Tales of Lotus island – Olivia part 3

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Tales of Lotus island – Olivia part 3



Tales of Lotus island – Olivia part 3Olivia was excited about the flight to Lotus Island because this was the first time she had been in an executive jet because wealthy as her father was, being the owner of a successful company but it didn’t warrant this level of luxury. Lotus Island having to fly in its very wealthy guests around did and on this occasion they were flying with one of the directors, her friend Chrissy. Geoffrey, her father, had not only bought a permanent villa on the island but was working with the owners on some major financial security problem. Livy understood it up to a point with organised crime and money laundering involved but not the details and nor did she want to. It was sufficient for her that her father was satisfied that they were not culpable.Instead of flying across that Atlantic straight away they flew down to Bordeaux apparently to pick up one of the senior sommelier who had been seeking out new wines for the resort. From the amount of packing of wine cases a fair selection of samples accompanied him.The sommelier boarded and at this point Olivia took an interest, because he was rather handsome, of medium height but lithe and clearly physically fit. Chrissy introduced him as Lazlo Ferenc. Apparently he was Hungarian. With him into the cabin came the last case of wine.“It is a long flight across that Atlantic so I thought you might all want to taste the fruit of my labours.”“Twelve bottle between five of us. I like you already quipped Livy.” This comment prompted Lazlo to sit down in the seat across the aisle from her. Very quickly she discovered that the wine expert had the charm to match his looks. Not arrogant he was actually quite self-deprecating and more than a bit witty but definitely charming. Olivia had by the time she was an adult acquired a reasonable knowledge of wine including the finer ones since after her mother left home she acted as hostess for her father when required. It clearly impressed Lazlo that she knew some Hungarian wines other than Bulls Blood and Tokaj Aszu.Since none of them had anything they needed to do during the flight they had quite a party with the very nice selection of wines partnered with the cheese, charcuterie and artisan breads that had also come aboard in Bordeaux.“Working for Monsieur Luc you cannot fail to appreciate good bread, cheese and cold meats.”“Darling just knowing Luc you can’t fail to know about them he does wax quite lyrical on the subject” put in Chrissy.“You know madam you manage to sound more English by the day.”“Thank you I think. I am also informed that whilst my accent needs work my choice of subject matter manages to sound fairly French.”“Wine.”“Cheese”“Saucisson sec, jambon blanc. très français, Madame.” They all laughed in a companionable way. Olivia was interested to see that Lazlo, whilst being respectful was clearly quite comfortable about teasing Chrissy, who after all was one of the directors of the company. The flight crew were the same. It was a longish flight so Olivia had plenty of time to get to know Lazlo and the more she talked with him the more she liked what she saw. Up to now whilst she had made love to several women she had not slept with a man yet. Since she had already had a discussion with her girlfriend Meghan and they had agreed that since they were soon both going to be living on Lotus island that Olivia should feel at liberty to form other relationships. That was the lovely thing about the resort a general acceptance that love and sex were not always related. When they landed Chrissy personally escorted the new residents to their home. It was a very elegant four bedroomed villa built on a bluff above the sea with its own private garden and jacuzzi. Whilst it had a well equipped kitchen they had the full all-inclusive facilities available to them. The living area was impressively large and elegantly decorated. In the centre of the dining room table was an ice bucket containing a magnum of champagne. Geoffrey went over to the bucket.“Vintage Krug. Even your all-inclusive doesn’t run to that.”