Primal Attraction, Part 7

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Primal Attraction, Part 7



Primal Attraction, Part 7I sincerely don’t think that she was prepared, mentally or emotionally, for the anal pounding that she would receive. She certainly was not prepared physically and was as tight as I had ever felt. For a beautiful woman in her early 30s, this surprised me. Once I was able to go the entire length, from my tip to my balls slamming against her dripping pussy, without pausing so that she could accommodate my girth, I began a steady but slow in-and-out assault. I had her by the hips to limit her movement and to take away all of her control. her ass, as they say, was mine… all mine! Her spread fingers then began to grip the carpet covering the stairs and her whimpers turned to groans and then primal grunts. Her head was down and resting on her right cheek. Her mouth was open and her eyes half closed. Drool ran from her open mouth much like it was running from her recently fucked and gaping cunt. Still holding her by the hips, my tempo increased. I was literally slamming into her depths and she was a mess: back covered in a perspiration-induced sheen, eye makeup running, mouth open and drooling and best of all, my cock slamming into bursa escort her now-relaxed anal cavity. She accepted her fate and seemed to be enjoying more that she would have thought. The tightness of her anal-grip was getting me close so I went for it! Still holding her by the hips, I slightly picked her up and was pulling her ass onto my cock as I thrusted into her at the same time. Her groans and grunts were loud and her orgasm was obvious and drawn out. I was pounding her at a very rapid rate and I new that my climax was near.”I’m about to fill your belly with my cum” I announced. “Relax and feel all of my hot, sticky cum shoot DEEP into your bowels. With each of my spasms, I want you to try and grip me with your ass ring.”There was no response from her as she was in a rag-doll trance. Her body was limp and totally mine to do with as I pleased… and right now, my pleasure was to empty my cum DEEP into her asshole.”AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” I growled out as my first spasm shot my cum into her. The next few spasms made her cum as well. I continued to pump and pound as my spasms continued and stream after stream of my hot, sticky bursa escort bayan cum basted her insides. Once my spasms slowed, I gave her one final thrust all the way in and held her there by the hips, impaled on my cock, as my throbbing eased. I opened my eyes and saw her face, flush from activity (and multiple orgasms), runny eye makeup and breathing very heavily. Her post-orgasmic anal ring was gripping me tighter than it was when I entered her originally.”You’re mine now” I said, with a great deal of confidence. “I’m going to withdraw my cock and I need to warn you.””Yes?” she asked through heavy breaths.”My pulling out will hurt you as much, if not more, then when I first put it in.””WHAT?” Wait” she protested.I leaned back and all was good until I got to the head of my cock. The head does not reduce in size like the post-orgasmic shaft, so.. in order to exit her completely, I had to force her anal ring open wider. As I leaned back more and the head of my cock resisted it’s exit, I saw her grimace and then POP!”Aaaoooowwwwww” she yelled out.I reached down for my phone, all wet with her bodily fluids and still recording from the step escort bursa between her knees, stopped it from recording and then took a few stills of her anal creampie, it’s associated gape and her very swollen vulva. My cum was beginning to leak from her anal depths so I shut my phone off. At this point, I think that she realized that I had taken some pictures of her. The previous pics were, most likely, still unknown. I stood and walked down the hall and into the kitchen, grabbed a towel and washed myself. I then returned to find her sitting sideways on the stairs with her hand beneath her… obviously to catch her ‘drippings’ and looking embarrassingly down at the floor. I picked up my slacks and put them on, returning my phone to my pocket.”Don’t you want to know my name?” she asked without making eye contact.”I already know it and you know mine” I announced proudly. “Wait… I do?” she said, as though now very confused.”Yes” I said. “I am ‘Sir’ and you are ‘slut’. And on occasion, we will meet and I will fuck you silly…. giving me what I want and obviously, giving you what you need. Is that understood?””Yes Sir” she replied as she began to look up at me with that innocents-lost smile.”I’ll show myself out” I announced, but then I casually added “I will, however, stop by your car on my way out and claim your panties… as a souvenir of how I claimed you.”Too be continued……

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