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Susan and Adam


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Susan and AdamAdam and SusanA kinky Twisted tale of Family, Close Relations, Older/Younger. Up Skirt/Pantie Flash, Multiple Partners, Cum play, Cream Pie“You know you’ve ruined my womb, I never should have let you in there”, Susan giggled. Adam replied, “it’s your fault! You pushed back on me! I was fine with just getting your pussy”. They played the blame game feeding each others ego, fanning the flames of their taboo lust.Susan had always been promiscuous. She missed her graduation while birthing Adam. She wasn’t absolutely sure who fathered Adam, he resembled 2 of her boyfriends at the time but there were also 7 others who had been in her panties near that period. She raised Adam on her own after her parents disowned her. For a year she was rumored and ridiculed by the neighborhood. Whispers, finger pointing and nasty looks followed her and Adam everywhere until her younger brother Joe got a job at Burger King. Against the wishes of her parents, he gave her all the money he earned.Joe became her rock, helping as much as he could and helping with Adam. Having some limited free time, Joe encouraged her to “date”. Susan told him that anyone who wanted to “date” her now had better be prepared to pay for her time because she had a mouth to feed. Joe replied, “do what you gotta do”. They talked for while and Joe hugged her saying “Sis, I got your back”. It wasn’t long before the talkers and finger pointers were digging into their pockets to spend time with her.The first to make a pass at her was 50 year old Chris, the butcher. His wife gave her the nastiest looks when she visited and could only afford sliced baloney at his store. Over time, he began to slip extra meat in her wrap. Susan had came in and she wasn’t there, Chris made a pass and got her number. Her phone rang as she got home, she told him straight out that cock she didn’t need. Joe listened and indicated that he would take Adam for a walk. In 15 minutes, Chris was there and 15 minutes later, he was leaving. Susan was sitting and the only things different was the smile on her face, the $40 on the couch and the fact that her bra was missing beneath her blouse. Her nipples were showing through the cloth. It didn’t take long for her to have a nest egg of “side money”.For months she stacked money until Chris graduated. Deciding that military service was for him, Joe signed up and had 30 days before he had to report in. Susan hid her sadness of the thought he wouldn’t be there and noticed he was hiding his thoughts also, but his eyes betrayed him. His looks were actually stares, especially when she prepared for a “visit”. Normally she was frumpy in shorts or pants, she didn’t over do in changing but her “easy” short skirts and pull over tops came out. Bra less and pantie less for convenience, Joe’s eyes lingered on her. Mickie visited her, was one of the few who fucked her to orgasm. Most were “quick pass”, hump, dump and go. Susan sat, legs crossed revealing up to her ass cheek in a short skirt. As she reached for Adam, her thighs spread, she saw Joe’s eyes dip. After being held on her lap, Adam crawled off, as her did Joe’s eyes dipped again. She knew Joe didn’t have a girlfriend, he had dropped her when all his time was taken in school, work and helping her. Susan didn’t close her legs, she let him look a minute. She acted distracted then recrossed her legs. A drying patch of cum sparkled on her exposed thigh, Joe said “you missed a spot”. Susan leaned forward checked her legs saw nothing. Twisting to her side, she saw it high on her outer thigh, she brushed it off but not before she had rolled her bare ass cheeks directly into view. She sat back saying, “sorry about that. Mickie was loaded! My cup ran over” laughing. As he laughed with her she said, “how did you see that? Did you check me out”? Joe grinned, she said “hey! It’s OK. I don’t mind. You carried me when I needed you. These bums reek the benefits that “you” gave me…You get nothing, when you should get everything”.Joe looked at her face as she slid forward, uncrossed her thighs as she said “look. It’s messy but you can look Joe”. His eye’s zoomed into her wet cunt! He stared a minute then saw her lifting her legs back toward her chest saying, “you may as well see it all”. Joe saw her complete meaty seam, red, plump and slightly open. “It’s not pretty but it works……Do you want to fuck it Joe…You Can!