30 May




After my birthday dinner, we burst into her apartment, hardly able to contain ourselves in the hallway. She backs me into the wall, putting one hand behind my neck, the other one up my dress and between my thighs as she kisses me. I moan in relief as she soothes the aching need of my body for touch. She kisses my neck, and grazes the outside of my panties teasingly.

Off comes my dress, as she roughly yanks it up by the bottom seams over my head. She forcefully throws the dress to her right, and my heart quickens. With one hand on my hip, she reaches behind me and unclasps my bra, and then both her hands make a bee-line for my panties which are yanked down to my ankles. In sum, I am naked in front of my lover in one minute flat.

She turns on the bright lights in the living room and steps back to observe my body, my nakedness. I close my eyes and bite my lip when I realize it: I’m her prey. I’m always the last to know these things. My naked body is being observed, watched, probably being commented on mentally by my fully clothed lover. I breathe heavily from the pleasurable embarrassment. She knows what this does to me.

Gruelingly pleasurable minutes pass as I watch my lover’s eyes pass over my naked body. My face flushes. I see the calculating expression painted on my love’s face, and I can only guess what she’s thinking of doing to me. I watch her gaze start at my legs, and work up to my cunt. I wonder if she can see my wetness has spread down my thighs. I take her devilish grin as a yes. I feel more embarrassment, which only adds to the stickiness between my legs. If this continues for much longer, my cum will be running down my thighs.

Her eyes continue up to my breasts, where she stops and bites her lower lip The sound of my sharp intake of breath fills the quiet room. She folds her arms over her chest, and continues drawing her eyes up until they lock with mine. I blush. “Fuck,” I groan out. A staring contest begins between us. She lifts one eyebrow. We both know I won’t win, but I continue to stare. I can practically see the judgment in her eyes. I want to look away, but I also want to keep looking — this embarrassment feels so good.

She breaks the silence by huskily saying, “Turn around.” I break the eye contact unwillingly by closing my eyes and moaning. I reopen my eyes to see her smiling with satisfaction. I slowly turn around, painfully aware of her eyes on my ass. I feel only more embarrassment; I can’t watch her watch me. This exposure makes me groan.

“Spread your legs and put your hands on the wall.” I take one step in either direction and put my hands wide up against the wall directly in front of me. I’m breathing loudly and heavily. I almost can’t stand the tension. My lover is taller than I, and I am jolted when I feel her hot breath on my neck as she demands, “Wider.” This only makes me shorter yet.

She kisses my shoulder tenderly, and moves her way up to the back of my neck. “My god, you are so soft,” she breathes heavily into my ear. Her gentleness makes me lean in to her touch, as her hand gently caresses my hip. She runs her fingers softly through my hair, and then suddenly grabs hard and tugs my head back. She kisses roughly and nips at my vulnerable exposed neck. She works the kisses up my neck and breathes coarsely into my ear, “I am tempted to fuck you right like this. With you leaning up against the wall for support as I make you come.” My knees already feel they will give out, and she hasn’t even touched me yet. “Would you like that?” I am aching for her touch, and I whisper, “Please.”

“Are you wet from me watching you?” I moan in response. I feel her fingers reaching from behind to my aching cunt. She groans in my ear when she feels how thoroughly soaked I am. “I love knowing I do this to you, that I make you this wet and I don’t even have to touch you.” I hear the pride in her voice. I’m hoping she really will fuck me right here, but she pulls her fingers away.

Before I can call out in frustration, she has picked me up and is carrying me to her bedroom. She sets my legs down, and asks me to stay standing as she lifts her shirt over her head. Even the way she takes off her shirt is incredibly sexy. My lover’s body is beautiful, and I am pulled to her like a magnet. I rub my naked body up against hers, as I reach behind her to unclasp her bra. I pull her bra off by the bridge and throw it to the floor. Her breasts spill out, and I gently take a handful and squeeze was I lean in to kiss her.

My favorite part of undressing my lover is undoing her belt. I always feel so sexy, like I am falling submissive to my dominant girlfriend when I look her in the eyes and unbuckle her belt. I undo the buckle, releasing the tension and let it go slack and slowly pull it off her. I then put both of my hands on either side of her hips, ready to peel her jeans off her when she stops me.

She whispers in my ear in a commanding voice, “I want you on your knees, love.” I kiss her strongly. I know what’s coming and I close my eyes and pant and my face feels flushed. I then sink to the floor onto my knees, and as she takes off her jeans in front of me is my favorite strap-on cock of hers. I had no idea she was packing. I lick my lips gazing up at her member. I want to wrap my petite fingers around her wide and lengthy cock, but my mouth wants the first turn.

