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Military Bus DriverSo, this is a tricky story to tell. It took place several years ago while I was working as a civilian bus driver for a military base in North Carolina. It was a large one and men and couples were constantly coming and going. I was one of the drivers that would transport them to and from the barracks and the airport, etc. Being parked at one of the barracks a commercial 18 wheeler pulled in beside me and asked if I’d picked up sergeant Brassel yet. It was Sarah, a young female civilian driver that I’d befriended over the past months as we would run into each other many times and have quite a bit of down time together when she was in town – waiting and waiting as you do on military bases. She was about 26 and one of the cutest and tiniest little females I’d ever met, maybe 5’2″ if that. I checked my log and he was the next run coming up in about an hour.She was all excited as that was her husband. He was being transferred to this base and they would finally be together again and would soon need a place to live.When I arrived at the airport, I noticed a very cute military man dressed in his uniform waiting at the curb. I pulled up, parked and opened the door. He confirmed his identity and I let him know I was transporting him directly to his commanding officer which was a young, cute little thing he knew as Sarah. He lit up like a candle and began asking questions. I explained how we had gotten to know each other over the past year and he was happy to know she had been in good hands and that they already had a friend at the base.Upon reaching the base, he was dropped off at the appropriate location where he had to do all the necessary checkins before anything else. Shortly thereafter, I once again came across Sarah, the wife. ”Did you pick up Jimmy?” I confirmed that I had and that she was a very lucky young lady because he was a handsome young man who was so excited to see her. She smiled and drove away.Jimmy was about 28, 5.8, dark brown hair, well built, serious in nature with almond skin and a great smile. His voice was so low it resounded around him.It was not long before I got another notice for a pick up and it was once again for Sgt Brassel. I got there and he boarded the bus giving me one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen. I asked if he had spoken to his wife. He said no, but he planned to do so very soon. I told him I’d seen her and she asked if he had arrived and I told her he had. He began to tell me that they would be getting a motel for a couple days as they looked for off base housing. They could afford it due to this transfer and his promotion. He told me about his upbringing in the midwest on a farm, much like me. We had a lot in common and could really laugh at many things.I was to take him to a nice motel about 5 miles from base and drop him off. A familiar 18 wheeler was in the parking lot and the happy reunion was in play. I stepped out of the bus to give them both my phone number in case either one of them needed anything to call me. He had to report to work the following morning, then they would be looking for a place because her little studio would not be big enough for the both of them.”Although it wouldn’t likely be what you’re looking for as a long term home, I do have a 4 bedroom that I have all to myself. 3 bathrooms, pool, Jacuzzi and you’re welcome to stay there for a couple months till you find something more suitable. I’ll even give it to you at no charge since we all get along so well. Just pay for your own food, phone, satellite TV etc. They both lit up and thanked me before disappearing into the motel room for a much needed reunion.Of course, I had an ulterior motive. He was a little muscular GOD and I intended to see him in his bathing suit, underwear or what ever I could get away with while there if they took me up on it.The following day at work Sarah pulled up next to me and began chatting again as usual. She was always very happy and extremely funny. She spoke about how good it was to have her beloved gaziemir escort hubby by her side again, then asked if she could come over to see my place sometime because they thought that might be an option. Plus, she had to go out of town on a run for a couple days starting Wed and they needed to make a decision pretty quickly. We carved out some time at lunch and even included Jimmy who rode on my bus where he and I got to know each other even more. ”This is a very generous offer you’ve made Randy and we really do appreciate it. Sarah tells me you’re gay”. I nodded to the affirmative. ”I have several gay friends here in the service and a couple back home. I really don’t have a problem with that at all. But I do have to tell you, I’m not one to wear clothes when they’re not warranted, so you may see things around your house that you weren’t expecting. I chuckled and said, ‘No need to apologize Jimmy!! I mean, for a gay man to have a handsome stud like you living in his home is a benefit but that this stud is also likely to walk around scantily clothed is just like winning the lottery!!”