… If anyone deserves to have me, it’s you”, Susan spoke. Joe crawled on his knees taking out his cock and slid rapidly into her. “Ohhhhhh Susan”, he cried! “it’s alright Joe. I wish I was cleaner for you”. Joe thrust rapidly fucking into Mickie’s cum, she said “next time will be better. I promise I’ll make it good for you”. Joe came in volumes, pumping wax thick cum into her and groaning loudly. He had collapsed maltepe escort on her when Adam came out and climbed on his back, Susan said “horsey ride” as she smiled at Adam. Joe began thrusting again as Adam giggled. He fucked Susan bucking Adam as she said, “Joe! You’re going to make me cum”! Joe thrust deep and felt her cunt grip him snugly then go soft. His cum rushed up his shaft and globed into her. Joe fell against him, Susan told Adam to get off his horsey. As they sat later, Susan told him that he knew Adam would be expecting more horsey rides. Joe replied, “call me Mr. Ed”! They continued fucking like newly Wed’s until Joe signed in service.Joe remained in their lives, a father figure to Adam. The years passed and even after he got married, he always fucked Susan. They moved city to city, state to state always in the inner city, working minimum wage jobs and continuing her “side work”. Through the years, measuring cock in inches, Susan had taken miles until she decided to slow down some as Adam became a teen. Many of his friends made passes but she kept them at bay. At his graduation and after parties, she had to fight them and their fathers off. Being a recent 37 years old, she looked more like a fellow graduate. Adam wasn’t dumb to their life. He had heard the rumors, seen the men and figured things out. He had seen Uncle Joe on Susan as they slept one afternoon. Why her legs were wrapped him made him walk past them. Taking a good look, his cock was inside her as they slept. It took a few years before he matured enough to know they were constantly fucking. It was Uncle Joe, so that made it right.They were well enough now to have a small house in the suburbs. Adam had a “crew”, a group that were his close friends. A “side piece” friend of Susan’s kept him supplied with the latest in electronic games and toys. They were underfoot trying to peep her constantly. On one occasion, she came out getting comfortable saying “I’ll have to set a curfew time or I’ll never get changed”. Adam laughed replying that she was sexy to them, they were young guys! Susan said, “I’m your Mom and Mom’s aren’t sexy. They don’t want me”! Adam replied, “good luck convincing them”.Summer and Fall had gone. Winter started with a roar and several early snow events. Even with inches of snow, her “side men” made their usual stops and most of his crew came by also. Alex a “side” friend stopped by offering her a ride to pick up some extra food as an ice storm was predicted. They returned with food and her cunt full of cum, as light rain started. It instantly froze on everything. As Adam helped with the bags he whispered, “there’s something running down your calf and it’s not rain drops”. She turned her head saying “hush”! They went inside, she grabbed a paper towel, wiped it clear and laughed. They hadn’t sat 15 minutes before a van rolled up, It was another “side friend”, Susan went out. Adam watched his radio antenna whipping back and forth for 10 minutes until she got out and walked to the rear of the van. Soon the man was bringing a 1 room kerosene heater inside with 5 gals of kerosene citing that they might need it. He showed them the operation of it and left. Adam said, “must be a storm under there and pointed to another trail of cum on her ankle. Susan said, “Damn it, I’m going to get a shower” and left laughing loudly. She came out in a winter thick, short robe over panties, saying “no more company, I hope”, he laughed. Two hours later the power went out, 3 hours later Adam convinced her to put the heater in her room to warm it for her. She was in her room until she came out to use the bathroom. In only a short, thin sleeping gown, she felt the deep cold. She went to Adam’s telling him to come sleep with her as her room was decently warm.Adam followed her up the hall and the coldness chilled them both. He watched her ass cheeks bounce and roll inside her baggy, full size panties. She turned into her room, her nipples pointed straight out due to the chill. Susan crawled under the covers turning her back to him. Her full pantie covered ass was in view as Adam crawled in adjusting his cock to point upward since it was stiff and tenting his underwear. Susan slid back against him saying “damn it’s cold”! His cock laid against her back bone like a stick. She caught her self before she said, “holy damn! That’s a cock”! She felt her cunt warming when she realized she finally knew for sure who his father is! She had felt that cock before! She hadn’t particularly liked him but she had loved his cock! Susan was perplexed she said “Adam, ahhhhh”, he quickly said “sorry about that! Warm body! I’m human”. Susan giggled, reached behind her saying, “I don’t need a back injury” as she reached behind her, lifted a leg and laid his cock on her. She giggled escort maltepe “this has to be more comfortable