Two People Starting Over

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Two People Starting Over



Author’s disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction from the fertile mind of this writer. All persons engaging in sexual acts are way older than 18. Any resemblance to people you might know us purely a coincidence.


My name is Josh Rosen. I just turned 55, and have been a widower for 18 months. My wife of 30 years was a victim of a drunk driver, who didn’t even stop after running a red light, t-boning her car, cutting it in half. The only thing good coming from this horrific accident, was the red light camera catching the entire scene.

It took the local police less than a week to find and apprehend the piece of shit driving that car. Not so surprising, he was stopped, and blew a .20 blood alcohol level from another night of drinking, and was quickly arrested.

It took a few months, before justice was served, if it can ever be called justice, because my Janice was never coming back. The drunk dip shit was sentenced to a year in jail, and I was left to deal with his insurance company.

Finally settling with his carrier, I was left to pick up and carry on with my life. With the help of my son, Rob, his wife Gayle, and their two kids, plus my daughter, Robin and her wife, yes wife, Sharon, I managed to start trying to live, again.

Rob was running my small electronics business, with the help of Robin and Sharon. Without those three I don’t think I could have ever made my way forward.

I sold the house we made our home, and relocated on the other side of town. I found a nice little house, with a couple of spare rooms, for my grand kids to visit. With a yard to keep me busy puttering around in the good weather. The yard work, if it was enough to be called yard work, allowed me the exercise to keep my weight at about 180 to 185 which didn’t look all that bad spread over my 6 foot frame.

A few months later, the house next door went up for sale, and within a week, was sold. Keeping my eyes peeled as to who was moving in, my curiosity was satisfied just a few weeks later.

A moving truck appeared, along with two young couples and a single lady, who appeared to be a few years younger than me. There wasn’t a lot of stuff, and the four kids made quick work of unloading the truck. I waved at the lady watching two little kids in her back yard, and she just nodded in my direction. The one thing I noticed was the sadness in her eyes. Only when the grand kids were playing with her did her smile return.

I figured she wasn’t in any mood for conversation, so I left it at that. While not being interested in any relationship, I did notice she was a little on the heavy side, but with a very nice smile.

I let her settle in, and baked a double batch of cookies, one for me, of course. I went to her door, and as I was getting ready to knock, she was just opening her door. After introducing myself, she asked if I wanted to come in, and told me her name was May Johnson.

We talked for a little, with me giving her a very brief history of myself. She wasn’t too willing, at first, but after a while told me that her husband of 22 years, traded her in for a younger model. Her words, not mine.

I was looking at her all the while she was quietly telling me her story. I took notice that while she was what I would call ‘zoftig’, she was little more than a few pounds over weight. She was on the short side, maybe 5’3″ or so, and would never guess her weight. What I did notice was her large chest, DD’s or larger, was my guess. My Janice was a charter member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, so I notice things like large breasts.

After a few more minutes of conversation, May quietly asked, “would it be possible to share a dinner, some time?”

“I guess so,” was my reply. “I do xslot giriş have to tell you I haven’t been on a date for a few hundred years.”

Smiling, she said its only dinner. We left it at that without setting any specific day.

May told me, even though she came out of her divorce very well, she still worked part time as a book keeper. As I said, my kids ran my business, so the majority of my time was free.

We would talk over our shared fence, while working in our yards, and I would take notice of her loose fitting shirts she wore in the garden. Watching her breasts swaying when she moved around drove me nuts. And this was while she had a bra on. I have to admit the thought of seeing those mounds unfettered gave me some wicked ideas. I do have to admit my jerking off days were long behind me.

One particular afternoon, she caught me starring, and gave me a mock glare and said, “Mr Rosen, are you starting at my chest?”

“Guilty as charged” was my answer.

“I guess my punishment will be fixing you dinner, tonight.” Grinning like The Cheshire Cat I told her I would grill a couple of steaks with all the fixings.

At 6 sharp, May came into my back yard through the gate previous owners put in.

“Wow, you look fantastic,” I said. Blushing, she told me she hadn’t had any occasion to dress up for several years. She had on a nice pair of slacks. With a silk blouse that accentuated her very large chest.

“What’s the matter, Josh, haven’t you ever seen mature boobs before?” Now it was my turn to blush.

