Graduation Gift Ch. 02

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Graduation Gift Ch. 02



I don’t know what had gotten into my roommate Kristen, we had just had this amazing sex and she ate my pussy like a fucking pro. It feels weird to be thinking that way about my roommate, but lets face it-she’s a knock out and she shocked the hell out of me. Usually Lana was very quiet and modest, but you wouldn’t think that looking at her because she was kind of a classic European gorgeous. First of all there was her naturally blonde hair, she wore it long and layered and it framed her face nicely. She was tanned from the Florida sun, as we are both avid surfers, but she is more petite than I am. Kris has piercing blue eyes the color of aquamarines and a small pouty mouth, the kind of mouth guy love because it makes their dicks look huge.

When we first met at freshman orientation I gravitated towards her because she was so beautiful but very sweet, almost too sweet, I took it for an act since her parents were there, but it was pure. She’s the yin to my yang, she’s sweet and I’m a bitch…but tonight she was so aggressive, it was totally out of her character and took my by surprise. The way she went straight to work on my pussy, licking me up and down, teasing my clit and fingering my sex. And she even had the balls to lick my asshole, she was amazing and I don’t know where it came from. Nor do I really care. Laying here looking at her body, her perky round breasts with their almost invisible areolas and rock hard nipples, seeing her flat and tanned stomach rise and fall, her short lean legs-one of which is grinding against my pussy, and her fucking BEAUTIFUL cunt. It’s there bare except for a little blonde patch just to prove that the curtain matches the drapes. I can see it there, wet and pink, not pierced like mine hers is virginal so to speak.

“Kristen, I want to taste you, but not yet.” I say to her, “first I want to give you a kiss.”

“Lana, we did kiss…I mean did you not just…” she stammered.

“I don’t mean like that, I mean like this,” I said as a raised her leg over my shoulder so that our pussy lips met. Slowly at first, as I was still a little sensitive from my recent orgasms, but gradually grinding into her faster and deeper our cunts kissed. My clit ring rubbed against her clit and caused her to moan and close her eyes, as if to feel the kiss with her whole body. I moved faster and faster, around and porno indir around into her and each time our clits met she gasped with pleasure. I could feel her pulse flow through her lips and she was close to orgasm but I didn’t want her to cum just yet. I wanted her to cum harder than she ever had before. What can I say, I’m a perfectionist!

“Get on your knees Kris; I want to see that ass up in the air!” I tell her, to which she immediately responds. I kiss her sweet round ass and I run my tongue from the crack of her ass all the way to her clit, and she arches her back a bit, to improve my access. I repeat the maneuver but this time I go back up to her ass, and I push her cheeks apart with my hands and I marvel and her cute, awaiting rosebud. I lick it, pushing my tongue in and around it, and she arches more and spreads her legs a bit more. I slowly lick my finger getting it as wet as possible and I stick it into her pussy for added lube. Then I take my finger which is now glistening, and I stick it slowly into her asshole. I move it in and out while I continue to lick around it and I can tell she loves it, but now it’s time to taste that lovely pussy.

I lie on my back underneath her and I pull her down onto my face. She moved from all fours to sitting straight up, and I have to say the view is great. I can see right up her body, past her tanned abs, and up to her beautiful mounds and up to her sexy lips and flowing blonde locks. I waste no time in delving in and I fuck her with my tongue, moving it in and out making sure to hit every corner of her walls that I can with my oral dick. I kiss her pussy lips and begin to suck on her clit and I can tell this is where I should stay. Her body responds, and she moans and starts to grind into my face, and I can see her breasts sway gently with her body and it’s so hot my pussy starts dripping again. I take one hand I insert my finger back into her asshole, sometimes thrusting it in and out and sometimes just flicking across it. She loves it and I can tell but I’m not quite satisfied. I’m sucking her clit, attacking it with my tongue and I’m playing with her asshole but then I take my other hand and begin to reach for one of her tits.