. He turned red and giggled. ”I really didn’t think you’d mind. But, Sarah doesn’t like it when I do that – even when it is just the two of us. She’ll freak if I do it in front of you.””Then, just don’t do it that often when she’s around!!” I said. He looked down and said, ‘yea, I guess you’re right, I could just wait till she’s gone to get totally naked huh?” My damn heart just about stopped at that moment thinking about what was possible if they were to move in.We got to the house and I showed them around, showed them the pool and hot tub and they seemed happy and agreed to a living arrangement for a 90 day max.They moved in over the following weekend. She and I exchanging snide remarks and Jimmy just working his muscular frame to the bone with all the lifting and set up work. I gave them the room right next to their bedroom also for storage, so they literally had that end of the house to themselves.After laying down for a little nap, I hear Sarah yell ‘Oh Jimmy, NO!!!” and then a big splash. I opened the curtains of my bedroom’s sliding glass doors to the back yard and saw Jimmy in the pool cooling off from the day’s work trying to pull her in with him. What a body that young man has!!! He is threatening her to remove his shorts if she doesn’t join him so she does. ”You’re gonna piss off Randy if you start acting like a nudist fool” she said. He snapped back, “He’s a gay man. What could he possibly have to complain about if I am going naked into his pool?” ”Well, I guess you ‘re right, but now you got me worried on a different level” and laughed. ”Honey, you know I’m straight as an arrow, but I like to be nude and if Randy doesn’t mind, then there is no problem”. Sarah just sorta rolled her eyes.Over the next couple weeks, we all three got closer and closer. Several evenings they would be headed out to the hot tub and invite me to join them. How could I say no. Then Jimmy was going to be sent out on a mission with his division for 2 weeks so he had a few days off before hand. He asked if he could bring some friends over for a swim and hot tub. I said of course. Within an hour, I had 5 more gorgeous military studs in my backyard removing their clothes to jump in the pool and get in the hot tub. 3 had suits, 2 just wore their tighty whities which turned ‘see through’ once wet. I placed my lounge chair between the pool and hot tub so I could easily see down inside both when they were in them. The guys were laughing and having a good time. Drinking plenty of beer and getting pretty drunk. There is one guy in particular who I have my eye on. Trevor. Oh he is a hunk. Midwestern corn fed, 6′ dark tan, well built, olive skin dark hair, big huge innocent grin and sorta shy, but seemed to talk alot to Sarah and I in between embarrassing games and pranks from his peers.I’m not a drinker at all. Never have been. Can’t stand the taste. So, I’m sober the gaziemir escort bayan whole time and taking it all in. By the time Sarah got home from her day’s work, they were pretty plastered, but continued to party on. Fine with me. The drunker they got, the less they cared about what they did, what was showing, etc. Of course they had their ‘I dare ya’ games where suits come off and every possible option you can imagine. They were having so much fun and Sarah and I were absolutely loving it.It seemed this was going to be an all nighter with the amount of beer they’d brought along. Plus, they just invited 3 more guys over to party. So, I decided that this just doesn’t happen that often and I wanted to be as much a part of it as possible so I called into work and asked for a vacation day the next day and it was granted. Sarah had been out by the pool most of the evening once she got home but finally had to retire for the following day’s work. I was able to remain out with the guys. Most of them totally nude by now and drunk as skunks. Jimmy walked by me to get a bunch of beers for everyone. ‘I hope we’re not bothering you or upsetting you in any way” he whispered in my ear as he stood by me totally naked. ”Surely you gest!!” I said as I gave him the total once over. He grinned a big grin and patted me on the shoulder and said, ‘cool. You’re the best Randy” and gave me a wink also. “This is sorta my way of sayin’ thanks for lettin’ us live here with ya.” I nodded and said, ‘I figured things like this would happen. I’m gay, not stupid.” and smiled.About 2:30a.m. conversation was dwindling somewhat and beer was running low. NOBODY WAS OK TO DRIVE so there would not likely be more beer for the night. I made it clear that I didn’t think anyone was sober enough to drive and that I would put out a bunch of blankets and pillows for everyone so they could all just crash anywhere in the house they felt comfortable crashing, but NOBODY SHOULD TRY TO DRIVE HOME YET TONIGHT!!! Everyone agreed and I headed off to bed through my sliding glass door to the master suite. “If anyone wants a shower, Jimmy has one at his end of the house and I also have one through these doors. Help yourself and don’t worry about waking me. I sleep like a log.About an hour later I hear my bedroom door open. It’s Jimmy. Still nude, he approaches my bed and shakes my shoulder. ‘Randy are you awake?” I replied ‘sorta”. “With 9 guys here, everyone is starting to crash and they all want showers. Is it really ok for them to come in and shower in here? I sat up to see him in all his glory and said, ‘ of course’. ”Thanks, Randy” he said as he left the room through the sliding glass doors to the pool area. I could hear him announce that I said yes. Now, my master suite is a large, open layout bedroom/bath with no real wall separations except for the toilet. A double shower head sits