Open Love

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Open Love


Abella Danger

It was a hot summer evening, and she felt aroused. She had not felt a man inside her since she had split up with Leon months before. Of course she had had sex since then, only that was with women and no matter how many orgasms a women could give her there was still nothing better than being fucked by an experienced man – and that was exactly what Leon was.

She took a shower hoping to cool off some of her sexual tension, but it didn’t work. The water tickling her body made things worse. She let the water run between her legs pushing the shower head into her pussy, allowing the showers jet stream to massage her clit, making her moan with pleasure. She kept pushing the shower head against her pussy in a circular motion, round and round feeling her orgasm building up inside her, imagining Leon’s tongue flickering inside her hot little pussy until it was too much, she could not hold on and exploded with a huge groan. She lent panting against the wall “ God I want a man,” she sighed.

She dressed quickly for the party, she wasn’t sure if she should go as she had heard on the grapevine that Leon was back in the country along with a new girlfriend. A South American Latina who apparently was gorgeous.

“Fuck it,” she mused, “I will go and see for myself.”

She slipped on a black mini dress, which had a skin-tight skirt attached to a baggy off the shoulder top, with a pair of flat black suede boots. Understated, but seriously gorgeous. She didn’t need to wear tights or make-up as she was a natural beauty and the less effort she made somehow managed to make her look even more sexy.

She called a mini cab and left for the party, at some ones house in Shepherds bush. No sooner had she arrived her gay friend Andy had shoved a pill in her mouth and a glass of champagne in her hand,

“Nova!” he shrieked “ You’re going to need this darling, I’ve just seen Leon with some Cuban number – are you going to be ok?” he looked at her worriedly,

“ And by the way you knock her socks off, she is no where near as pretty as you.” He added.

Nova laughed, the champagne already hitting her empty stomach, thank god for loyal friends she thought.

Her body had started to tingle again, ecstasy always made her incredibly aroused and she loved having sex for hours feeling completely uninhibited relaxed, and ready to try just about anything. She felt light and happy and protected enough by the euphoria of the e to deal with her ex and his sexy new girlfriend. She wandered through to the next room and there they were, Leon looked great, tanned and healthy from his travels and looking proud of the girl on his arm. She wandered over and said hello. As soon as he heard her gentle voice his face turned to horror – clearly he was not prepared for seeing her.

“ What are you doing here?” he asked rudely.

“ Same reason Betturkey you are, I was invited.” she responded smoothly, pleased she was already in control of the conversation so easily.

Obviously he was not over her, she thought gleefully.

“ Let me introduce my girlfriend Marta.” he said smugly

“ Hello,” she said and then proceeded to chat with the girl in perfect Spanish. Her Spanish was way better than Leon’s as she had spent eight years of her childhood there.

To Novas surprise she found this new girl extremely attractive and even more surprising to her was how the attraction seemed to be returned. Had Leon by accident got another bi girlfriend? And if so had he taken the plunge and tried threesomes? This was all confusing as that was the reason Nova had finished the relationship. He would not indulge her bi sexual nature and bring another woman into their bed. Had he changed? That would be a real kick in the teeth because she really loved him and it had been one of the hardest decisions to give him up, but the desire to be with women was greater – Why could he not have been more open minded?

Leon went off to get more drinks, clearly not happy with his ex and his girlfriend getting on so well.

“ I find you really attractive,” she murmured.

“ I like you too, but what is the deal with you and Leon?” Nova asked.

“ He is going to help me with a passport. We met in Cuba and became friends, he was very cut up about you and the women thing – that is why we are not going out, I like him but I am bi too and knowing he won’t be open I will not have a real relationship with him. We fuck, don’t get me wrong but that is it. I need my pussy intake too you know what I mean?” she grinned.

Stunned by both Marta’s attitude and her good looks she decided to take a plunge, it was probably the ecstasy thinking but she didn’t care.

“Do you want to come upstairs and find a bedroom?” Nova asked.

Marta licked her lips and stood up “definitely,” she said.

They found an empty bedroom but with no lock, so Marta dragged a heavy chair up against the door.

“Just for a bit of privacy,” she said.

Nova pulled Marta towards her and started to kiss her sexy pouty mouth.

“Mmm you taste good,” she said as she started to pull open Marta’s shirt to find her small rounded breasts with their dark erect nipples. She took one in her mouth and holding it gently with her teeth she licked the nipple until Marta squealed with delight.

“Now my turn, I want to taste you,” Marta commanded

Nova pulled down her little panties and scooped her dress over her head, laid back and opened her legs wide, spreading her pussy open so Marta could see how pink she was.

“ You are so beautiful,” Marta said as she leaned down to lick Betturkey Giriş her.

She ran her tongue up and down slowly making her drip with pleasure; she pushed her tongue deep into her hole before leisurely making her way to her clit. She moved her tongue faster and faster until Nova grabbed Marta’s hair and shuddered as she came hard into her mouth.