“I better keep my attention on the grill or I might burn dinner.”

With the pleasant weather, we ate outside, enjoying each others company as well as the dinner. After finishing, we both brought our dishes into my kitchen, where she watched me clean up.

“Shall we sit in the living room?” I asked. As I said this I moved closer to her saying softly, “is it OK if I kiss you?” Nodding to me, I moved closer, placing my hands on her shoulders, leaning down, and softly kissing her lips. May cautiously responded, keeping her arms at her sides.

“Oh, my, Josh, I’m a bit out of practice.

“You aren’t the only one,” I breathed. Slowly we moved to my living room. Sitting side by side, I put my arm around her, with her head resting on my right shoulder.

I took my left hand, placing it on her cheek, turning her to face me. I moved closer, kissing her softly, at first, then with a little more urgency. Keeping our lips connected, I moved my left hand from her shoulder, downward, to her right breast. Jumping back, as if struck by lightning, she looked at me, “Josh, I don’t think I can do this!”

“Its OK, we can do this as slowly as you want. If you don’t want to go any further, I will never push it.”

“I think I want to go home,” she said quietly, “thanks for the lovely evening.”

After May left, I sat down, head in my hands, wondering if I was able to have a meaningful relationship, or not.

I think May must have been thinking along those same lines.

We didn’t see each other for a few days, causing me to wonder if I had really fucked this up.

On the third day, I was in my back yard, working at pulling some weeds, when I heard a soft voice, asking if we could talk. Not needing any excuse to stop picking weeds, I said, of course, any time.

Sitting at my patio table, May looked straight at me and said, quietly, “you must think I’m awful, Josh.”

“Nonsense, May, I think you are human. You’ve been hurt, and I can understand that, completely.”

We can take things as slow as you want, I said, holding her hands in mine. I took each hand, one at a time, softly kissing that back of each xslot hand.

“After the other night, I had a long talk with my daughter, and she told me I had to learn how to trust, all over again.”

Smiling, I told her, again, we could do whatever she felt safe doing. She looked into my eyes and softly kissed my lips. I noticed a tear leaking down from one eye. I slowly took one finger and wiped her tear away, gently. Smiling up at me, she said, “I think I’d like that, again.” Not wasting any time, I leaned in again, with one hand behind her head, kissed her with a little more urgency.

Again and again, pausing to catch our breath, we were both getting a bit turned on. May was getting more than a little red in the face, and my shorts were getting tented in the crotch. She glanced down, and whispered in my ear, “I guess that answers my question of your abilities.”

“I won’t claim to be a super star in bed, but I would like to make you as happy as possible.”

Standing, I took both her hands in mine, gave her another long, slow kiss, letting both of my hands taking hold of each of her butt cheeks. This caused another gasp from her, but no order to stop.

Moving inside and slowly moving to my bedroom, we stopped, once inside, looking into each others eyes. “Please be patient, Josh,” she whispered. I started to lift the shirt she was wearing over her head, and with her helping me along, I finally saw what I knew were the nicest looking, large breasts I had ever seen.

I must have had some look on my face, that caused her to blush, even in my semi lit room. Kissing her again, letting my hands move to her back and unhooking her bra, she took a step back, letting her bra drop to the floor. Yes, her large boobs showed all the signs of childbirth, age and gravity, but to me they were beautiful. I just smiled, letting both hands move over her shoulders, and gently massaging her engorge nipples. As my rubbing continued, her breathing picked up. I moved us both back, onto my bed.

I leaned over, taking one rock hard nipple in my mouth, and softly flicked my tongue all over it, eliciting a very soft moaning sound.

“Don’t you think we are a bit overdressed, for what we are about to do?” She breathed. I guess I was a bit out of practice, forgetting to take the rest of her clothes and all of mine off.

I sat up, sliding her shorts and then her panties off. Quickly taking my shirt, shorts and undies off as quickly as I could. When I took my undies off, my cock sprang to attention, a respectable 7 inches in length, and a bit on the thick side.

“Oh, God, Josh,” she exhaled, “you have to be very careful with your weapon.”

