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Subject: Making Of Daniel 61 The Making of Daniel Law requires you to be at least 18 years of age to read sexually explicit material. Which this certainly is, so if you are not 18, please leave this site. Oh Yea, if you are going to read my story, GET NAKED NOW! Chapter 61 My father looked at the boy down on his hands and knees, his perfectly shaped ass up in the air, just waiting for my father to plunge his huge cock inside and fuck him hard. “Jack, I don’t know if I can fuck him right now. My boy gave me a mind blowing blow job on the ride up here, and believe it or not, just as we exited the highway, we just got pulled over by the local sheriff, and….” “Oh fuck… no you didn’t” Jack interjected “Well.. yea, why do you say that?” My father asked, all the while, the boy was still on his hands and knees waiting to get fucked. “Was he about 6 foot, short brown hair, a nice sized cock, with an abnormally large mushroom head?” Jack asked “How the fuck did you know that?” My father asked “That’s my fucking brother! He knows when we’re having these weekends, so he patrols the road right off the highway. And when he sees guys driving down the road half naked, he goes after them. And…. well you know what happens.” Jack said “Well he gives one hell of a blow job as well!” “Um…. if no one is going to fuck this guy, can I?” Adam asked politely I looked over at Adam, his cock was stiff, with a steady stream of clear pre-cum just oozing atop it’s head. His hand was wrapped around the base, with his balls hanging below. “Boy, you don’t ever have to ask, if you see my boy in this position, you just take.” Jack said, looking at all of us. Adam maneuvered around Landon, and got on his knees behind him. And with a little spit, his sank his cock balls deep into his warm, soft asshole. And while Jack was explaining the camp site to us, and the very few rules, Adam fucked his son right there on the ground. “Rule no 1! There are no rules” Jack began “If it feels good, do it! If you want it, take it! The one stipulation, naked whenever you are here. No clothing allowed ever! Can you guys handle those rules? Jack asked My father and I looked at each other, and then down at Adam who was slowly pumping his cock in and out of Landon ass…… “Fuck yea!” all three of us said in unison. “Good, let’s go in the house and get you settled.” Jack said as he took a step towards the house, and pulled on Landon’s leash. “Come on boy, let’s get you inside where we can all fuck you properly” With that, Landon got up, leaving Adam on his knees with a raging hard-on, and a confused look on his face. Jack turned around. “Don’t worry boy” He said looking at Adam “You’ll have plenty of opportunity to breed with this slave dog this weekend.” And with that said, he tugged on Landon’s leash who followed him into the house like the good pup he was. The house was pretty rustic inside, we walked into the main room, with couches, chairs, and a large TV on the wall above the huge fire place. Off to the right was the Kitchen, which had a set of stairs in the middle, leading upstairs. But Jack lead us in the opposite direction, to a long hallway, with several rooms off of it. And two Ping-Pong table and a pool table took up most of the hallway. “Okay. these are the bedrooms, each one has two large beds. No one is assigned a room, you sleep where you want out bursa escort here.” Jack explained “The upstairs has two rooms, one is my bedroom, and the other is a ‘time out’ room. If you want to get away to sleep or need a break, you can crash in there. My bedroom is by invitation only, the others have an open door policy. Actually you will notice, there are no doors to the rooms so every room and everyone is fair game.” The rooms were rustic, just two beds a table with a lamp in between and nothing else. Great place to fuck, was all I could think. And as my cock began to harden, I looked outside, and saw their dock jetting out into the bluest lake I had ever seen. And as I focused a bit more, I saw Logan lying at the end of the dock, naked, as was the boy sitting next to him. “Can I go swimming?” I asked Logan’s father excitedly “Kid, you never have to ask permission up here, if you’re naked, you can do what you please” “Dude, let’s get wet!” I said to Adam “Hold on now, I think Adam still has some unfinished business here.” Jack said looking down at Adam’s cock, that was still rock hard. “Landon, take care of what you started here boy!” Jack said to his oldest boy. “You want a blow job, or