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Steak and BJ Day 2011

I had never heard of it. Neither had any of my girlfriends. My first exposure to “Steak and Blowjob Day” came in early March 2010. The day has changed my life. * One of my girlfriends, Sharon, has tons of boyfriends and a really active sex life, but also likes to chat. She typically chats Read more

Summer Fun Ch. 08

The threesome with Kim and Kitty was arranged. We decided to meet up at a coastal resort hotel about an hour’s drive away. Kim and Kitty told their husbands that they were going to a ‘girl’s night’ at a health resort. I travelled by myself, of course, but Kim and Kitty travelled together. They had Read more

Swimsuit Fantasy

Writers Note: This is my first submission to Literotica. I’d be very interested in feedback from the people who read this. * They had been online friends for almost a year. They met in the game rooms and enjoyed passin’ the time with each other. Aside from chatting about day to day happenings, they enjoyed Read more


‘You’re going to be fun. You’re going to be fun. You’re going to be fun.’ Her words repeated themselves over and over again in my head as Kara and I rode the shuttle bus back to the freshman quad. ‘Temptation, thy name is Ashley Donovan.’ What the fuck was that supposed to mean? Was that Read more

The Balcony

After a long day at work, I come home around midnight sore to the bones. I set my various items down and tidy up the house. My better half, I know had a long day and undoubtedly went to bed early, deservedly so. While there were a few things that needed to be put away Read more


We leave early for dinner, and then relax over a nice long dinner, while we drink a bottle of wine. After dinner as the sun begins to set, we stroll out to the car. As we walk, I move closer and lift my arm across your shoulders so you are tucked under my arm. Having Read more

Summer Break Ch. 02

After that initial fuck I kept out of the way for the rest of the afternoon. I didn’t want to risk any awkward looks between the two of us. Needless to say, though, it was the only thing I was thinking about. I started a warm shower and the water was relaxing as it soaked Read more

Sylvia’s Fantasy Cums True

The cold, dismal afternoon seemed like it was wearing on forever. Sylvia sat at her little student desk trying valiantly to make some sense out of the calculus problems in front of her, cursing the day she let her advisor talk her into signing up for the damn class. Mathematics had never been one of Read more

Ten Items or Less

I was at the grocery store in the “10 items or less line”, getting a few last minute items to take to my elderly folks house when I ran into her. I was just back in my home town for the day to get some errands and chores done at their house and then it Read more

The Barn

I was just trying to finish up work in the barn when she came in. It had been a long day and I was tired, hot and in need of a cool shower. We had spent the day bringing hay into the barn for the horses and loading it up in the loft. It was Read more
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