Dormant Desires Part 2

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Dormant Desires Part 2



Dormant Desires Part 2‘Eric, you there?” Rich’s deep voice whispered through the fence as my heart pumped through my chest and my voice trembled in response hiding to the side, so he couldn’t see that I was completely nude. “ok now this is getting weird” I said nervously laughing through the fence, “are you stalking me or something?”He laughed “I promise running in to you today was purely coincidence and I wouldn’t have come back if I had your number, but I didn’t know if you were ever going to call me and you seem to have pocketed my lighter which I’ll need back. I paused for a second before telling him to hang on a minute, scrambling to find my clothes I put my shirt and shorts back on without finding my underwear and opened the gate to see Rich standing on the other side leaning against the wall.“here you go” I said handing him the zippo lighter I had mistakenly put in my pocket, too stoned to notice earlier. “thanks Eric, how are those chores going?” a grin now widening across his face. “I, uhm good really good, all done”“doing some yard work then? Hard to do that with no lights isn’t it?” still grinning at me, both of us knowing that he had seen what was going on just moments before and me now realizing I had no idea how long he had been standing behind the gate and now nervously shaking worse than before. “yeah something like that, that weed was really good it got me so baked” I said running my hand through my hair and now relaxing slightly in the moment. “well since you liked it so much and since you’re finished all those chores you want to smoke another one? I don’t have anywhere to be right now and wouldn’t mind at all, this looks like a sweet little spot you got back here” he started walking past me in to the yard looking around and nodding.“s…sure thing, you want a glass of water or anything?” he nodded, and I went into the kitchen to get us both glasses of water, my mouth now completely dry from the nerves, the weed, and the horniness. When I walked back outside Rich was laying on his back on the lawn staring up at the sky, the joint between his lips I placed the water on maltepe escort a small table and stood looking at him. His body looked so strong laying down and his smile as he looked up at me comforted me and I finally began to calm back down and get more comfortable with my intruder. “damn this is nice Eric” he said passing me the joint “I can see why you wanted to race back here to jack off ha ha ha ha” I froze, I knew he had seen me, but why was he now mentioning it, did he just want to make me feel stupid about it? I suddenly wanted him to leave and hoped id be done with this weird episode but before I could get the words out to tell him I thought it was time to go he looked back and said “don’t sweat it, id be doing that out here too if this was my place, shit I’m sorry I interrupted you should have told me to get lost that’s what id do if someone interrupted me stroking my cock in such a nice setting” I blushed and handed him back the joint, he motioned for me to sit down with him and I did, not too close but not at a distance to offend him or anything. After we got stoned we chatted for a long time about a lot of things. About girls mostly, did I have a girlfriend (I didn’t) did he have a girlfriend (he had lots) what I wanted to do after school and his business, he and a friend opened their own bookkeeping business and it was going well. He got to set his own hours and “not work for some asshole” and he really liked it. I thought he had it all figured out, here was this cool guy with his own company smoking weed with me and genuinely interested in our conversation. After a while Rich rolled another joint and said he was going to smoke it and leave after but that I should call him, and we should hang out again and that he’d school me on how to talk to women and other things. I had come around to the idea of hanging out with this adult by this point and agreed. “so how soon after I leave you think you’re going to have all those clothes off again Eric?” the smile now returning to his face and me now with my guard down. “like, as soon as I shut the gate” I said laughing “does escort maltepe the grass feel better or something?” he asked “I think it does yeah I mean I just like it”“you care if I go over to that corner and test out this theory of yours Eric? Just over there don’t peek or nothing alright”“sure, see for yourself, I said, no genuinely flirting (what was happening to me??) “you gotta do it too Eric, otherwise I’m just some weirdo in your backyard”“alright, I’ll go over there, you go over here?” I said, “and no peeking?”“of course, man, then I’m out because I do have work tomorrow”“alright”Rich walked over to the other side of the yard and the dark evening made him hard to see, as he took off his clothes he became more difficult to see and I figured what the hell why not? I began to take off my clothes and sat down on the grass, noticing my dick was already expecting me. “damn Eric you are right about this, this feels great man”“I know right”“can you see me?” Rich asked “remember I said no peeking”“I’m not peeking, and I can’t see you anyway, can you see me”“yes, I can”I froze not knowing what to do next“I’m totally peeking I’m sorry but Eric you got a nice body on you damn”“thanks Rich” nervously laughing, “I’m coming there” he said quickly getting up and striding towards me before I could protest, as he got closer I noticed his cock swinging between his legs and a huge pair of balls that seemed heavy, I felt my cock twitch. He stopped just a few feet away and laid back down looking at me, “now let’s finish together alright?”“al…alright” and I started to play with my dick again, looking down because I didn’t know what else to do, staring at my dick hoping it stayed hard and I could finish quickly. No problem on the first part at all, y dick was throbbing it was so hard as I heard his breathing and the sounds of his watch jingling as he stroked his dick so close to me. “oh, fuck yes Eric that’s it stroke that cock man, this feels good doesn’t it?”“yes, I whispered”“then tell me it feels good Eric”“it feels good”“say it feels good Rich”“it feels good Rich”“yeah it feels good, I want maltepe escort bayan to see you shoot that cum Eric come on shoot that cum man, let me see that hot cum what you got”I moaned and closed my eyes as I felt my cock start to shoot stream after stream of cum all over my stomach and legs and the lawn my eyes started to roll around inside my head as I moaned and steadied myself. Looking back at Rich who was now licking his lips and stroking his big cock faster and faster.“you want to see this cum Eric?” “yesss” I whimpered again, still not fully understanding just how the fuck I got myself in to this situation“then tell me Eric, say Cum for me Rich”“cum for me Rich”“Again” his voice sterner this time then the last “cum for me rich, cum I want to see you cum, cum for me Rich”“that’s it Eric you’re going to make me fuckin cum man”“cum for me Rich please cum for me”He got up on to his knees and started to jerk his cock faster than before and squeezing his huge balls with his other hand“please cum for me Rich”He looked me dead in the eyes while stroking before saying “here it cums Eric ahhhhhhhhhhh”He lurched forward, and I watched as his cock let loose more cum than I had ever seen before, it was everywhere, all over the grass hitting my legs and my still hard cock with some of it. “ohhhh fuck man that was amazing” he said laying back now for a few minutes in silence before spring to his feet again. “that was great did you like that?” “that was… interesting”“but you liked it?” he asked, his voice now more concerned than stern.“yes… I liked it a lot” smiling back at him. We got dressed and he left saying goodbye and that I shouldn’t be weird about what happened we were just messing around, that I should call him still and to have a good night. I shut the gate behind him and leaned against the wall thinking about what had just happened. Was I gay? What the hell had I just done with this guy who I barely knew? These thoughts raced through my head for the next several days until the weekend came and I found myself bumped off the schedule at work due to my manager being unable to schedule hours properly. I was laying out under the sun with a glass of iced tea and a cordless phone when I decided to try Rich and see what he was doing. “Thought I might hear from you again Eric, what are you doing tonight?”…To be continued.

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