A Private House

23 Mar

A Private House


Big Tits

During my normal morning routine, I had a cup of coffee and read the morning paper before going to work. On my way to work I heard a story on the radio about a bloke who just went bankrupt after investing his entire capital in his business. I thought about my own situation as I too had spent al my money in my own business, luckily my business was blossoming. After my last relationship I had put al my energy into my business and by now it was at a point that it could run itself without me having to be present al the time.

As I had more freedom, I didn’t feel the need to find a new girlfriend. I was enjoying my single life at the moment and loved to do the things I have always wanted to do but didn’t have the time for. I was 30 years old and had a good life, although many of my friends where wondering when I would settle down with a girl, I just didn’t feel the need for a new relationship.

One morning I was going through the paper as usual and my gaze drifted of to the ad section. As I drifted through the ads one ad got my attention, it read “not looking for a relationship but miss the ‘personal female attention’. APH 35, maybe just what you need”. On my way to work I couldn’t get the ad out of my head, I kept thinking about it and couldn’t figure out what it meant. Through the whole day I was thinking about the ad and by the time I got home I was curious enough to call the number that was given. When I rang it I got an answering machine with a very nice smoothing female voice saying APH 35, please call back tomorrow during the daytime, and with that I got disconnected. I didn’t know what to think about it so I promised myself that I would call back the following day. As I was getting very curious I tried to find something about it on the internet, but the only thing I could find was the same ad but nothing that could tell me what the ad actually meant.

The following morning on my way to work I called the number again and this time I got a friendly female voice on the line, when I informed her I got the number through the ad, I asked her what it actually meant. She told me that it was a house where you could come for personal female attention from one of the girls that worked there, at that moment she read my mind by telling me that it wasn’t a filthy whore house but a, what she called, a private house where the more upscale girls worked in a nicer place. I had never thought about going to a working girl to get my load off, and at that moment I still didn’t have the urge to try it out, so I thanked her friendly for the information and ended the conversation.

Through out the day the conversation had crossed my mind a few times but I didn’t give it anymore thought and got on with my work, that evening I went to the pub with a few of my mate’s and didn’t think about it at all. The next day I had taken the day off to get some well earned rest, when I got out of bed it was already 11 in the morning. I got some coffee and went through the paper again, after reading al the news I went through the ads again and saw the same ad, while reading the ad my mind went back to the call and the words upscale girls came back. Just thinking about this house and wondering what kind of girls would be there I felt my cock twitch and start to stiffen and thought about how long ago it was that I had had a girl in bed with me. With that in mind I called the house again and informed if I could come by and see for myself what it was and if I could leave if it didn’t suit me, I had heard the stories of other places that if you didn’t feel like it that you still had to pay, but that wasn’t the case here, so I asked for the address and was told I could come by when I felt like it.

After a long shower I decided I wanted to check it out and hopped in my car, I knew that it was just outside the city and was relieved that when I got to the street it was an old farm house that was at least a mile away from any other building so that the chance of being spotted was very slim. When I turned up into the driveway I noticed that the parking spaces where well hidden from the street and that the front door was open so that the time outside of your Kızılay Escort car would be to the minimum. When I walked up to the front door I didn’t know what to expect but I remembered that if I didn’t want to I was free to leave again. The moment I walked inside I was greeted by an older woman who told me she was the hostess and asked me to follow her. She led me to a room which was decorated like a normal living room and asked me to take a seat and if I would like something to drink. When she came back she had two cups of coffee and joined me in the living room. At that point I had no clue on how to react or sit and felt my nerves getting the better of me. Fortunately she sensed this and asked me if this was my first time. As I told her how I had come over her ad and how I had became curious, I felt my nerves relaxing a bit and was surprised how kind and comforting she was. She told me that there was no pressure or what so ever so that I could have a look and then decide if I wanted to take this any further.