do you want to cum up my ass? Landon asked Adam “Fuck dude, just blow me, I’ll cum quick.” Adam said as he grabbed his hard cock and pointed it towards Landon So Landon got on his knees and instantly sucked Adams thick leaking cock into his mouth. With one motion, he had all 8 inches of Adam’s cock, balls deep down his throat. And as we all watched Landon bob h anis head and slurp up Adam’s cock, I was going to give Landon fair warning. But just as I was about to open my mouth, my Father put his finger against it…. stopping me. Looking at Adam’s face, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he blasted Landon with a torrent of cum, and when I heard him suck in a deep breath, I knew what was going to come next. “Ahhhh fuck yes….. oh yea!” Adam said, as his body tensed and his orgasm took hold of him. But Landon accepted his seed with ease, gulping and sucking it down like he was drink a glass of water. With his large Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, he drank every drop of cum Adam was shooting down his throat. Not once spilling or slowing down, he just sucked and swallowed for what had to be at least a minute or more. And by the end of his orgasm, Adam was on his toes, as the last of his sperm spewed from his balls, deep into Landon’s mouth. “Fuck dude, that was a fucking meal!” Landon said as he pulled his mouth off of Adam’s deflating cock. Adam and I ran down the dock and both jumped in the water at the same time. It was really fucking cold, and we both screamed as we surfaced. And within seconds Adam was on top of me, pushing me down, dunking me deep. So Adam wants to play!….. Well he must have forgotten that I was on the swim team. I opened my eyes, and swam deep under the water, and came up behind him. His shrinking balls, and cock fit into the palm of my hand, as I quickly squeezed them and pulled him under by his junk. I could hear him yelp with surprise as I pulled him down. Logan and his friend quickly followed us in the water, and soon we were all grabbing junk and dunking each other’s hard, naked bodies. I hadn’t realized my father, Landon, and his father had joined us, until I felt my Father’s huge, hard cock bursa escort bayan slip between my legs, as his hands wrapped around my waist. “It’s been I while since I fucked you Daniel, I’m missing that sweet hole of yours.” He said as we treaded water together as one. I leaned back and kissed him. “You want me now? I asked He didn’t say a word, he just grabbed my waist, and swam or should I say he pulled me to the floating raft about a 100 yards from the dock. When we got there, he practically threw me up on the large float, and was on top of me before I knew what was happening. The dock was warm on my naked back, as my father towered over me. He pulled my legs up with one hand, as he spit in his other. He pushed his groin into mine as he lathered his cock with his own natural lubricant. And with on hard thrust of his hips, his fat, 12 inch cock penetrated my asshole, and slipped deep inside me, as I screamed with pleasure. His cock and body rocked me hard, as the motion of his fucking was pitching the raft up and down, and side to side. But he held onto me as he fucked me, shoving his hard cock deeper and deeper inside my asshole with each and every thrust. I was in ecstasy , screaming and moaning as he assaulted my ass. And when he grabbed my body, and pulled me up, our lips met, and his tongue sank deep into my mouth. We kissed hard, as his hips continued to push against my balls, crushing my hard cock between us. And as he leaned back and my body was now atop of him, I posted up and down on his hard cock, fucking myself, riding my father like the stud he was. Making my own hard cock swing violently, slapping hard against both of our tight abs. My cock was leaking pre-cum uncontrollably, and as I bounced up and down on Dad’s cock, it splattered pre-cum all over us, spraying every which way, as my cock was tossed about as we fucked like animals. We fucked like that for ever, and it wasn’t until my father started to buck his hips, that both our orgasms came on rapidly, and intensify fast. I grabbed my cock and he bounced up and down on his fat cock, I stroked it wildly, as he drove and hammered his swelling cock into worn- out asshole. My cock began to spew rope after rope of cum, as my orgasm exploded. I was no longer in control, as my body was being tossing about and cum was flying everywhere. At the same time I felt dad’s cock let go inside me, and fill me with his hot, creamy load