“You taste so sweet,” said Marta while she slid two fingers straight into her pussy fingering her whilst lightly licking her clit again.

“I’m gonna make you come again,”

She said licking the finger on her other hand she started stoking her arse hole,

“ Oh yeah I really like it dirty” Nova groaned, “don’t stop.”

Marta slid her finger into Nova’s arse, still finger fucking her pussy hard and teasing her clit wit her tongue until she exploded screaming with pleasure.

“Oh baby let me fuck you,” she pleaded…

Nova pulled Marta’s jeans off finding her wearing a cute pink thong.

“ Nice,” she murmured pulling it to one side to reveal a dark sexy little pussy.

She pulled her open and slid her tongue slowly up until the clit, which she started playing with slowly then quickly just to tease Marta a little. She loved holding pussy wide open and running her tongue up the middle to make her victim go wild.

“Turn over on all fours,” she said, and Marta willingly obliged. She took the thong off and pulled her arse and pussy wide open.

She licked Marta’s arse hole making her moan with delight, she moved down and licked her pussy shoving her tongue into both holes one after the other sliding her tongue lazily up and down until it was too much for her. Marta turned over and said,

“ Finger fuck me baby,” opening her legs wide.

Nova slid three fingers in and out while licking Marta’s shiny wet clit hard. Then four fingers, Marta groaned in ecstasy

“Mmm more,” she murmured.

To their surprise a door opened. They had not noticed it in their haste to fuck each other.

“I might have guessed you two would do this,” Leon said in a slightly hurt voice.

“Why don’t you join us?” asked Marta “ it would be so good.” she added

“ Come on Leon – its not like we are together, you never know you might just enjoy it!” Nova teased him.

He was already hard, Nova had been sliding her fingers in and out of Marta’s wet pussy and it was making him crazy. He pulled of his jeans and boxers and let his huge cock out.

‘Come and enjoy us, “ said Marta

He lay down and they both started running their hands over his body. Marta leant down to suck his cock while Nova straddled him across the chest and looking him straight in the eye she started playing with her self. He couldn’t take watching for long. He grabbed Nova’s arse and pulled him towards him.

“ I have to taste you again,” he said plunging his tongue once again into her sweet wet pussy.

She came hard. Marta had straddled his cock now and was caressing Novas breasts from behind.

“Let him fuck you from behind while you lick me out.“ Marta commanded.

Leon entered Nova from behind and she groaned in ecstasy.

“ I missed you so much,” she whispered before she started to lick Marta first lightly gradually building into a frantic tonguing making Marta moan with delight.

Leon’s cock was sliding in and out of Nova, sliding against her pussy walls that she kept tightening and loosening – something she knew drove Leon wild.

“You feel so good oh my god you feel so good,” he breathed

“Now me,” Marta demanded. Reluctantly he stopped fucking her and moved over to Marta.

“Lick me now.” Nova said to Marta

“No problem,” she smiled as she let Leon slide in his cock from behind, and leant down to suck Novas pussy and finger her tight little arse hole.

“ Play with my arse.” Marta asked Leon, so he stroked her hole until it was pouting and he could see she was ready for some finger. He gently slid his finger in and out of her arse while she murmured

“ I love it dirty, yeah you really turn me on.”

Beneath them Nova came again just as hard as before, and whispered “I want some cock now, make her come and then fuck me.” she asked Leon

Leon started pounding Marta harder. He slid his hand round and found her wet throbbing clit. He stoked it gently sliding his finger around in her oiled pussy – he plunged deep inside her and then stopped.

“ Keep going!’” she screamed.

He caught her Nova’s eye and grinned, pounding his cock in and out of Marta rubbing her clit for a few seconds until she exploded.

“Oh yeah, that was fucking good…he is all yours,” Marta said to Nova as she collapsed back against the pillows preparing her self to watch them finish each other off.

Leon and Nova moved towards each other and started to kiss passionately. She pushed him back on the bed and straddled him lowering her self slowly onto his huge cock.

“I’d forgotten how big you are,” she murmured

He sat up slightly so their faces were together and cupped her lovely arse, a cheek in each hand. She rode him getting slowly faster, her clit sliding against him as she rose up and down his shaft.

“I miss you,” she whispered as she felt her self starting to come “lets come together,” she urged.

He tightened his grip on her arse and let her fuck harder and harder feeling her pussy walls tightly gripping him, letting his orgasm build.

“I love you,” she whispered feeling the orgasm well up in side her. He grabbed her hugging her tightly.

“I love you too, ” he whispered back.

She moaned and shuddered as she came feeling his hot spunk fill her up as he exploded inside her. They stayed like that, him inside her hugging tightly until Marta’s voice snapped them back to reality,

“Come on you love birds,” she smiled happily at them, its time to go back and party!”

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