Now that I had relaxed she began to explain to me how this al worked and told me that when I was up to it the girls would come and introduce themselves one at a time and that she would then come back and inform if I had made a choice, then I could go to one of the rooms they have with the girl and discuss the rest with her. While I was having second thoughts at that point I was curious enough to see what kind of girls actually work there so I told her that I was ready to meet the girls and she went off to get them. It took a few moments but then the first girl appeared and I was instantly blown away by her beauty, she had long blond hair, blue eyes and had a body that was slim but had the right curves on the right places, she was wearing a pink almost see through dress and I could just see that she was wearing a matching pink bra and thong. She introduced herself as Emily and smiled a bit seductively at me. When she had gone, 4 other girls came in and introduced themselves each being beauty’s but none that where so intoxicating as Emily. When the hostess came back to inform if had made my choice I couldn’t help myself but to choose Emily, the hostess called Emily back and told her that she could pick whatever room she wanted. Emily asked me to follow her and she took me up stairs to the room.

On the way up the stairs I got a nice view of Emily’s ass and saw how it swung in front of my face with the thong just visible under her dress, I could feel my cock getting hard just from the site. When we got to the room it was a fairly large blue room with a king-sized bed and a whirlpool in the corner. At that point she suddenly turned around and gave me a passionate kiss and whispered in my ear that she had hoped that I had picked her. She then apologized for that she had to get the formal part out of the way and asked me what I was looking for. I told her that this was my first time that I had come to such a place. She gave me another kiss and told me that I wasn’t going to regret it. After that we came to an agreement that I would pay for an hour and that we would just see what happened in that hour. When I had paid for the hour she said she had to go down stairs to put the cash away and pick up her personal stuff. Now that I was alone in the room is saw that the room was nicely decorated with a few paintings that just fitted in the room perfectly, the bed was in the middle with the whirlpool in one of the corners next to a sink. I was wondering if every room was fitted like this and began to understand what the woman on the telephone meant by that it was not a filthy whore house.

While I was deep in my thoughts I didn’t notice that Emily had come back into the room and she startled me by grabbing me from behind and asked me what I was thinking about. I told her I was admiring the room and she started to kiss me on the back of my neck. I felt my cock jump to attention and start to stretch my jeans in a way that it became a bit uncomfortable; Emily noticed this and started to slowly unbuckle my jeans and let my dick have some room. I then turned around and gave her a deep long kiss while she Kolej Escort started to massage my hardening cock through my boxers and had it on full strength in no time, this girl was really good with only her hands and I couldn’t help to wonder if this was her best skill. To make sure I didn’t come on the spot, I lifted her up and got her on the bed. I began to kiss her in her neck and went down slowly whilst pulling her dress down, when I got to her lovely tits I paused for a moment and looked at her, the way she laid on the bed with her dress half off, lacy pink bra showing, blond hair spread over the pillow, those blue eyes piercing right through me, I couldn’t help to tell her how beautiful she was. She came up to hug me and then give me a deep passionate kiss, one that let me totally forget that I was paying her for this.

I then pulled her skirt off completely and saw that she had a thong that matched her bra, by now I was rock hard and my boxers were stretched to there limits. I started kissing her and pulled her bra off, when I saw her breasts I had to kiss them al over, they had perfect nipples and where very firm and round, with this she started to squirm under me of pleasure and I slowly kissed my way down while still playing with her breasts. When I pulled her thong of very slowly, I noticed she had shaven herself completely and that looked amazing. I started to kiss her on the inside of her thighs and she began to squirm even harder under me and I could see that she was getting wet, when I smelled her cunt I knew I was going to go down on her like there was no tomorrow, but before I could begin she came up and got me on my back. She gave me another deep kiss and started to get me fully undressed. While she was undressing me she gave me kisses al over my body and I felt the pre-cum already oozing out of my dick. She took my cock in her hands again and started to slowly jack me using the pre-cum as lube, it felt heavenly. Then she began to give me kisses al around my cock and started to lick me under my balls, I had never had a woman do that and it was almost enough to push me over the edge, but she started to lick and suck on my balls which gave me a bit to recover. I could feel the heat of her breath on my shaft when she slowly came up nearly kissing my cock until she came to the tip and gave it a quick kiss before looking up at me and look me in the eyes with the horniest eyes I have ever seen.