of cum. My ass was so full of cum when I finally crawled off his dick, and fell over on the dock, exhausted, and covered in my own cum. And as we both laid there, on our backs gasping for air, we heard the clapping of our spectators begin and build quickly. That night after dinner, they set up both Ping-Pong tables for beer-pong and we divided up in teams. It was our family against theirs, and the losers were on kitchen detail for the rest the weekend. My father was being pretty cool about Adam and I drinking, he actually offered us a beer at dinner which we both accepted immediately. So by the time the game started we were all on our 3rd or fourth beer. The game began slowly, but soon got quite interesting as more and more beers had to be downed. I think it was Logan who first up the ante’, right before I was to take my turn. “Dude you get this and I will drain your monster.” He said as each of us laughed. I didn’t know if they were laughing escort bursa at him, or at the fact that I was so buzzed, that I hadn’t made a cup in a while. I had to fucking piss bad, but knew I was way to drunk to make the shot, but I gave it a try anyway. And I was right, my shot didn’t even touch the table. But his offer got me horny and thirsty too. “Okay Logan, same deal!” I said as he grabbed my overthrown Ping-Pong ball from the floor. He walked up to the table slowly, his cock semi hard, as it had been all night. I caught him several times, wiping the dollops of pre-cum from his cock, and licking it from his fingers. He was one horny bastard, but then again, so was I . Our wager had stopped the room, as everyone watched Logan take his shot. He lopped it over the net, and it first hit a rim of the cup and bounced around until it landed square in the middle of one of the remaining cups. I looked up at him as smiled, as I grabbed the beer filled cup. It went down easy, and when I added my empty to the stack of the others, Logan was standing right in front of me. Now Logan’s cock wasn’t as long as mine, but it was quite thick, so as for a monster, yup, I would definitely classify it as such. Especially as I got on my knees in front of him and took his semi hard cock and laid it in the palm of my hand. We had an audience as I opened my mouth and place the head of his thick cock on my lips. His piss stream started almost immediately, and gushed against the back of my mouth as the hot stream of piss surged down my throat. I gulped quickly, as not to loose any out of my mouth, that was filling up rapidly after each swallow. Finally, I closed my lips around the head of his cock, and just opened my throat and drained his piss directly into my stomach. His piss was hot, light, and just a bit salty, as I drank and swallowed his full bladder. And as his stream was begging to wane, I felt the warmth of another stream hit my upper body. And as I turned slightly, I saw Landon, and his cock spraying me with a nice hard stream of clear piss. I pulled Landon’s pissing cock to me, as I pulled Logan’s dribbling cock from my mouth, and as I began to savor his taste, I felt more and more hot piss spraying me from every direction. I was grabbing at each and every cock, drinking and soaking myself in their hot piss, as I sat on the floor completely drenched in everyone’s piss. And when everyone had drained their cocks, I pulled my own hard cock up, and pissed all over myself, shooting the stream high over my head, letting it rain down on me. Occasionally leaning over, allowing the stream to fill my mouth savoring my own hot, creamy tasting piss. After returning from the shower, clean of all the piss, the house was dark, but definitely not silent. I walked to the first bedroom, the dim lighting let me see Adam on his back with Jack, Logan’s father between his legs, sucking his hard cock quite noisily. In the next room, my Father was pumping his cock into, what I think was Landon’s face, as he knelt on the floor in front on him. And it was obvious that my fater was relentless, as I his partner, who ever it was, was coughing and gagging with each thrust of my Father’s hips. And as I walked to the next two rooms, they were both empty. Funny, where did the other two go. I decided to look around for them since everyone here was already quite occupied. omments and suggestions welcome, or if you just want to describe how Daniel gets you off, it’s all good. E-mail me at aol Please remember, Nifty runs on Donations, so please send them a check to keep the site up and running.

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