for both of us”? He grinned “yeah, thanks”. She was amazed that it passed under her and cleared through her with inches poking outside her thighs. Adam could feel the heat of her cunt moist on the top of his cock and the warm wrap of her thighs around his shaft. He couldn’t resist, he made a short stroke, Susan didn’t respond. He started a slow, short stroke she said, “careful Adam. Please son, be careful”, she heard him softly hiss. Adam’s stroke got longer actually bring his cock head under, then sliding back out front. After several strokes his cock felt her panties getting wet. A minute later he felt warm, slick, meat slid on his shaft with each stroke, as her gusset sank into her. More and more her cunt lips moved around her gusset strip, she said “easy Adam. Careful….Stay under my panties”. His stroke grew faster she said, “I’m going to put my hand over the end so I can catch it if you….ahhhhh. I don’t want a wet spot in the bed. OK”? She cupped her hand over his cock head and the soft warmth of her hand caused his cock to spit! She felt his shaft tremble between her thighs with each pulse of cum he threw. Adam hissed and fell limp against her back, she said “good boy”! Do you feel better”? He only groaned. Slowly she eased her hand to her mouth and cleaned his thick cum from it. She instantly dumped cunt oil al1 over his cock.They lay quiet and he started stroking again, she said “ so soon?..Just like your father”. He patiently made longer strokes, pulling back until his cock rode into her ass furrow before sliding under her cunt. This caused his cock to poke her gusset deeper into her, before sliding pass. It also bumped her clitoris making her cunt so wet that her panties were soaking to her front waistband. He felt her ass cheeks clenching each time he stroked Susan repeated “careful son, outside, stay outside”. He made several more strokes until her gusset was twisted and he slid in her seam until his bare cock rode into her wet, bare clit. She knew that her cunt hole was no longer covered by her gusset and when he stroked back and came forward, he would sink into her. Adam drew back, pressed forward and sank into her, Susan groaned “Adammmmm” slowly. He slid half his cock inside and stopped. Susan pressed her self back taking him inside until his cock touched her womb, she said “don’t move”! They hissed a minute, she said “that’s my womb! I can’t take anymore. Please, please,…. please no deeper”. He backed up an inch and just hunched her saying “I……I….I..”, she said “Shhhhhh…. Just go ahead and finish. What’s done is done”. Adam made rapid hunches until he grabbed her tight and moaned spurting strongly as he poured cum into her. He held his breath through his last shots and slumped. He relaxed, she worked her arm free, wrapped it over his and held him. Minutes later she heard him snore. She giggled to herself, “my god, he’s got cock and so full of cum”!They woke the next morning when the power came on with blaring noise in the house. They both jumped, Adam said, “I got you”! Susan laughed “several times and I feel a pint inside me as proof”! They laughed until she told him to pull out of her as she wanted to shower and fix breakfast. A half hour later she came out in a short house robe, he watched her turn saying “don’t even think about it! Get up and shower “stud”, Adam smiled.They had ate and sat around an hour, Susan said “thanks”. Adam raised an eyebrow, she added “you didn’t take my womb”. He asked her several things, she answered all and told him that no one in all this time even got close to her womb. That the last time it had use was when the condom broke and planted him inside her. She grinned “thank goodness for the Pill”! She told him that his dad had particular fondness of being inside it, but she was use to it back then. Adam said, “You know I can’t stop now. I have to have you now too”. She smiled replying that if no one else could, he could! Adam smiled saying “me and Uncle Joe”. She was startled saying “you knew”? She dropped her head saying, “I thought I hid that”. He hugged her saying “we love him”. The weather kept everyone away for 2 days. They fucked them into exhaustion the first day. The second day they leisurely fucked with Adam learning the ways that really gave her pleasure.As they crawled into bed, he rolled between her legs saying “I want to see it”? She smiled saying “see what”? “Your womb”, Adam replied. Susan spread her legs wide, then folded them back to her chest saying, “stretch me open and I’ll push it out as far as I can. I use to be able to move it outward about halfway”. He opened her, she huffed and pushed until she said “there”. He saw a pink rubbery maltepe escort bayan circle with a hole in it’s center. Her cunt was swamped in clear fluids, his face fell into her and Susan screamed, “Baby!…Baby!