in my bathroom. I love watching myself in a mirror when I masturbate.

After some more minutes of stroking myself, I reach climax and I spurt my love juices over my stomach. I gather it with the palm of my hand and lick it slowly off tasting my own sperm. It’s almost eight a.m. I have breakfast and then it’s already time to leave.


The room is large and on the walls are many pictures showing the actors of the movies Jessica Henstridge directed in erotic poses.Twenty more men are here for the same reason. I believe they need eight actors for four pairings.

I am excited because in a few minutes I will meet Jessica, this amazing woman who says herself that she can’t get enough of watching gay men having it off with themselves and that she gets aroused everytime she’s with the boys on set.

Yes, I am almost sure I will get a part because I want it so much. “I really want it..,” I think nervously.

“Mr. John Taylor is next,” says a young guy entering the room.

“Here I am” I reply.

“Follow me please.” he says.

I follow this young man of about 25 years of age. We enter another room where Jessica and her filming staff are sitting at a large desk.

I can feel Jessica staring at me while the guy next to her starts asking personal information from me.

“That’s enough, then,” Jessica suddenly commands. The room falls silent. “John, remove all of your clothes and get an erection please.”

Her voice is tough but also lovely. I start to get out of my shoes first, my T-shirt follows and then my jeans. I have on no underwear. Now I am completely naked in front of this beautiful woman. Because I am bi, I have no problems getting my cock erect. I stroke it and in less than a minute I am full hard.

Jessica stands, then slowly walks around me, examining every inch of my body and my genitals.

“Not bad indeed,” she says to her assistant who is also watching. He’s the guy who asked me all of the personal questions.

“Unfortunately, you are not circumcised although it is not a must. Anyway, I like the way your cock is shaped. At least it is fairly long. Are you able to maintain your erection for a long time?”

Feeling the eyes of Jessica and the young guy simultaneously on my naked body sends shivers of excitement down my spine and when I finally answer my voice can hardly be heard. “Yes……. I can keep my erection as long as I want, madam.”

“Call me Jessica, please.”


This incredible female director asks me to bend over and she starts examining my butt and genitals from behind.

“Very nice,” she murmurs. “Beautifully shaped, accurately shaved, exactly what we are looking for – by the way, would you prefer to be a top or a bottom?”

“A top, but I can be a bottom too,” I answer in a voice made husky with emotion.

Jessica allows me to stand again.

“So you’re a switch. That’s great, in this movie you will have to be a top because your partner is a true bottom. You have dark hair and he’s a blonde, therefore poker oyna I want to couple you both. Jeremy, show him the images of his partner.”

I stare at the photos with curiosity and I like a lot what I get to see. The man shown is a real beauty, with a hairless body, smooth skin and golden hair that comes down to his ears, and he has got the pretty, perfect face of a typical male model in a catalogue.

I start imagining myself fucking that guy in front of Jessica and I become hornier than before. I really look forward to play my part in this movie. To put my cock inside that blonde angel.

Just as I think of that, Jessica says: “His name is Joey, but we call him Angel. He’s a real cutie and everybody wants to sleep with him because he’s beautiful and gentle. But it’s me who takes care of him. He’s my favorite, and I decide with whom he fucks in front of the camera.”

“Yes madam…… I mean, Jessica.”

Jessica smiles. “You’re a handsome guy, too. You are just as shy as Angel. I guess you will get along very well with him.”

I can’t stand this anymore. I feel the desperate need to masturbate myself but my audition is not finished yet. Suddenly Jessica grabs my hard-on and pulls it playfully and I gasp for air, trying hard not to cum all over her black skirt.

“Sorry, poor boy,” she says in a low voice, blinking her eyes. This woman really takes it out of me!

When she finally tells me to put my clothes on, my cock is still full and hard, and it’s not easy squeezing it back inside my tight jeans.

My heart beats faster when Jessica opens her mouth for the words I had been hoping for. “Well, John, I think you are perfect for my movie, a perfect partner for Angel. You will be in it.”

“Thank you very much, Jessica. I am sure I won’t disappoint you!” I reply, smiling happily.

Then my audition is done. I dress up and leave the building. I hurry towards the subway station. In the subway I get myself seated and, because I realize I am alone, I unzip my jeans and take my cock out. It is still hard and I can’t wait any longer. I take it in my right hand and start stroking it while staring out of the window.

I think of Jessica examining my body with the intense look of her fascinating green eyes. I also think of Jeremy, her assistant, and how much I would like to strip naked and fuck him hard. I imagine Jessica wearing a strap-on entering me from behind while I fuck Jeremy. Jessica’s artificial cock feels real and it stimulates me heavily.