“Not yet,” she commands gazing down at me, and runs her fingers through my hair. She moves to the bed four feet away from me, and motions for me to follow. I go to stand up, but she clicks her tongue and says, “I want you to crawl.” Shivers run up my spine and a breathy moan escapes my lips as I crawl towards my lover, never once breaking eye contact. I sense her composure wavering as she lets out a breath of excitement from watching me slowly crawl on all fours to between her legs.

I start by kissing the inside of her left thigh and rubbing her inner right one lightly with my thumb. I lick, suck and kiss her tender skin, blowing with my puckered lips to chill her dampened thigh. She moans and tilts her head back, steadying herself using my shoulder. I repeat this on her right thigh, while dragging my fingernails across her near the apex of her other thigh. I am sure her cunt is aching by now.

I keep caressing her inner thighs as I finally move my mouth to her dick. I make an ‘O’ with my lips lowering my mouth onto her cock and I hear a loud moan escape her lips.

“Finally, you little tease,” she whispers when she catches her breath. Her hands find their way to my hair, which she lovingly strokes. She caresses the back of my neck, as I suck her cock.

“I want to look you in the eyes,” she says, giving a tug on my hair. As I look up at her I bob my head up and down the length of her. Her loving caresses on the back of my neck have become less gentle and absentminded as she squeezes firmly, holding onto my neck and upper back. I can tell she is really enjoying this. I bob up and down on her cock faster and lightly scratch her inner thighs. She licks her lips.

I love looking her in the eyes when I feel so intensely animal. The only purpose my body has in this moment is to give and receive pleasure. There’s an artful and intense communication between our bodies, but between our eyes it’s instinct. We both equally want to keep looking and look away. The gaze we share intimidates as equally as it enthralls us. Sucking my lover’s cock on my knees between her legs makes me feel so submissive and wonderful. As I scratch, tease, and caress her thighs, it becomes too much for her. She breaks the eye contact first by rolling her eyes back into her head and letting out a loud moan. Gazing down at her soft, feminine, and submissive lover is a powerful hard porno view, I know. Being dominant becomes so intense she gives into her urge to move her hips slightly as she pushes her hips and cock into my mouth and grabs onto the back of my head firmly.

“Baby, I need you right now,” her voice calls out shakily. I revel in the power my submission yields.

I rise up from between her legs and lean into her body, bringing my small tits level with her lips. Her warm mouth envelops my nipple as she puts her hand on the small of my back and she pulls me onto her. We fall together onto the bed, her biting my nipple lightly, grazing it and holding it between her tongue and her upper teeth. I moan out her name, and she bites harder.

With swiftness and tender firm strength, she flips me onto my back and growls at me. I grab her wrist and pull her hand down to my cunt, murmuring, “Feel.” She spreads my lips and she slides her fingertip inside me. I caress her hair and watch her eyes close as she moans. When she opens her eyes, I recognize a feral glint in them. I shiver from mixed anticipation and delight.

She sits up to position her cock, and slips just the tip into me. I close my eyes, waiting for the plunge. I don’t feel her moving, and I open my eyes to see a devilish grin painted on her beautiful face. She pulls the tip from my soaking cunt and I gasp in frustration, my cunt aching to be filled. She grabs my chin between her thumb and forefinger. “Do you really want it?” she asks teasingly. I moan with exasperation at the question and nod, my eyes pleading.

“I want you to beg me for it,” she says. My face flushes with excitement.Where did I find this wonderful woman who knows me so well? Begging makes me so wet, it’s unbearable. “Please please please, my cunt is aching for your cock,” I gasp out with ragged breaths. She slides the tip of her cock back in me, but I know I’ve only earned that much.

“I’m not convinced you want it bad enough,” she says in response to my efforts, grinning. She’s making me work for her cock. “Explain what you want. In detail.”

Blood has left my brain, and I fight to find my vocabulary. “Love, I want you to thrust your cock deep in me hard and fast and don’t stop until I am thoroughly fucked, exhausted. I am desperate for you to sink your cock into my cunt.” I’m quite pleased with my latest attempt, so I am surprised that she doesn’t move and doesn’t say anything.

“Please please please. I’m begging you to fuck me. Begging!” I try to move my hips to swallow more of her cock, but my hips are met with her hands and a mischievous smile.

“Do you want it?” she asks coyly. I nod desperately. “Tell me again.”