“Well you are a rather special guest and this is a special occasion so we pushed the boat out a trifle.” Linda, Cath’s partner slipped in the back door. They were trying to keep Cath’s presence under wraps as Cath was a forensic accountant who was trying to sort out the financial shenanigans they all suspected were ongoing using Lotus island as a front. Linda had overseen the construction of a powerful data centre that Cath planned to use to correlate the data she had started gathering in London. The cover story was to let people assume that Cath and Geoffrey were lovers.Cath and Linda took the opportunity of every one present knowing the truth to slip off together with a champagne flute in hand. “Come on you can unpack later Olivia leave your father to sort things out here tuzla escort and I will take you on a tour of the facilities.” said Chrissy. The island was a fair size about four miles long a mile and half wide at the widest point and roughly egg shaped. The central facilities were clustered together with various villas and sports facilities dotted through the jungle. Olivia was particularly impressed by the principal restaurant as it was built up the side of a four story building and out into the trees with lots of little booths for romantic dinners not all of them just for two. They saw Lazlo there. “Luc has said I should have the evening off after my long flight and all that toil in the finest vineyards in France. Would you object if I join you ladies.”“I have things I should be doing and you have just provided a perfect excuse for me to leave Livie in your capable hands without being rude. I suspect you two would like to get to know each other better.”“Would you like to get to know me better.”“Oh most definitely but it only fair to warn you that so far my experience of boys is non-existent. I seem to have acquired girlfriends even though I am fairly sure that I am equally attracted to both sexes.”“I have no problem with you liking girls we can ogle all the pretty ones together.”“They wandered across the island taking time out for a swim (one of the advantages of nudity no worry about getting changed) before going to the villa. Nobody seemed to be around as the two of them entered Then Olivia heard some giggling and a deeper chuckle coming from Cath’s room. The door was open and inside was her father kissing Cath whilst Linda rode his cock. It looked like her father had made good his promise to demonstrate to these supposedly exclusive lesbians that blokes were fun as well.“Dad and the others seem occupied, so what should we do now?” Olivia’s little smile made the question somewhat rhetorical.“How about I order a nice supper to be delivered for all of us somewhat later and whilst we are waiting I am sure I could think of a way that we would be occupied as well.”“Hmm sounds like a plan.” Olivia turned to face him putting her arms around his neck. Lazlo pulled her closer and kissed her in a long languid kiss. Before picking her up as if she was a feather and carrying her to the bedroom. It turned out that Lazlo was just as much a connoisseur of sex as he was of wine. Olivia relaxed as he teased her with tongue and fingers taking his time whilst bringing her to an ever increasing pitch of excitement. It was only as she was about to explode that he entered her. Olivia normally quite quiet when having sex let out a scream of ecstasy rising up the scale to a pitch that matched her excitement.They were quite energetic so when they had finished they dozed for a while. A knock came on the door it was Cath.“A nice young lady has just arrived with a feast. I notice it includes goulash so I can guess who placed the order.”“Guilty as charged but whilst being here I have ensured that they produce an absolutely top quality goulash. My mother would be proud of them.”“They all sat down on the terrace as of to the west the sun dropped towards the horizon. The wines of course had been very carefully selected to complement the dishes. The rich creamy desert was accompanied by the piece de resistance a superb Tokaj. The meal was finished off by the finest coffee from the highlands of Jamaica and vintage Armagnac. It had been a long day and so replete with fine food and wine they went to bed early. Again Geoffrey was accompanied by Linda and Cath whilst Olivia went off arm in arm with Lazlo. “They seem to like a threesome, how do you feel about them Lazlo?”“Any man who says he doesn’t is more than a bit unusual and probably lying.”“Oh good because my girlfriend is joining us in December and was considering emulating the others in sleeping arrangements.”“You seem such a demure young lady but you will fiy in here well. I suspect that you will get on well with our noble Lady Victoria.”The next morning Olivia got to find out if this was an accurate prediction as Lady Victoria requested a meeting to discuss the propose art gallery. A formal business meeting on Lotus Island required different dress from anywhere else so having taken Chrissy advice Olivia turned up at her meeting fully made up wearing a very short mini dress and her white high boots and nothing else.“Come in my dear. Welcome to Lotus Island I am pleased to have another such stylish resident.” The last was said with a wicked twinkle in Lady Victoria’s eyes. And Livie couldn’t help but giggle.“Thank you, my lady.” She replied curtseying formally. “You can tell you are Geoff’s daughter. Call me Vicky, anything else is a mouthful. Coffee or tea?”“Earl Grey please.” Vicky had the same and they sat down sipping the fragrant tea from exquisite porcelain tuzla escort bayan cups. Whilst they were doing so the three portraits of Chrissy and a couple of Meghan landscapes were set up.