…You’re eating your mother”! An orgasm hit her so hard she shook the bed and squirted into his mouth! Her body thumped as if she was being hit by lightening. Adam sucked her until she flopped. Moving back off her, she turned on her side and groaned for several minutes.Rolling on her back she said, “I didn’t think you would want to do that to me. I mean,… Honey, I’m your mother…..For you to eat me is beyond personal”. Adam said “yes, it’s Love”. He crawled beside her asking, “can I have your womb”? The blood rushed from her face. Susan said “oh my god Honey! I love you more than life but its been nearly 20 years. I liked it back then but so much time has passed”. Adam said “I won’t hurt you”. Her teared up, she said “Honey, for me it will be like you’re taking my virginity with pain and pleasure. You will feel some temporary pain too”. He replied, “I’ll take it to have you”. She told him that he had to follow her directions exactly, turned her back to him saying “you can’t see my face”.He slid into her slowly and bumped her womb, she said “wait. We work together. It’s going to open slowly almost pinching your cock. Little by little you’ll push in until you feel it lock around your cock tip like a rubber band and you must stop there and let me rest. Let me expand before you try to get deeper. When you enter as deep as you can go, you have to let me rest again”. Susan took a deep breath saying “push slow”. She felt the pressure of his cock and whimpered softly. Soon they were matching and releasing breaths. Adam felt his cock head nearly flattened as it was halfway in. Susan began panting like she was giving birth as he sank deeper. His cock head sank into her womb mouth and Susan cried softly. He stopped as he felt her womb ringed around him. He wrapped his arms around her and let her cry until she said, “you took my cherry again. My son, you took your mother’s cherry”. Adams cock upchucked, vomited his cum into her womb! Susan screamed again! “Christ Baby! It’s so hot, it almost burns! So much of it! Please Pills don’t fail me”, she spoke! She felt her womb bloat as his loads stopped firing, she said “wait”. Adam laid still trapped tightly inside her. His cock remained stiff and 10 minutes later he felt her womb loosen to spill cum back out into her cunt, Susan murmured “Mmmmmm”. As it seeped out she said, pull back slowly. He did until he felt his cock clear her womb, she said come back inside. He pressed into her. In minutes, she set a slow rhythm and he slow fucked her womb. It became comfortable for both of them, Susan said, “Adam”? He answered “yes ma’am”. “ Fuck me like none of the others can. Claim me just like your father did. Fuck me without mercy! Make me enjoy it”! Adam thrust into hard! He power rammed into her womb. He fucked it as if he was only inside her cunt. Susan was soundlessly crying, tears steaming, her womb intensively hurting, her mind screamed in pain! But she was waiting, she knew at her highest pain, pleasure would rush through her! Her total submission would be the relief! An explosive orgasm struck her! Adam felt her womb nipping at his cock and he squirted! His cum blasted into her womb and on back stroke, blasted into her cunt. Susan screamed “yes”, loudly! Adam rolled her onto his stomach as he rolled on his back! Both were face up as he shot the last of his cum into her! Susan squirted so hard that she pissed on both of them. They laid for 30 minutes, Susan sat up. spread his legs, leaned forward and pulled herself off him in a crawl. Adam saw her inner cunt being drawn outside her cunt until his cock fell out. A red, meaty mass hung from her cunt lips as she crawled off the bed. She stood for a minute as it dripped cum from inside her before she went to the shower. When she came out, Adam was stripping the bed. She went out into the front room.It had been a month since Susan had let Adam in her womb. He had just pulled out of it when she said, “You know you have ruined my womb”. Adam smiled replying, “you like it. I love having it reserved for me. I get double pussy from you”. She hugged him saying “In all truth, I’m glad I have something to give you. Honey, you know I’ve been fucked so much, by so many. I’ve laid down under the shadow of man, legs spread waiting for him to squirt, not thinking about anything but the money”. Adam said “you saved us, you carried us”. Susan told him that the only time she felt love was with Joe until he took her. She added that Joe made love to her and made her feel the love she should have known all along. Adam said, “I’d like to see that”? Susan replied, “When I tell him that you have had me, maybe you will”. She told him that Joe would be stopping through in a week, he had something he wanted to discuss with them face to face.****** follow up will be Susan, Adam and Joe**********

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