My hand moves faster and faster up and down my shaft. I continue dreaming of Jessica fucking me hard without hurting me until I reach an explosive orgasm at the same time with Jeremy.

This is the moment when I cum all over my T-shirt and also over my hand. I clean my hand with the shirt and take it off, and when the next stop comes I exit with the T-shirt full of cum in my hand. Luckily it is summertime so other people won’t take any notice of me being half naked.


It’s late but I cannot resist reading over once more my part in the new Henstridge film. Hopefully I will keep the lines I have to speak in mind.

In the movie I am a guy who is travelling around Europe on his motorbike and during my visit in Berlin I book a room in a B&B for gay men hosted by a young man. Right from the start I notice how nice and friendly he is. He invites me to have dinner with him because he realizes I am hungry and tired after riding all day long. I accept and we eat together and chat a lot about ourselves. He tells me he likes bikers, he finds them sexy.

While we are talking I notice that he often looks at my crotch and to be honest I like the way he looks at me. My cock comes to life and my tight pants don’t hide anything.

Finally he shows me the room where I will sleep that night.

This is when the first sex scene between me and my fellow actor Joey starts and I hope we will do this much to Jessica’s satisfaction tomorrow.

For now, I really have to go to sleep.


The following morning I go to the studios where I meet Jessica, Joey and the rest of the crew ready to shoot the two sex scenes involving Angel and me. In the first one we are in a bedroom.

Jessica explains how she wants the scene to be. Angel and I try and listen closely, then Jessica says “Action!” and the cameras begin to roll.

Angel shows me the bedroom canlı poker oyna in the B&B. He seems a bit shy but I clearly can see lust in his eyes. He is excited without doubt. I am, too.

Suddenly Angel says “good night, sleep well” to me and walks towards the door. When he is in front of me I grab him by his arm, pull him close and give him a hot, wet kiss.

First, he doesn’t move, and then he wrapped his arms around me, kissing me back. We kiss each other passionately and I start to undress him slowly, just like Jessica wants me to do. First I remove his shirt, then I unzip his jeans, kissing the soft skin of his upper body.

When he is completely naked it is my turn to undress. While Angel is stroking his beautiful cock kneeling on the bed I take all my clothes off slowly. I want Angel to admire my muscular body and he does. I can feel his eyes on me, watching me lovingly.

Once I am naked, too, Angel takes my semi hard cock between his beautifully shaped narrow lips and starts licking it. And he knows how to pleasure a man! I never received a blowjob like that. I close my eyes and enjoy the wonderful sensations Angel is giving to me.

Jessica and the rest of the crew are watching in complete silence. I am sure they enjoy our lovemaking.

After some time Jessica asks us to change position. Angel is now on his hands and knees, offering his lovely firm ass to me. I can’t resist, I start to lick his ass cheeks and his velvet hole for a while, then I put my cock inside.

Although my cock is large it penetrates Angel quite easily. As an experienced bottom he knows how to relax. I start to fuck him slowly until Jessica asks me to increase speed because I have to show my passion for him. I obey and now I am fucking Angel very hard. He’s moaning softly.

He enjoys me fucking him but eventually I am worried for his ass and for myself because I am close to my climax and Jessica has not asked me to cum yet.

Fortunately she calls a break and we can relax ourselves. She asks Angel how he feels and if I can go on without cumming because she needs more material for cutting. I answer I feel good so our fucking continues for quite a while.

At noon she calls a break for lunch. Angel and I take a shower. During lunch Jessica tells us we are really hot, in fact one of the hottest gay couples she has ever worked with. Her words make us feel proud and happy.

I am thinking of an interview with her I recently read in a magazine. A female journalist asked her if she gets aroused when shooting gay sex scenes and she replied: “Of course I do!”

“And what do you do for your relief?” was the next question.

After a short pause Jessica answered smiling and blinking: “Well, I do not wear any panties, so I can help myself at least during the breaks.”

Thinking of that I ask myself if or not she is wearing panties right now…….

Angel is looking at me as if he tries to read my thoughts. I give him a smile. This good-looking blonde guy intrigues me more and more. I can’t wait to fuck him again.

In the afternoon the shooting continues in a kitchen setting. In this scene I am getting breakfast served by Angel himself.

I am crazy for him and I give him a passionate kiss. I turn him around and make him bend over the kitchen sink. I lower my pants and I penetrate this sexy angel’s ass with my cock. I fuck him hard for a long time.