“Well there is no doubting either of your talent and Meghan’s as well. Those paintings of Chrissy are superb even though they are not quite finished. I like the way you do the background in impressionist style whilst the subject is a precise rendition. Would you accept advice as to your pricing structure as I know pretty much what our clients are willing to pay.”“That was one of my concerns as to make this venture profitable the rice is going to have to be pretty steep.”“That is not a problem I think you could ask £5-10 grand for a commissioned portrait and I for one will happily pay ten if you will accept me as your next commission.”“Accept you, I wanted to paint you the moment I set eyes on you. You are a beauty but being older you also have character. Your bone structure is delicate and that interesting to paint.”“The best flattery is that which is sincere so thank you very much for the compliment. Have you done a self-portrait because if not it would be a wonderful present for your father.”“Do you think so.”“Yes I do and one of your Meghan as well you do realise that your father is very fond of her because of all the things she has done for you.”“I knew he liked her and had an inkling he cared for her.”“I think it was because she took such good care of you after your mother left. All whilst nurturing your talent.”“That would explain a lot just before we left he sort of informally adopted her. The age difference between us isn’t enough to think of her as a mother but an older sister certainly.”“Oh dear, poor old Geoff he thought you were frigid and here you are thinking in those terms.” The humour of the situation got to them and they chuckled away for some time.“Back to business. At present we don’t have a place for a gallery so we will hang the paintings around the public areas. How do you feel about setting up your easel somewhere public and painting where the punters can see you. One possibility would be that for a 10% commission we would handle all the sales side using our existing staff. That way you get credit card facilities.”“That would remove some of the limitations I have being effectively a sole trader. You say currently when talking about a gallery do you have some proposals in that direction.”“Yes, the data centre means that we have some additional new office space that is far more practical than some of the original offices in the main complex. Chrissy has already moved over there. That leaves a quite nice suite on the ground floor that we can refurbish and let you have. The rent will be affordable as I am convince that your gallery will be an added attraction of the resort so will take that into account. Also how do you think Meghan would feel about giving painting lessons?”“Since know she enjoys teaching almost certainly yes but I would have to ask her. Thank you this is looking to be a practical proposition with your help.”Olivia went into overdrive finishing the three pictures of Chrissy so she could present them to her lover Elizabeth. All were painted with the same background but one was of fully dressed in a magnificent evening dress, the second was nude whilst the third was part dressed with a breast showing. Whilst the setting was the same the lighting was varied to suggest different times of day. They hadn’t discussed a fee but Olivia was delighted when Chrissy offered 25,000 guineas for the three. Immediately Livie started on the painting of Lady Victoria which was again presented her as part and very sexily dressed. It was to be a life sized portrait with a specific place above the staircase already mapped out. As well as the commissions Livie did some small non specific nude portraits. The painting was carried out in a well lit atrium of the main complex. Many of the patrons were interested and despite the speed at which she was able to paint had to turn down some of the commissions offered.One of the room maids, a young Chinese girl called Lin showed great interest in the ongoing work. Eventually she plucked up the courage to talk to Livie. “I like painting as well Olivia though I only learnt a bit at school back in Nanjing.”“Do you have any of your paintings here with you.”