Fun at a Late Night Party

22 Mar

Fun at a Late Night Party



The smell of marijuana is almost overwhelming as I enter the open door of the single story house. I look around to survey the main room. People are drinking, smoking, and a couple girls are even snorting cocaine. I notice the dozens of plastic red cups strung everywhere in the house. I notice a guy passed out on the floor of the filthy kitchen. I walk a few steps into the house, and my friend comes to meet me.

“Yo Aaron, what’s up my nigger?” He says walking up to me with his hand out. I shake his hand.

“Bro, you’re white. Watch out saying that, I don’t wanna drag your lifeless corpse outta this shit-hole.” I say, looking at him.

“Alright, I got you. Good looking out.” He says to me, and walks away. I walk into the living room, and I sit down on an open spot on the old couch. I lean back, and a tall, tan guy with huge shoulders comes up to me, and hands me a plastic cup of vodka. I shake my head to him to say thanks. I sip the scorching vodka as I listen to the loud talking, and the even louder music. I admire the many fine girls in the house. I’ve never had a problem with getting girls. At 18, I’m built well, with a thick chest, and toned arms. Luckily, I’ve never skipped ab day. Something that girls enjoy most about me, is my jawline. It’s not very definitive, but it’s apparently something that women like. I keep accepting refill after refill of vodka, and before I know it; I’m drunk as fuck.

I find myself dancing with a few other people, on the living room floor. I’ve got a red cup in my hand, and a girl behind me has her arms resting on my shoulders. My shirt is off, and my eyes are droopy. Another girl is standing infront me dancing too, and she’s smiling at me and glancing at my eyes. I’m shooting my eyes between the floor and the rest of the room. I take a sip of the vodka, and I resume my dancing. The girl infront of me, and the girl that was behind me, move to each of my sides, and they lean into me. I put my arms over their shoulders. I’m smiling, and the girls are laughing and moving along with me. I glance at a guy breaking out a catalogue, then I look over to my friend, who greeted me at the door, Chris, who is now sucking on another mamak escort girl’s tongue. He looks over to me, and sees the two girls under my arms. He smiles at me, and picks his head up some. He points to me.

“Get-chu-sum my man!” He yells. I smile to him, and I point back with my right hand.

“Back at-cha!” I yell back, and he resumes tasting the girls tongue. The girls under my arms are still laughing, and they lean in and kiss me on my cheeks. I can’t believe my heart, so many women here without a flaw. I’m gonna hit it and flex it until tomorrow, or until I can’t walk anymore. These girls got so much energy, the way their twirling those hips up around and around. Amongst the crowd and the talking, my brain picks out two names, which as of now I can’t remember.

I chug the rest of the vodka, and I crush the cup and throw it down. The two girls lead me through a dark, empty hallway, and into a bedroom. I look around the neat room, and I hear the door click behind me. A table lamp comes on in the corner, and the room lights up. The two girls both push me to the bed, and I sit down at the foot. The girls giggle, and start undoing my dark jeans. The brunette, with skin that looks too soft to even be on a human, pops my growing cock into her mouth, and the blonde giggles. I stare at the girls as they giggle. The blonde reaches a hand down to her blue jeans, and closes her eyes to moan with a smile. The brunette chokes on my cock, and I stare in my drunken stupor at the girls. The brunette pops me out of her mouth, and sits down on her butt. She props her feet up on my thighs. I grab her small feet, and I feel the incredibly soft skin. The softness of the skin on this girl turns me on like a light switch. I rub her purple capped toes with my thumbs, and she wraps her smooth soles around my cock. The blonde giggles as I throw my head back in pleasure. The pumping keeps on as the now naked blonde straddles me, and opens her legs wide. She rubs her muff, which is decorated with a small black landing strip. She slides the tip of my cock into her pussy, and she stops there. She grinds the tip of my dick in her pussy, as the soft soles ofise gelen escort of the brunette keep pumping. The feeling is an amazing, incredible and outstanding feeling. I feel the pumping stop, and as soon as the brunette takes her feet out from under the blonde, the girl on top of me slides all the way down my pulsing cock. The blonde stops almost at the base, and she moans, then slides back up. I grab her sides, and I hold lightly on her. She picks up her speed, and starts moaning again. The brunette shushes the blonde, and both of the girls giggle. The blonde leans down, and pushes her hands into my chest. The squatting position she’s in is by far the hottest thing I’ve seen.

