Aylar: Mayıs 2021

Isabelle , Simon Ch. 02

AN: Welcome back to the second installment of Isabelle & Simon, We (LitStory & I) hope you enjoy this chapter even more then you did the previous one. With that said remember to leave us comments and feedback with your thoughts and opinions on the series so far. We won’t abandon or ditch this series Read more

Up In The Air

Up In The Air An Erotic Series Everyone likes to think if you’re attractive, you could get anyone to go home with you. Treating you godlike. But I’d like to tell everyone, especially on the internet, that a handsome guy doesn’t have the world in the palm of their hand. Especially someone like me. It’s Read more

Mum Makes It a Perfect Birthday

*All characters are over 18 It was my 19th birthday, I had invited 5 of my friends over for a barbeque. My dad was supposed to be there to deal with the cooking on the grill but he’d been asked to go on some conference somewhere and had been away for a week already, he Read more

Sam Calls Alex

I kept my regular schedule of classes on weekdays, chores on Saturday and visits with Dan on Sunday. I’d call him from the “L”station, meet him at his stop, go to his apartment and we’d make passionate love all afternoon. I stopped looking for a girlfriend and started to think that I might be gay. Read more

One More Year Ch. 03

Disclaimer: In case it is not clearly stated in the narrative, everyone in this chapter engaging in anything approaching or including sexual activity is at least 18 years of age. (Although this particular chapter hasn’t gotten around to any actual sex yet. Be patient.) Note: This is written in British/South African English, although almost all Read more

Private Lessons Ch. 05

Note: First of all, thank you for all the kind comments, they go a long way. Next, this chapter will be longer than the others, probably one of the longest ones. I started this series intending it to be eight chapters and begrudgingly made it nine after thinking of something that needed to be addressed Read more

College Girl Helps Dad Get Even

College girl Missy discovers Mama isn’t taking very good care of Daddy and does her best to make him happy! I’m undecided if we should bring them back to see what they’re getting up to or not. You let me know what you think! Comments, email and constructive criticism always welcome! As the scenery rolled Read more

My Afternoon

I shuddered with hunger. And I could not believe what I was about to buy. Daddy sat next to me in the car, holding my hand. His big strong warm hand and my smaller slender fingered hand. He is telling me what a sweet little whore I am. He has this control over me. I Read more

Bred by Daddy at Sea

Kelly Ryan was an only child, the apple of her parents’ eyes, petted and spoiled throughout her childhood in an affluent suburb near the capital, where her father, Dave, ran an executive consulting firm. Dave was a worldly, sophisticated man with a cosmopolitan sensibility and a pragmatic grasp on ethics that had accelerated his rise Read more

A Story for Mom

Chapter 1 It was a sunny afternoon in Boston and I was planning to go to the gym, my favorite time of the day. I was looking forward to seeing Francesca, my fitness advisor. I know there’s no chance that Francesca would ever go out with me because I am much older than she is, Read more
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