The Fanstasy comes true part 2

The Fanstasy comes true part 2

The Fanstasy comes true part 2Katie then turned and took his c**k out and deep throated him so well, his hands holding her head deep on to him, then not wanting to explode yet, he pulled her up back over his knee and spanked her, while he had fingers deep in her p**sy and A**e Read more


HOW DR. STANTON AN MISS MARTIN FOUND EACH OTHERDR. STANTON AND MISS MARTIN FIND EACH OTHERNote:The rather unexpected discovery of Lynette’s record led us to search again, and rather more carefully, for any documents concerned with Miss Martin. Lo and behold! We soon cam across a little cache that revealed what that was all about. Read more

quicky and Crazy .. 100% true

quicky and Crazy .. 100% trueDuring colleges I worked famous coffee shop, young and sexually active. I had crazy nights with plenty of young college age coworkers, but one in particular she had a boyfriend for a few years and was pretty wild but she never cheated on him. After one day she cracked and Read more

A new set of tits at work.

A new set of tits at work.I Wish when I get to work this morning you were replacing the woman in the office across the hall from me. So I can call you in to my office to explain some thing. You bend over my desk to look at some papers, I can look down Read more

The closest we’ve come…. (PART 1) real

The closest we’ve come…. (PART 1) real….. I remember the searing heat…!….making the minarets appear to ‘shimmer’ in the distance…. ….we’d walked ‘miles’ to get here……the casbah of Marrakech….teeming with people but providing welcome shade…..from that searing heat………the snake-charmers !! ….that was my wife’s biggest worry! (Not the charmers…only the snakes!). She felt every old, Read more

Wife told me you were a Virgin GayMaker

Wife told me you were a Virgin GayMakerI was returning home from work and was expecting my wife might have something planned for my birthday. We had been experimenting with some more uninhibited sex lately, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be walking into a surprise party with our neighbors, but some sort of Read more

Sissy husband forced BI

Sissy husband forced BIMy wife was out of town visiting her mother. She was not dueback for several days, so I thought.Not expecting her for several days, I had taken to being infull drag while around the house, both day and night. At night Iwould go to bed with my wig and full makeup still Read more

Susan at work Part 7

Susan at work Part 7When they’d all left Lee told Susan to go and shower so that he could fuck her clean body.She knew she had no choice and went and has a long hot shower, glad to get rid of all the spunk that seemed to be everywhere. When she came out Lee was Read more

a night in

a night inThe buzzer sounded to signify the end of the game. I had waited for this moment for quite some time. It had been almost a month to the day since the office holiday party and I hadn’t been able to spend too much time with Alyssa since that evening. I had made one Read more

farmyard 4

farmyard 4Jackie strode out the front door and onto the front porch. The old wooden screen door slammed behind her as she approached the railing. Leaning forward, her hands on the rail, she stretched slightly as she looked out over the lush, green meadow, toward the mountains. Squinting her eyes in an attempt to ward Read more
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