Don’t You Fake It [Part. 1]

Don’t You Fake It [Part. 1]

Background Info:Keira Clayton- Thirteen year old girl, attending Asteca Jr. High. Lives with her brother, and has lush dark brown hair, and glimmering blue eyes. Full lips, tan skin, and an hour glass shape figure. C-Cup breasts, and five feet three inches tall. 7th period. Keira sat at her desk in agony, two fifty-seven, three Read more

Diary of a Mother Fucker Part 1

Diary of a Mother Fucker Part 1 January 12, 2012She was just laying their and I was overcome by want and desire. I need to be in her. I didn’t think she would wake up. She always took 2 Ambien before bed and passed out. I slowly walked up to the bed and crawled in Read more

Boat Mom

Chapter One: Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burninginto her already golden flesh. She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini topuntied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikiniwere so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass washalf exposed. The Read more

Birds of a Feather, Chapter 7

Birds of a Feather, Chapter 7 (I can’t believe this happened) Thursday morning started out great. We were both in a good mood as I drove to work. Things started on a good note but within an hour, it had turned into a Murphy’s Law day. One little fuck up after the other. Days like Read more

Costume Party Prank

Costume Party Prank Tami, a highly motivated woman sits in her harness waiting for someone to answer the door. “Pacifier! Where’s my pacifier?” she orders true to form. Jim, playing her daddy calmly fumbles around in his pocket to find the pacifier. “Oh, hey. It comes with a flavor packet.” Tami is not impressed, “Just Read more

Choose your own adventure!!! Episode 5

Another installment in a choose your own adventure style series. Please leave a comment with your vote for the next step! Of course, suggestions or ideas are always welcome! “Awwwww, fuckkkkkkkk…” Kelly moaned as I bore open her tight pussy. Feeling her clamped around me was a heaven I’d dreamed about for ages, and even Read more

Dad Rules (1)

Dad Rules (1) “And what do you think your up to?” I asked quietly. “Shit!” Arron screamed jumping naked off the settee, sending his equally naked sister sprawling on the floor. “I …I …I …” Arron stammered trying to cover his decreasing erection. “Quiet” I snapped. “Before you try lying to me, I have been Read more

building Harrys Harem – part 5

He groaned as he woke up to the light snoring of the beautiful miss bones. He was still held within her despite being flacid. at least for a few moments. Moments after waking up his insatiable sex drive was active once more and he started getting hard. It was weird getting hard when already inside Read more

Ebima Remembers.

Ebima sat in his worn chair facing his desk, clenching his hands in undiluted fury. He willed himself to remain still, pulling every meditation ritual known to him to the forefront of his mind. He had known this would happen. He should have seen it coming, and walked away from Christopher when he had the Read more

Dani and Danny, Part 5_(1)

Dani and Brie adjourned to Dani’s bedroom after the masturbation session with Danny. They were still naked and closed the doors to her room and bathroom so as not to be disturbed. As soon as they were private, Brie embraced her friend with a long wet kiss and whispered, “Dani, you made me feel so Read more
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