She kept her gaze on me while slowly sucking down on my cock, I could feel her tong twirl around the tip while she kept going down, our eyes where fixed in each others and I just drowned in her bright blue eyes. When she had my whole cock in her mouth I could fell my tip pressing against her throat, she then came up and sucked the head while playing with it with her tong. After a while of this teasing, we still hadn’t lost eye contact, I could feel that I was about to cum and wanted to warn her but she already felt it coming and nodded slightly before giving a quick hum on the head of my cock, that did it I felt my cum rising and saw her going down, the moment I reached the back of her thought I came with a force I had never felt before. She managed to swallow most of it down but a few drops came out of her mouth, she carefully caught these with her fingers and licked them up again. She then went down and started to milk my cock dry, everything was a blur for a moment as I regained from the best blowjob I had ever had, she came up to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth and we kept this up for a moment. I then hugged her and turned her on her back and started to kiss my way down her body again. First those lovely tits got al my attention and when she started squirming again I started my way down her belly, when I got to her cunt I kissed her clit gently at first and then started to let my tong go wonder around her cunt. As she started to hum and make cute noises I fixated my tong on her clit and started sucking it harder. My fingers found there way to her cunt and I slowly inserted one finger. I could feel her squirm harder and tried to pin her down as much as I could. I looked in her eyes again and could Maltepe Escort see the lust that she had in her bright eyes. As I could feel her moisten up I slowly inserted a second finger while I still kept playing with her clit, every time I slid my fingers inside I used my third finger to apply a little pressure to her anus. My free hand road up to her tits and started kneading them one at a time, I felt her hands grab my head and push me harder on her cunt and I felt that she was on the edge of cumming, with this I started to softly hum on her clit and this drove her over the edge and she locked my head in between her thighs and held me there for a moment until she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled me up for a deep passionate kiss.

We laid in each others arms for a moment and she looked up at me and gave me another kiss and whispered thank you in my ear, she then let go of me and asked me to turn on to my stomach. I wanted to see what she was getting out of her purse but she then closed my eyes and said that I would enjoy this. I then felt her lay down on my back an heard her whisper that I should relax and enjoy, a cool liquid then hit my back giving me goose bumps al over but that quickly went away when I felt her lovely hands kneading my back. She was giving me the best massage I had had in years and I couldn’t help to sigh a bit, she then gave me a kiss in the neck and said to relax and that the best was yet to come. When she had completely massaged me in some sort of trance of relaxation I could feel her shifting her weight on me and I felt her lie down on my back and gave me a body-to-body massage, this felt amazing and I could feel my cock trying to get room to grow under my stomach. After a while of this she started to massage me as normal but I felt her hand wonder to my but and slowly massage my balls from behind, this got my cock growing even harder. After a while of teasing she turned me around and laid on top of me to give me a deep kiss, my cock was now trapped between our stomachs and she was gently massaging it by shifting her body on me, this felt really good and I could feel the pre-cum oozing out again.

She pulled a condom from her purse and put it in her mouth; while she gave me a slow blowjob again she rolled the condom on my cock without me noticing it. As she came up again she positioned her pussy right over my cock and started to slide it along the shaft, I could feel how wet she was and saw in her eyes how much she wanted my cock in her. Almost without shifting her weight my cock was at the entrance of her cunt, just pushing against it, I tried to slide it in but she didn’t let me yet by coming up a bit, after a bit of play with each other she suddenly pushed completely down and I was fully in to her. I could feel that she was quite tight and felt my cock being squeezed by her pussy; this was heaven, the warmth, the squeeze, her eyes, her kiss. She then pulled up a bit and we started to fuck each other harder by the second, this was no love but pure passion. We rolled over so I was on top, I grabbed her legs and kept them up high while still driving my hard cock into her, she grabbed my arms and dug her nails into them, as I felt her cum I slowed my pace and kissed her on the mouth before driving my cock fully back into her which drew her over the edge, I kept a slow pace until she had recovered from her orgasm. She then got on her knees so I could fuck her doggy style, as I was thrusting into her she grabbed my balls and started kneading them. As I came close to orgasm she came up and whilst keeping up my pace I could kiss her deeply and her tong in my mouth sent me over the edge. Both collapsing on the bed, our sweaty bodies on each other, it was my turn to say thank you and got a deep kiss in reply.

After that we laid there and talked for a bit before she had to inform me that the hour was almost over and that we had to get dressed. I was in shock for a moment because I had totally forgotten where I was, she laughed at my reaction and told me that this was a first for her as well. As we walked to the exit she gave me a note that I wasn’t allowed to show anybody and could read when I was in my car.

When I came outside the sun was shining and I felt reborn, I caught myself whistling on the way to my car. When in the car I took out the note she gave me, I had her phone number on it and a message saying call me so we can meet on other terms………….

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