Although this fucking is enjoyable for both of us it is also tiring especially for Angel. Jessica calls out a break when Angel is moaning with exhaustion. She consoles Angel by stroking his blonde hair. She also takes care of me by gently touching my back. She looks at my erection which is red from the long session of anal sex and she asks me if I can go on.

I answer “Yes, I can but I am close to orgasm”.

“Its okay, John, we are almost finished”. She turns towards the cameraman giving him some instruction. This is when I lose my erection. I am a bit tired and when everyone is ready to continue I have a little problem.

Jessica comes up to me saying “Don’t worry, John, this is normal, we did hard work today. Have a break and relax. Do you want me to be your fluffer?”

“Yeah……okay”, I say, not really sure what she means.

She takes my cock in her gentle hand and starts stroking it intensely. Her skilful fingers actually bring it back to life internet casino but my hard-on is not as powerful as we need it to be.

Jessica orders her assistant to fetch a dildo and she asks me to bend over. I obey and when she carefully puts the sex toy in my ass I feel a shiver running down my spine. While she moves the dildo in and out my ass she strokes my cock and balls with her other hand. Soon I get a strong erection. She stops, takes out the dildo from my ass and we move on filming the sex scene.

Finally I am allowed to cum. I release my sperm all over Angel’s lower back and this is the most powerful orgasm I ever had. I can’t help moaning loudly with pleasure.

Now Jessica tells me to kneel down and make Angel cum by stroking his nice cock. I love his dick because it is beautifully shaped and circumcised. I can feel it pulse in my hand and when it is hard like a rock I know he is ready to cum.

I can’t wait any longer; I want to see him release his juices. I stroke him faster and faster until he cums over my chest, clenching my shoulders with his hands and whimpering as if he’s in pain.

“Great job, guys! Very well done”, I hear Jessica say.

I clean myself with a handkerchief, then I go and take a shower together with Angel. Under the running water Angel and I exchange smiles and mischievous looks and I think that he really looks and behaves like an angel. He’s extremely cute.

I look at his small sexy ass and it gets me excited again. He must have read my mind because he comes closer to me and starts to caress my chest. I feel my heart beating faster. I also feel my cock harden, a nice surprise after all the fucking I’ve already done today. I can see Angel’s cock getting stiff, too. I give Angel a strong hug, squeezing his body against mine and I feel our cocks doing a love fight.

I kiss Angel passionately, thinking that I must have fallen in love with him. At least I don’t like the thought that our working together is already over. I don’t want to let him go.

I notice that Jessica stands at the door of the shower staring at us, amused.

We stop kissing and turn around. Jessica says: “Hello guys, are you not tired yet?”

We feel embarrassed for being caught in the act. We walk towards Jessica, still wet from the water.

We both have a hard-on and Jessica notices it, smiling. She grabs our cocks and pulls at them, then she gives Angel a sweet kiss. A kiss that makes me get really excited. I walk behind Jessica, put my hands on her shoulders and kiss her neck.

She enjoys my kisses. I can hear her moaning. Angel unbuttons her blouse and we take it away. While Jessica and Angel go on kissing each other I kiss and lick her naked back. I want to know if she told the truth about herself wearing no panties when filming sex scenes. I lift her skirt and put my hand between her legs. She’s naked, hot and all wet.

I start to kiss her lovely buttocks and I can smell her sweet female scent. When I feel a hand on my head that moves me towards her genitals I understand I am not allowed to delay any longer.

I bury my face between her legs. She is wet and I lap her juices, licking and sucking her clit and her entrance, in the meantime Angel is taking care of her nicely shaped breasts by licking and kissing them like a baby that sucks milk.

I lick her until she tells me to concentrate on her clit. I try to do my best to give her pleasure and she seems to appreciate my work by moaning louder and louder until I feel her fingers clutching my hair tight just like she wants to bring it off, then I feel waves of pleasure floating through her body. During her orgasm, I suck in her juices, I love how she tastes.

She pulls me up and then kisses me hard. I share her love juices with her and with Angel. We kiss each other for a long time, then Jessica grabs my cock and starts to stroke it until I cum. My sperm goes all over her long, slim legs. I am kneeling down, licking my own juices from her body.

When she is clean, I take care of Angel’s cock. The poor boy had been waiting patiently. I suck him until he cums in my face. With the tip of his cock, I smear his sperm over my cheeks, making him laugh.

Now all of us are really exhausted and we look forward to going home, me with the wonderful impression of Angel’s enchanting smile on my mind.


When I look back at my first experience on a porn set today, I see it as one of the most satisfying sexual adventures I ever had, and I will never forget about it.

After all, who except me can claim having slept with an angel?

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