“Please, I’m beg-” and mid-plea she thrusts hard and fast into my cunt with her hard cock. My body moves with her thrust, and my eyes roll back. I moan and arch my back with delight. She holds still after she enters me, knowing that I love to savor the feeling of fullness inside me. After a moment of stillness, she slowly pulls almost all the way out. I feel the detailed grooves of her cock and bite my lip with pleasure as she thrusts in just as slowly. She fucks me deep, hard, and slow. Breathy moans escape our lips, and we know there’s no rush.

She looks down between our bodies to watch my cunt swallow her whole length. She pulls out only to watch it again, and moans at how easily my body yields to her. I am so wet there is no resistance. My cunt is hungry, and greedily consumes her cock. She looks to my face, watching me moan. There’s a tender moment here between us. I am so aroused from the submissive awareness that my entire body yields to and trusts my lover. It’s sacred to have someone inside you, even more so when your body submits to it lovingly. Knowing how easily her cock occupies my cunt turns me on just as much as it does her. We both praise my submissiveness. reklamsız porno

She builds her tempo, from a slow pace for a medium one. Just as soon as she starts fucking me quickly, she’s back to slowly fucking my body. She does it one too many times, and I moan out in exasperation, “Please, fuck me faster.” She’s teasing me, I know by the grin on her face. She likes to hear me beg. I grab her ass firmly and demand, “Faster.”

Finally, she builds her tempo and doesn’t break it this time. She thrusts in and out, fucking me faster and faster. All I can do is close my eyes, moan, and enjoy the rhythmic fucking I am receiving. Her cock fills me so well that in between thrusts I am aching to be full of her again. She is fucking me so quickly that full and empty are almost one and the same to my cunt. Her giving her cock to my cunt feels like a gift, one she is giving a thousand times a minute. My body, my cunt, is insatiable, and I never want this fucking to end.

“Kiss me,” I gasp out, “Kiss me, please.” She thrusts into me and I revel in the still fullness of her inside me. I cradle her cheek with my palm and she kisses me strongly and sweetly. “My body is full of you,” I say out loud and moan. She kisses me again, and pulls out quickly. I moan in contempt and she distracts me with another kiss.

“I want to fuck you from behind,” she hisses in my ear. Without warning I am flipped over, and she grabs my hips, pulling me up onto all fours. She says, “Fuck yourself with my cock,” as she slips her tip inside me. I push my hips back into her, and moan reveling in the fullness. My moans are matched by hers, as she groans a guttural, “Fuck,” dragging her nails down my back.

I feel primal on all fours. I am fucking her still body, her cock pumping in and out of me. She reaches to grab my hair and tugs; I fuck myself harder. I slam my hips back into her over and over. I slam back onto her cock roughly and quickly, then pull out slowly, feeling her textured cock. I hear my cunt slurping at her cock. She moans so loud when I slam my hips hard and fast, perhaps out of amazement. I slam backwards into her over and over.

She can’t take it anymore: she grabs my hips with her hands and thrusts into me. We build a perfect cadence. We both move apart from one another and come together again at the same time. This doubles the force of the fucking my cunt is receiving. We are in a perfect synch. We’re fucking so fast, it’s satisfying a craving I didn’t even know I had. I yell out, “Fuck. Don’t stop!” She digs her nails into my soft hips as she fucks me quickly. I haven’t been fucked so soundly in such a long time.

I am insatiable. This has been so much, and yet, I want to feel more. My cum is dribbling down my thighs. My greedy cunt wants more. I make my body rigid and unyielding to her thrusts. There is no give to my body. I am feeling her fucking me roughly; I am taking it all. I want to feel her cock slam into the back of my cunt and my body not move an inch. She feels me not moving anymore and understands what I want. She stops fucking me so quickly, and arches her body around mine and thrusts deep and hard. She is using her whole body, her whole force, to fuck me. She is pounding into me. Pounding over and over into my slick wet cunt, I make noises I didn’t even know I could. I feel delirious from this pleasure.

My arms and legs begin to tremble. She is enjoying this just as much I am and she too is making unfamiliar noises. I have always known my lover is strong, but I now have an intimate knowledge of her strength as I am feeling her slam into me with her whole force. She couldn’t fuck me harder if I wanted her to. I feel nothing but feverish pleasure as she hammers into my cervix.

I collapse from exhaustion and pleasure, but this fucking can’t stop. I am surprised I can call out to her, “Don’t stop.” She holds my listless body to her as she continues to thrust into my cunt a few more times. We are both almost screaming from the pleasure, when finally she too collapses from exhaustion.

My lover panting and breathing heavily, whispers into my ear and asks me coyly, “Was I thorough enough, love?”

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