The blonde goes about eight of the nine inches, then stops. Her legs tremble, and her mouth opens wide. I feel the skin of her thighs, and her pussy tightens around my cock, and a clear-white liquid seeps out around my cock. She gasps, attempting to catch her breathe. She falls off of me, and lands to my left on the bed. Immediately, the brunette straddles she me, and guides the tip of my member into the opening of her bare pussy. Right off the bat, she is significantly tighter than the blonde, and her skin, is so soft. I don’t think I’ve ever felt skin this soft before. She manages to get me about five inches in, and she swings her legs onto my chest, squeezing her thighs together. She sets her feet on my face. I grab each foot, and I rub the soft sole of each. I suck each one of her toes one by one, out of my mouth, ending with little smacks. She holds herself up with her hands, and rises her hips up and down. I can feel her pussy gripping my cock, not wanting me to leave. I push my hips up to meet hers. The pleasure becomes too intense.

“I’m gonna cum.” I whisper. The brunette slides me out, and sits between my legs. She picks her feet up, and wraps them around my cock. Her soles slide with ease on my lubed cock. She jerks my cock off between her feet, which I would guess are about a size 8.

The blonde pops me in her mouth, and her lips meet the top of the brunettes feet. Her lips stay on her feet as the brunettes feet go up and down. otele gelen escort I can’t hold it anymore, I blow.

My load must be huge, because the blonde gags, as the brunette giggles with my cock between her impeccable feet. I grit my teeth, and I don’t hold back. The brunette continues pumping until the blonde takes her mouth off, and swallows my load. The girls giggle as I grin. They fall to each of my sides, and within a matter of seconds, I fall asleep.

I wake up to a cold and empty room. The first two things in my head are two names; Bella and Bre. The names arent familiar, but those two names are the only things in my head as soon as I wake up. I sit up, and immediately regret it. My head pounds, and my eyes feel droopy.

“So this is a hangover?” I ask myself while rubbing my face with my hands. I stand, and I ensure I’ve got my balance before bending over to get my underwear and jeans.

After getting my jeans and my shoes on, I head out the bedroom door to look for my shirt, and the girls from last night. I walk down the hallway, and I take in the fresh air. I walk into the living room from the hallway, and I notice the door is wide open. There are still some people asleep, and a couple people are standing around talking. I walk through the trashed living room, and I pick up my shirt off the couch. I look around for the girls. Nowhere in sight. I walk out the door, and I glance at my black car in the street, parked by the curb, where I left it. I turn and see Chris, and I walk up to him.

“Hey hey my man, I saw you with them girls last night!” He says shaking my hand with a big grin.

“Yeah. Do you know where their at?” I ask him, looking around the trashed yard. He looks at me.

“Gone. They left early this morning. Sorry man.” He says shaking his head and grinning. Shit, I was hoping they didn’t leave. Those girls will remain a mystery to me now. It was wonderful, the way it played out. Those girls were just beautiful. I hide my hurt and sadness, and I look on the bright side.

“Well, at least I didn’t have to drag your sorry ass outta here last night.” I say with a smile. He looks at me again.

“Hey yeah, you’re right.” He says bobbing his head.

I reach into my back pocket, and I pull out my phone. I click on my contacts, to call my roommate, and let him know I’m coming back. I spot something on the list that makes my heart skip.

Two new contacts have been added to my list.

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