Business trip with rough fuck. <3

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Business trip with rough fuck. <3



Business trip with rough fuck. <3It´s June the 11. 2018. This evening i was on a business trip and my mistress Mrs_Petra ordered me to write a paper as i took my dinner in the hotel restaurant to tease a guy and to show what a bitch i am. I asked the waitress for a paper and a pencil and started to write the following text on the paper. "Hello sexy bull, i am a submissive trans bitch who love it to be used. I am wearing sexy lingerie under my jeans and shirt you can see them when i walk away at my back. I will lift my shirt if i walk away. If u are interrested to use my service as a dirty sub slut for free give me a sign and smile when i am back at my table. I wil transform me to a real dirty whore in my room with sexy outfit and make up for you and do whatever you like sexy bull. You will not regret it. My room number is 201". As i was finished with my dinner i checked out the guys in the restaurant and at the bar and saw an older guy who looks in good shape that turns me on. I pulled down my trouser a bit that the guy can clearly see my pink netcatsuit and my black string if i lift the shirt when i walk away from him. I walked to the bar take a seat next to him and started to talk some sentences with him. His name was Peter and he was on an business trip too and as me alone in the hotel. The waitress did ask me if i want a drink but i said "No thanks" and she walked away to other guest at the bar. I stroke a bit over the arm from Peter and gave him the paper and said "Here an offer for you Peter, please read it now". I wait a bit till i was sure he has read it and walked away and lift my shirt on the back a bit to give him a good view on my lingerie. I watched at him over my shoulder and sent him a smile and a lick with my tongue over my lips. Then i take a seat at my table again. He read the paper again, took a sip on his drink and then he turnes around smiled and nodded to me. He walked to my table and said, let us meet at the elevator in 5 minutes. I said "okay Sir" called the waitress to pay my bill and left. As Peter saw me on my way to the elevator he pushed the button so i could walk directly into it as i arrived there. Peter gets in too and as the door was closed he said "You little bitch want to get fucked" and grabbed my ass roughly. I said with a smile on my face "yes Sir are you interrested?". He laughed and said "sure litte bitch. I will fresh me up a bit and come in 30 minutes to your room. Dress you up like the dirty slut you are". I left the elevator at the second floor entered bursa escort my room and started to dress me up and did my make up. I dressed me up with black net stockings, black overknee boots, a short-sleeved tight wetlook dress with metal buckles that only went a little way over my ass, a black bra with c cup silicon inlays, a black longhair wig tied to a braid and a leather collar with short leash. My make up was with smokey eyes, copper-colored cheeks and copper-colored lips. After 30 minutes Peter knocks on my door and said “Peter is here, open the door”. I opened the door with a smile and said “call me Tina master Peter. I am willing to be your dirty slut this evening”. He eyed me from head to toe smiled at me grabbed my leash and pulled me to his body and said “I will fuck the shit out of you dirty little slut”. He said “get your key and lube if u have some we will go to my room”. I get the key and the lube and followed him to the stairway that was next to my room. He led me on the leash one floor down to his room which was next to the stairway too. He opened the door and i followed him in the room. He closed the door by pushing me backwards on the door. He wrapped the leash around his hand so that he could keep it short and with the other hand he grabbed my neck. He said “now tell me your limits you sexy little cunt”. I told him that i am open minded and even love dirty things like spit and pee. He laughed and said “open your mouth bitch” with his face very close to me. I opened it wide and he spits in it before he started to kissing me french, wet and deep. I started to stroke him on the back and his ass and he said “you like to get dominated little bitch, i can feel that”. I laughed and before i could say anything he kissed me again. Then he pulled my on the leash to the bed ordered me to get on my knees on the bed and let go of the leash when i was placed there. He opened a bottle of sparkling wine filled up one glass full and one glass half, pulled down his trouser, he didn´t wear underwear, hung his cock in the half-full glass filed it up with pee and gave it to me with the words “here a perfect drink for a sub whore like you”. I laughed took it, toasted to him an drank it up while i watch in his eyes. He drank his glass and said “such a dirty little bitch” grabbed the leash and pulled me close to him to spit in my mouth and kiss me again. I enjoyed that very much and start massaging his huge cock and balls while we kiss each other. With his other hand he pulled up my minidress and bursa escort bayan stroke it and gave me small claps on my ass. He said “you dont wear any panty, dirty little bitch but i love it”. I laughed and said “a panty would be only in your way Peter”. Then he asked me “do you want to lick my ass you little cunt?”