in my all glass shower off to the right. So, as they enter the large open area they see that there is plenty of room for all of them but also there is absolutely no privacy for anyone either. But they are used to this being in the military. So, I just sat up and began to talk with them again since there would be no sleeping while they were in there.Most were already naked. The two headed glass shower was quickly occupied with happy drunk studs. As they were finished, 2 more would undress and enter. This was a dream I had had for many years but never in a million years thought I would ever live out. But, here I am living it out.Once they were all showered, Trevor had been sitting at the foot of my bed looking at my photo album with Alan and the last one from the shower was standing in front of me drying off and talking. Alan and the other guy walked out, leaving Trevor and I in the room. He too was planning on crashing there at my place. He mentioned that the blankets were all taken and asked if I had any more. Sadly I had put them all out. The only thing I could now offer was the opposite side escort gaziemir of my bed. ‘I mean, I’ve already seen you naked for the past 7 hours and in some of the most embarrassing positions, so it’s totally up to you.He didn’t hesitate for a minute. He rushed around to the other side of the bed and jumped under the sheets totally naked and thanked me profusely. I was pretty happy also. Minutes later I hear Jimmy out by the pool calling for Trevor, the guy sleeping next to me. They had been taking roll call in the rest of the house to make sure nobody has snuck out to drive home. Jimmy, now with dry boxers on knocks softly on my sliding glass doors and asked if I had seen Trevor. I said he had just finished his shower and would be sleeping in here because all the blankets were used out there. ”OK’ he said and left.So, we both got comfortable and went to sleep. Later that night, I feel him pushing up against me. Before too long I noticed he was laying next to me with an erection. I didn’t discourage him at all. Then he wraps his arms around me and begins to thrust his hips a little bit. I play along and clench my butt cheeks against his hard cock and it drives him crazy. He then grabs me and really begins to pump hard. I sorta know he’s still asleep, so I pull away and roll him on his back. I pull the sheets down and look at his spectacular body in the reflecting moonlight through the glass doors. I run my hands over his body and grasp the enormous upper leg muscles this studly young male has. I rub the thick leg muscles for a moment and move upwards and bump into his ball sack and he jumps slightly, so I reach up and take his cock into my hand as he groans. I finally move down and begin to suck on it. I take it all in and am loving it. He is thrusting it down my throat more and more as it goes. I lick his balls and run my tongue up his shaft and play with his head again before taking it all in again as he shoots his full load all over his chest, my face and the sheets. I honestly don’t believe he was ever awake.The following day as everyone is trying to get dressed and prepare to go home, they are all thanking me and drinking their coffee. I tell them to return anytime with or without Jimmy’s invitation.For the following couple months Jimmy and Sarah and I became so much closer. Jim was never fully clothed in my home and if he was swimming, it was almost always in the nude – especially in the hot tub. Of course I was always there to keep him company. They finally found a nice place they could afford about 20 miles from base and moved out. I see them both frequently.A few of the military guys stop over once in a while to visit and take a hot tub in the nude. I believe they are even offering themselves up but am afraid to ”accept” what I’m not sure of, so we just remain friends. Trevor came over a couple times also to hang out and swim, but he was always so uncomfortable I was afraid to move forward with him and he never confirmed any real interest even though I tried to show it from my end. I believe he stopped coming over because he thought it was a lost cause. Too bad we couldn’t communicate better. I see Sarah a lot at work as usual and we still have a lot of fun. Jimmy will stop by once in a while also for a nude hot tub or swim also. We’ve talked so much about so many things. He even let me come into the bathroom while another buddy was there, too and we both just sat there talking and watched him shave his junk in the shower one afternoon. Boy, that was hot, too. He knows I’m staring at his junk every time I get a chance and that I take those images with me for when I jack off later. That sorta blew his mind at first but I convinced him to just take it as a compliment and he did. It’s gotten to the point now where he will sit across from me in the hot tub and place his legs on top of mine and I begin to rub his – moving ever higher and higher the longer we remain in there. Ultimately I am to the top of his great legs and he will allow me to touch him in the hot tub but no real sex is allowed. That’s ok. He’s still hot and I appreciate he and his wife’s friendship tremendously.If you like this story, let me know in remarks and I’ll go into more detail about Jimmy’s friends that used to stop over after that infamous night in the follow-up story.

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