Can’t stand it anymore…I need to get FUCKED

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Can’t stand it anymore…I need to get FUCKED



Can’t stand it anymore…I need to get FUCKEDMy wife had been laid up with a broken arm and wasn’t able to enjoy sex for six months, after finishing her physical therapy with a VERY handsome ther****t, She came into the room one night in just stockings heels and garter belt and proclaimed!: “It’s been six months, I can’t stand this anymore, I need to get fucked tonight and one cock just isn’t going to cut it honey. I want all my holes filled at the same time tonight, Any ideas? “Sure sweetie whatever you want it’s yours You want to pick them out or would you like me to? “Let’s go online to x-hamster dating together and see who’s there, I suggested. Sounds yummy she cooed. We soon found 3 very well hung prospects, one Latino, one black and one white. The shortest dick of the bunch measured 7 sweet inches, the black guy was 11 inches an as thick tuzla escort as her arm. I’m an average 6 and a half inches the last guy a modest 9 inches. We talked with all of them so they wouldn’t be surprised and arranged for them to meet us at a local motel that Saturday night. “I’m so excited I can hardly wait Sandi said, as she surfed the hunks she cupped my hand over her crotch, and I flicked her clit with my middle finger, she was wet as a sponge so I slipped three fingers inside and started stroking in and out. She came three times, we decided to stop there as it would make it would make Saturday even more of an intense experience. On Saturday, she dressed her self up in a crotchless black butterfly lace crotchless body stocking, a button down the front leather skirt black fuck me pumps and a black jacket no bra, no panties,she looked tuzla escort bayan and was ready to fuck her brains out. The studs met us in the bar, they had introduced themselves to each other and had all had a beer before we walked in together. One look at Sandi and they all developed huge lumps in their trousers. Sandi downed a double Mojito and announced she was ready for some action. We went up to the second floor room we had booked and they all groped her while we were in the elevator. I went ahead to unlock the room, as she was pealing off their shirts in the hallway she was so horny. As soon as the door closed I turned around and saw Sandi’s skirt and jacket on the floorin the middle of three piles of pants, underwear, socks and shoes. She was on her knees with a cock in each hand and was alternating them into her mouth until all of us escort tuzla were hard as fence posts. Then she pushed the black guy on his back and plunged his monster dick into her sopping wet pussy, The Big white guy was in her mouth and the Hispanic guy was sliding into her tight asshole as I took pictures and sucked on her tits. We traded places until every cock had been in every hole at least once, or twice, I lost track. The sheer lust of it made me squirt first, all over her tits just the way she loved it, Next to pump his load was the big Hispanic guy who blew his load on her face, the black guy announced he was ready and Sandi whipped around and swallowed both his whole cock and his huge load. “Thank’s guys I needed that!” Sandi said as she gave each a long hard kiss before sending them on their way. “That was fabulous Phil, you’re the best husband in the world she said,”ready for seconds?” Sure I said as I found just enough energy to plumb her holes one more time before adding the last bit of decorative cream to those tits I’ve loved for years.

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