Grinning, we laid back on my bed, kissing and me rubbing her boobs, softly. I moved one hand slowly down her body, until I started slowly running one finger up and down her very wet sex. Moving though her fairly thick bush, I found her hooded pearl, giving it a very tender caress. This caused her entire body to shake. Holding her tightly, I whispered if it was all right to continue.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath,” she exclaimed. After a few seconds she took hold of my hand, placing back on her sopping wet slit. As I moved myself between her tucked up legs, she again asked me to be careful.

Taking my cock in one hand, sliding the head up and down her pussy lips, I slowly pushed inside, one inch at a time. Moving in and out, burrowing a bit deeper with each thrust, May grabbed hold of my shoulders, thrusting up into my throbbing cock. The faster I fucked in and out, the more her glorious breasts bounced up and down. Kissing both her dark brown nipples, and thrusting faster, she screamed and shook with her orgasm, that, at first scared me. But as I continued my movements, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Finally, with May screaming, again, I blasted a pent up load, over and over, deep into her sex.

“Oh, my God!” we said, almost in unison.

“Josh, that was fantastic,” she breathed.

“You were amazing, yourself, my dear May.”

Rolling off her, we both moved, slowly off my bed, to clean up. “Please let me go in there, by myself, if you would be so kind,” she asked. I nodded my ascent, watching her cute behind moving into my bathroom. When she came out, and I cleaned myself up, we moved back onto my bed, just holding each other, softly kissing and touching.

In about 2 minutes, I could tell by her soft, steady breathing May was sleeping. Holding her in my arms, I soon, too, fell asleep. I was not sure how long we slept, but I awoke feeling a hand softly rubbing up and down my growing cock. May looked into my eyes, with that ‘let’s fuck again look.’ Who was I to disagree, with my equipment coming back to life.

Without saying a word, she leaned over, kissing my cock head very gently. Rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, and taking more of my cock in her mouth. Picking up momentum, I started breathing a bit faster, myself, as she stopped, swinging a leg over my body, and with one hand directing my throbbing cock into her waiting pussy. Slowly, she impaled herself on my now rock hard cock. With her moving up and down on my shaft, her pendulous breasts moving back and forth at my eye level, I reached each hand up, taking each engorged nipple, and rubbing them between each thumb and forefinger.

We were both moaning loud enough to be heard out on the front yard. I could not get enough of her generous endowments, rubbing, sucking, kissing and of course, fucking.

“Josh, Josh,” she kept repeating. “Fuuuuuuckkkkkk,” I heard as we both came, with May panting in my ear, sounding like an old fashioned bellows. We just held on to each other, panting, lightly kissing, my hands rubbing her back, up and down.

“God Damn, we’re not too bad for a couple of old farts,” she whispered.

Laughing, I replied, “I’m not sure what got into me!”

“Let me tell you, I certainly know what got into me!” May said, with in soft whisper. “I’ve never bad mouthed my ex, but he couldn’t hold a candle to you, at any age.”

After cleaning ourselves up, we just stayed in bed, laughing, cuddling, kissing, and yes, touching each other in a sexual way. Take my word for it, you youngsters, there wasn’t going to be a round 3 for quite a while. A man can dream, can’t he?

The next morning, being Saturday, I knew one, or both of my kids would be visiting. Usually, they call first, but as we were having our morning coffee, after breakfast, my door bell rang, and before I could get off my chair, my daughter and her wife come into my house, like two tornadoes.

Robin, my daughter, had this huge grin, and before she says anything to me, she glances over and grins, saying, “Oh, hi May, you look happy!”

Sharon just stood there, giving us both a mock “tsk, tsk, somebody had a nice night”.

“To what do we owe this pleasure?” I asked. Great news, they said in unison. Looking at each other, grinning like the cat who caught the mouse.

“We are going to have a baby!” my daughter screamed.

Looking at her, with my mouth hanging open, “and just how is that going to happen?” I inquired.

“Haven’t you ever heard of a sperm donor?” May answered, before either of them could. I can honestly say, I hadn’t seen Robin this happy in quite some time. They both sat down, with us, saying Sharon’s twin brother agreed to be the donor, with Robin carrying the baby. Logistics were being worked out, between all parties, with me just sitting there with this huge grin on my already happy face.

I have a feeling there will be more to tell in this saga of two people enjoying their new life, together.

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