“Only one”“Could I see it.” Lin agreed and went to get it from the wall of her room. It turned out to be a very traditional style Chinese landscape but well executed. Olivia normally painted in oils but did have water colours with her as well so she encouraged the shy girl to paint some of the island landscapes.The results were most satisfactory and Lin was delighted when her efforts were placed on the walls being offered for sale. The shyness wore off when they started to sell. For the escort tuzla rich guests the lovely little watercolours were a nice souvenir that could be displayed places where Livi’s racy portraits couldn’t The investigation her father was involved in for the resort was successfully concluded and the Finance Director who was using the company as a front was arrested. Needless to say he was removed from the board his place being taken up by Cath the brilliant forensic accountant. To accommodate the fact that Cath’s partner wanted to stay on the island with her lover, Geoffrey employed her high level computer skills in his security consultancy with a new arm based on the island and making use of the very advanced computer centre sunk beneath the waves of the Caribbean. That the former exclusive lesbians now had a near semi-permanent ménage a trois with him might have had an impact of the decision making process.Time flew and it was soon time for Meghan to come out and join them. They had both assumed that she would have to fly out to Jamaica by scheduled airline but Geoffrey surprised them both by coming to some arrangement for the Lotus Island company jet to take a trip over to England. The big advantage of this was that all Meghan’s paintings could come over with her. More stock to sell and business had been brisk considering the price tag. Lin’s watercolours sold at an impressive rate so it was useful that adopting an artistically pleasing minimalist approach she could knock out a landscape in less than a day even with her normal work. A fair few being on her colleagues walls. And they were considering a series of signed and numbered print runs. They had also found a man who made frames for them on St Anne. It was a joyous reunion at Biggin Hill when the jet landed and an already waiting Meghan climbed on board. Turn round was swift and they were soon in the air again. Meghan and Olivia were the only passengers this time.“Just us two this is a ridiculous extravagance sending a twenty five seater jet for just me. I must remember to be very nice to your father. How did he swing it.”“I don’t know but he regularly sleeps with at least two of the directors and not that infrequently with the Liz and Lady V. I suspect money came into it as well. Daddy’s business is going very well indeed after they cracked that money laundering ring and all the criminals behind it. That plus having Linda having her waving her computer wand does him no harm whatsoever. I also suspect that despite being the Finance Director of Lotus Island that Cath also keeps up her forensic accountancy skills on Dad’s behalf.”Things are on the up and up then. I gather that your business is thriving as well.”“Our business and yes it is. Lin’s watercolours bring a lot of day to day sales and she really churns them out. The pleasure she gets from seeing people snap up her landscapes is heart-warming. Also Vicky is right I can charge a fortune for my dodgy portraits”The seatbelt sign went off. Meg looked at Olivia with a gleam in her eyes. “we’re in private aren’t we.”“Well one or other of the pilots may come through but they are as bad, as the rest of us. The luxury seats were designed to make fully reclined beds and seconds later both girls were naked in an embrace. They kissed and fondled each other now a lot more certain in what they mutually wanted and enjoyed than last summer. The flight that was normally rather long seemed less so as having been apart for some weeks they were now making up for lost time and in a situation where they did not need to be discreet. Both of the flight crew came through at various times but the extent of their comment was to squeeze a boob, or steal a kiss.“An announcement came over the speakers. “Sorry to disturb you too love birds but you need to put your seats upright and fasten your seatbelts we are about to make our final approach. No need to worry about the clothes though.” It was one of the few in flight announcements that ended with a snigger.That evening was a joyous occasion with not just the normal group but all the Lotus Island directors as well. Dressed formally for a change everyone looked very splendid. Olivia had made sure that Meghan had a gorgeous evening dress that suite her fair complexion perfectly. Of course with Luc and Lazlo in charge of the culinary proceedings the food and wine was outstanding. A crisp Sancerre with the Coquille St Jacques, Chateaux Margaux with the very rare beef, an aged and rich red Rioja with the cheese and Chateau d’Yquem with the desert.Meghan was overwhelmed by the elegant reception and the sumptuous meal in her honour. Though the amount of wine and the inevitable digestif after the meal meant that she was very merry by the end. Lazlo was his normal delightful self and greatly endeared himself to her.I the end nobody felt like traveling back across the island so all four bedrooms were occupied with differing groups. It had been quite a welcome and Olivia smiled that her dearest friend had been made to feel special whilst snuggling upto her and Lazlo.

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