Aaron gets Nasty with Danielle

Aaron gets Nasty with Danielle

Stephanie was throwing a party for Danielle’s birthday. There was about 50 people there, and a good dj. They made sure he only played punk, ska, and hard rock. They partied until around 1:00, and decided to kick everyone out. The plan was that Danielle was to sleep over after the party. So, they cleaned Read more

A Welcome Visit

She thought she heard a knock at the front door. God, she thought to herself, no one ever comes to the front, as she walked down the hallway. Who could this be? I’m not even dressed, she thought as she neared the door, and of course the boys are out tonight! The knock came again, Read more

A Train Car Named Desire Ch. 02

Love at first sight, a married man meets the dream woman of his sexual fantasies on the commuter train to work. Continued from Chapter 01: Just eighteen years old, he was so very, sexually excited kissing Mary Elizabeth, his prom date. French kissing her, he felt her naked breasts and fingered her erect nipples. Then, Read more

A Mutual Interest

Often when walking through the city centre I’d see some one who would make my day seem that little bit brighter. A girl would walk past me, probably not even aware that I exist, her beauty, her femininity would enchant me. The way she moved, the way her womanhood shone through would excite me. Male Read more


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Subject: TEAM BITCH He didn’t have much time. Sheldon had sat in the hot soapy water, his muscles needing the heat. Practice had been tough that day with the Coach yelling and pushing everyone to run faster, hit harder, do sit-ups and push the sled across the field. The heat helped and his penis grew Read more


Subject: Making Of Daniel 61 The Making of Daniel Law requires you to be at least 18 years of age to read sexually explicit material. Which this certainly is, so if you are not 18, please leave this site. Oh Yea, if you are going to read my story, GET NAKED NOW! Chapter 61 My Read more


Subject: Mark and Jay after Swimming Practice Mark And Jay after Swimming Practice Nifty is kind of enough to host/publish this and other stories, let’s show your appreciation by donating to help defray costs, they need your donations so they can continue to host other stories for your enjoyment. Go to: fty/donate.html. A big thanks Read more


Subject: The Athlete’s Slut part 1 The Athlete’s Slut, Part 1 “That’s a good little bitch,” the sweaty jock whispered. “Why don’t you help me take these shorts off?” Ollie moved his arms up and peeled the sweaty fabric down slowly, revealing the strong V of muscles to the thick golden bush and then finally Read more
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