. I said “yes for sure” and pleased him to get in doggy style on the bed. He gets on all fourth in the middle of the big bed and i start to spread his cheeks and to play with my tongue on his asshole. He ordered me to spit on it and i made his ass wet with my spit and pushed my tongue as deep as i can in his asshole and starting to moan. He pulled me on the leash and said “yes you dirty cheap whore suck it”. He pulled his cheeks apart and i pushed my tongue as far as is can in his asshole while i spit, suck and kissed it. With one hand i massage his cock and balls and felt the cock grow in my hand. That made me so horny that i start licking his ass, his balls and suck on his cock alternately very slobby. We both enjoyed that moaned wild and loud. Suddenly he turned arround lay me on the back by pulling the leash and place himself over me. He spits my face, kissed me again starts fucking my mouth with his hard cock. He moaned “is that what you want you fucking cunt” and i said with his cock in my mouth “yes Peter, thats what a whore like me needs”. Then he fucked me again in my mouth till i choked. Spit was all over my face and neck and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and he smeared the spit all over my face and ruined my make up. He laughed pulled me on the leash in front of an mirror and said “look how cheap you look stupid cunt”. I answered “yes Peter and tonight i am your stupid cheap whore so do what u like to me”. He took the lube leaned me forward and started to make my ass very slippy. He fingered me hard while he forced me to watch in the mirror. First he used one finger, then two and then four. I moaned and enjoyed that very much and watched him opening my asshole in the mirror. Then he came beside me pulled me back on the leash spits my face and whispered in my ear “massage my cock and balls while i spit your face and let you watch the spit run down your whoreface”. I said “yes Peter” and ejoyed to wank his cock while he spits my face and forced me to watch it. As his cock was rock hard again he gets behind me and start fucking me directly hard and deep. I screamed loud and moaned because his bick cock hurts and makes me horny the same time. He shut my mouth and escort bursa pulled the leash and said “shut up you stupid whore”. He pulled his cock out my cunt and pressedmore lube in my asshole. Then he fucked me again with his rough style. I enjoyed that very much and moaned wild while i pushed my ass towards him to feel his full power. Suddenly he stopped pulled me on the leash back to the bed and said “on all fourth you piece of fuckmeat” what i did for sure. He pushed my head on the bed and said “ass up whore” and fucked me again. He said “i said i fuck the shit out of you and i think that is what u want and need u stupid little cunt correct?”. I did not answer directly so he pulled my up on the leash and said “is that what u need in my ear?”. I answered “oh yes Peter that is what i need. Fuck me hard master Peter. Please fuck me hard”. He spits my face two times und smeared it all over before he pushed my head again on the bed and put his foot on the side of my face. He ordered me “wank your clit bitch” and i started to make my clit hard. He moaned now very wild and did cum in my ass. As he pulled his cock out of my ass i turned arround and stop to wank my clit. He said “did i said stop wanking, we are not finished yet” and he slaps my face followed by spitting at me again. I start to wank again and he watched me while he drinks a glass of sparkeling wine. As my clit were hard he pulled me on the leash into the bathroom and said to me in front of the toilet “on your knees my whore” what i did for sure and ordered me to cum on the edge of the toilet. I wanked as he spits my face again and did cum like ordered on the edge. He laughed and said “now lick it up while you watch in my eyes”. I did that and he enjoyed it seeing me licking the toilet. He pulled away my wig, grabs my head and pushed it into the toilet with the command “hands on your back you faggot”. Then he pressed the flush and laughed and said “stay in this position my cunt” and i did what he said. He was standing over my back now with his cock in his hand and started to pee on my head and face. I enjoyed that and as he was finished he pressed the flush again. Then he pulled me on the leash out of the toilet with the words “clean my cock bitch”. I licked and sucked it to it was bright and shiny. Then he spits my face two times again, took my wig back on my head and said “and now leave you piece of shit”. I did stand up, get my key, my lube and left totally ruined his room to come unseen in my room. After half an hour he called my in my hotel room and said “i hope you enjoyed it and maybe we will meet up again and gave me his number”. I said “maybe Peter and thank you for the rough fuck”. Thank you Mrs_Petra for this perfect evening. Bow and kiss your sub slut Tina.

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