Gold Rush Ch. 01

22 Mar

Gold Rush Ch. 01



I had been dating Bethany for about a month when our story starts.

She was the girl I left my high school sweetheart for. 5’9, almost all legs and beautiful auburn hair. Her breasts weren’t too large but, hey, all you need is a handful.

So far we had done a lot of making out and petting but nothing too serious. I liked that by tonguing her ear and rubbing her hot swollen cunt through her jeans I could make her erupt in orgasm.

She on the other hand liked straddling my body and feeling my swollen rod through my pants as it dug into her love canal. Being almost 6’6. let’s just say I’m proportional.

I remember that first night like it was yesterday. She had invited me to her dorm room because her roommate was out of town for the weekend. When it got late I asked her if I should be going but she just said “stay” and kissed me deeply. It was one of those long moist kisses where your tongues are trying as hard to memorize the inside as your hands are the outside.

I had managed to slip a hand up under her shirt and was delighted to find her braless. She gasped at this first skin to skin touch but her next kiss told me my advances were more than welcome. Soon she was panting, one hand tangled in my hair while the other gently crept up and down the length of my stiff cock through my pants.

Ever more slowly I managed to use my wrist to work her shirt up over her mounds so I could see them and maybe more. She resisted a little but her heart wasn’t tandoğan escort in it. Once uncovered I began tracing the tip of my fingers around her eraser hard nipples. Her aereolas weren’t very big but I didn’t care. The pink tips glowed and I knew I had to have them.

Gently I began to massage her whole breasts, soothing and carressing the tortured skin that had been confined by her bra all day. The noise she made was half sigh and half moan, it was the sound of satisfaction. She arched her back and stretched her legs out. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed. My moment of opportunity had arrived. I placed my mouth between her heavenly tits and began bathing the crevice of her cleavage with my tongue. Beth was surprised and her eyes almost popped out of her head as they opened.

“Relax” I told her. I was kissing down her belly and then back up. Using my tongue I followed the path of the underwire that had left it’s red mark underneath her beutiful breasts. Beth was in heaven, I was very experienced at this. I slipped one finger into her eager mouth while the other tortured her nipples as I licked and kissed her passion swollen tits. Then I would exchange fingers, knowing that my fingertips wet with her saliva would feel like the tip of a tongue teasing her closer and closer to the ultimate sensation.

When the moment came I took one nipple deep in my mouth, pushing it up to meet the roof of my mouth as I pinched the other. My free türbanlı escort hand dove down between her legs to the most damp jean crotch I have still ever felt in my life.

“Oh God! Oh Chris…no….stop…too much…please!” Each expression was punctuated with a deep breath and I slowly tongued her erect nipples in time to the movements of my hand below. She was so damp that even through the soaking denim I could make out the outlines of her pussylips.

Needless to say I “persuaded” her to continue in as gentlemanly a way as one can while devouring a meal that has surrendered itself for the feast.

In time I managed to unbutton her jeans and slip a hand into her panties, which were so soaked as to not even seem real. Like a film that covered her womanhood. It wasn’t long before I was actually skin to skin with the object of my desire. My finger slipping up and down her hairless crevice as I kissed her and suckled her neck and ears. Her lips were engorged and her clitoris stiff with unspent passion.

It seemed like hours before she flung her head back in frustration. She let out a gutteral growl before pushing me away.

“Something’s not right” She told me. “It feels good but I just…can’t!”

I looked her in the eye and told her that I had a solution but I knew she wouldn’t like it. I knew I was what you could call “orally adept”. If I could go down on her I was sure I could get her off. She looked at me in complete confusion, crazed for release but denying herself for personal reasons. The animal inside could not be contained and in a moment she had flung her pants to the floor and laid back for my savoring. I was between her legs in a moment. I kissed my way up her thighs, preparing myself for the odor and taste of her. Strangely however, I got neither. For even though she was as wet as Niagra Falls between those beautiful lips, her fluids were more like sweet water. Not thick or pungent but everflowing, leaving her legs and my face gleaming. I couldn’t get enough of her and my tongue slipped into her tight honeyhole again and again and then resumed their exploration of her pink and rosy genitalia.

Beth thrashed from side to side, pinching her own nipples and reveling in my minstirations. She growled and inhaled massive amounts of air through clenched teeth. With each breath I could swear the orgasm we both so longed for would come pouring out.

My mouth, for all that I was tasting the sweetest pussy of my life, was getting sore trying to push her over the plateau’s edge.

Then, furiously, Beth kicked me off her with one leg and lept from the bed.

She ran to her bathrobe.

“What’s going on?” I asked, confused.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled. “It’s just that…oh God, this is embarrassing, I have to …pee, ok?”

She was on the verge of tears.

“It’s ok.” I said with a kind smile on my face, still wet with her fluids. “You don’t mind if I stay, do you?”

“No.” She said as she rushed out the door.

So Beth had gotten so excited she had nearly peed herself. If only she had known what that thought did for me and what I was soon going to do to her.

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