I flick across her nipples, gently pulling and massaging them all while continuing my clitoral pleasure. It doesn’t take much rokettube time for her to being to twitch and lose control. She grinds harder and harder and harder into my face and I quicken my pace in and out of her ass while sucking harder on her clit. I can feel her cum running down my chin and I suck even harder and insert a second finger in her ass. This sends her completely over the edge and she takes the hand that had been massaging her breasts and she begins to suck and moan into my fingers. I never realized how hot finger sucking was until this very moment and I could feel myself succumbing to her pleasure. She was still cumming all over my face and she was still rocking and grinding into my but I could feel her slowing down so I took my hand that had been in her ass and started to vigorously rub my own clit.

“Oh god Kristen, you’re so fucking sexy I think I’m going to cum again just from pleasing you…oh god oh god ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK Kristen, FUCK! This feels so fucking amazing, you’re amazing, you feel so good,” I yell out, a prisoner to my own primal urges as this point. I cum and I can feel myself squirting, cumming all over my own sheets. This orgasm was so intense, I felt sensitive all over, from my breasts to my toes and I closed my eyes and I could feel myself trembling uncontrollably.

“Lana, you were amazing, have you done that before,” I hear Kara ask me, although she sounds muffled, perhaps because she’s still gripping my head with her thighs.

“Nope, you popped my lesbian cherry, Kris. I can’t believe we just did that, but it didn’t feel wrong. It felt great, I don’t think I can go back to dick again,” I laugh.

“Sure you can, I mean not that this was great, because it was, but dick is fantastic you can’t deny, there’s nothing like feeling it inside your pussy, nothing in the world,” Kristen answers.

I can’t deny, she’s right, dick is great. But this wasn’t a chore by any means.

“So do you think it’ll ever happen again,” I inquire.

“Fuck yeah! What, you think I’m willing to give up orgasms like that just for some frat boy dick, I don’t think so. We’ll just get a strap on,” she answers excitedly.

“You’re in rare form, Miss Elizabeth. But you know, speaking of frat boys we gotta get ready for this party. You wanna get in the shower first or porno should I,” I ask.

“How about a two-fer,” she says with a sly smile.

I get up and walk to the bathroom to start the shower. I wait for the water to get nice and hot before I call her in, and I tie my hair up because this time, we really are going to the party and I don’t want it to get wet again. We get in the shower and I pour my shower gel on my lather maker and begin to wash her back. I lather her back, down to her nice round ass, and down her legs. She turns to return the favor. We get all soapy and I grab her and kiss her. I can feel our soapy, wet, soft bodies meet and her breasts just meet the bottom of mine. I start getting wet again, and not from the water. She pushes me backwards so I’m leaning against the wall and I feel her press into me. She slips a hand down to my cunt and begins to explore my pussy. So I do the same, exploring her folds and lips with my fingers, while kissing her and feeling her tongue massage mine.

We quickly find each others clits and imitate each others movements. She starts to circle mine and I do the same to her, I press into her harder and she does the same to me. It doesn’t take long for both of us to begin panting and moaning one another’s mouth. Us cumming simultaneously was amazingly erotic and I feel myself squirting again, but this time it’s on her hand and she brings it up to my mouth where I lick it clean. I taste myself on her hand and I start to cum again. I fall down in the shower, out of loss of control over my legs and I find myself face to face with her pussy, and quickly capitalizing on the opportunity I begin to lick her hungrily devouring her cunt juices and that causes her to cum again in my mouth. My head is swimming with euphoria as I let the water rinse over me washing off all the soap suds and cum juice. Kristen turns around, now back to normal after her four almost back to back orgasms and she turns off the water.

“Ok Lana, we seriously have like no time, we’re going to be late and I still don’t have anything to wear get out here and help me please,” she says sounding like her usual self.

“Ok here I come, no pun intended,” I quip.

“Listen, Lana, I just wanted to tell you something, I mean…I don’t really…” she began.

“Look its ok, it’s between us, we’re still best friends and everything’s cool. Now we just use our vibrators a little less right? No big.” I finish for her.

“No it’s just that, I hope you don’t expect a graduation gift after that,” she says with a smile and walks over to the sink to begin blow drying her hair.

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