Music of the Flesh

Music of the Flesh

Music of the flesh Kyle stepped out of his room in the posh resort of Chaud, holding the door before it closed completely ensuring he remembered his four-digit code to his door. “sixteen, twenty-five.” He mumbled under his breath as he finally let the door close. Although if he did forget, the resort could electronically Read more

A Private House

During my normal morning routine, I had a cup of coffee and read the morning paper before going to work. On my way to work I heard a story on the radio about a bloke who just went bankrupt after investing his entire capital in his business. I thought about my own situation as I Read more

Gold Rush Ch. 01

I had been dating Bethany for about a month when our story starts. She was the girl I left my high school sweetheart for. 5’9, almost all legs and beautiful auburn hair. Her breasts weren’t too large but, hey, all you need is a handful. So far we had done a lot of making out Read more

Fun at a Late Night Party

The smell of marijuana is almost overwhelming as I enter the open door of the single story house. I look around to survey the main room. People are drinking, smoking, and a couple girls are even snorting cocaine. I notice the dozens of plastic red cups strung everywhere in the house. I notice a guy Read more

Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 01

I was dating out of my league. I knew it, and Val knew it. Yet somehow, I was pulling it off. For 6 months I had been dating this knockout, petite Asian. Tall for a Korean girl, Val was only 25 years old, 12 years younger than I am. The was slender with smoky eyes, Read more

Gem’s Exam

Brief author note: The characters are by no means underage, both are over 18, the submissive here is a little in a daddy dom/little girl dynamic. As well as some unusual depictions, if that’s not your cup of tea, suggest you don’t read on. ***** I wiggled and squirmed, unaware of my surroundings, waking up Read more

Forcing Perfection

I hate whenever people start these stories by saying “I’m just a normal person.” Well, you clearly aren’t, or you wouldn’t have such a fantastic story to tell, now would you? I’m not a normal guy, and I’m proud of it. I am not, however, above clichés, so I will get that out of the Read more

From Her (Wet) Side

A fictional romance (big sigh…) —– It started out like most of my other online encounters – except that his profile read juuuust different enough to make the balls of my feet tingle. I’d had 2 close calls already with guys that welllll, let’s just say weren’t right. I wasn’t really scared per se, just Read more

Fem Dom with My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 03

I had been away on a course for work for just over two weeks, which gave Julie, my wife’s best friend who was blackmailing me, ample time to influence my wife, Sue, in the benefits of pursuing a female-led marriage, and when I returned home, I was soon to learn on how effective she had Read more

A Surprise Visit to Katey’s Office

Katey heaved a sigh of relief as she sank into the plush chair at her desk. At long last, this miserable day was done. A treadmill of one meeting after another, some of them contentious but none of them really reaching a conclusion, had taken the wind out of her sails this day. “I am Read more
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