Bhabhi Ji Pt. 01

1 Mar

Bhabhi Ji Pt. 01



Wild, carnal desire was not something she associated with her boss Shyam. But it was just that on the last day at the company, it was late in the evening and they were alone. Both were going to miss each other – that was clear to them.

It was with that feeling that Shyam grabbed Sunita in the spur of the moment. He covered her face with kisses which seemed harmless enough to both of them- till he reached her lips. There, magically, he nibbled and sucked at them gently without asking her to actually open them. He did not ask her to part them and open her mouth. Nor did he use his tongue to find hers.

But her mouth parted anyway and her eyes closed. And while she expected all that, she found that he had moved to her chin, her neck and down, covering all parts of her skin that were exposed. Till he reached the edge of her blouse. At that point she herself unbuttoned it leaving the front open to his continuing wave of butterfly kisses.

Now her body was definitely buzzing and she certainly wanted his lips back on her lips; but it was not to be.

Nor had he intended to be so intense, he just felt that a smattering of small kisses would not be too outrageous. Even this simple gesture was going to be contrary to the high standards in all the years he had worked together. He was known for being absolutely scrupulous at work. But today, officially, at the end of working hours at 6 p.m. she was no longer an employee. He felt he was not violating any rule – just kissing her to avoid any regrets tomorrow.

But when the blouse opened, and the kissing continued both were aflame. He knew there were delicious nipples within but was totally unsure about being able to get to them.

He kissed the slopes of the breasts with the same small flitting kisses with only occasional tugs at the flesh at the spots he knew would transmit to her nipples.

He wanted to see them, assess them and suck them if they were going to be more than small nubs. That is what his wife had. And that is not what he wanted. He wanted longer, suck sable ones, if he was going to be with anyone else than his wife.

She wanted none of this having no complains with her sexual life in marriage. And yet when all of her exposed areas were kissed and done, she wasted no time in opening the clasps of her bra and her breasts spilled out.

Shyam found the nipples to be the ones he was looking for and quickly moved to kissing all of the mounds with same little kisses. They were full, heavy and he kissed all around the nipples and beneath lifting and nosing the mounds of flesh.

The nipples responded magnificently, swelling and unfurling, ready to be milked. In their swollen state they held the promise illegal bahis of the teats of a laden reservoir within. When he sucked them in her knees felt weak and she sagged back on the desk. He was gentle with his warm lips, milking without hurting, in contrast to her husband who went wild whenever he got to her breasts.

She liked her husband’s animalness but today she was loving the milking, slow and sensuous.

Shyam continued kissing her stomach, her navel and reached the top of her saree and petticoat.

From her experience with her husband kisses had no role lower than there and yet, she tugged open her saree. Shyam went to the gap in the petticoat on one side and kissed the curve of her belly accessible there.

On cue she undid the cord of the petticoat and everything fell to the floor in a heap.

When she hoisted herself on the table, knees akimbo, legs spread apart it was plain instinct.

When Shyam lowered his had between her legs he found completely damp panties. He kissed at the crotch. Felt the volcanic heat from within. He sucked on the flimsy garment as he had one her nipples before kissing down one leg… to her toes.

And back up the other leg. The slow transition allowed her to remove her panties completely.

When Shyam reached her pussy, it was wide, agape and completely molten. He could only lap at the offering with his agile tongue. She could only shudder and give up.

She screamed her pleasure at the top of her lungs when the floodgates opened. The buildup had been swift and the satiation of his flitting kisses had been minimal. She had been ready to explode from the excitement of the new experience. And the explosion reached the years of the office boy who was patiently waiting for the boss to leave before closing the office.

“Oh, Shyam, you bastard! Why did you not give me this for all these years? Why on this last day only? How am I going to live without this?” she wailed. Her hips thrust and beat against his face with the same fucking action she adopted when her husband was pounding into her.

Shyam held her down with one hand to control the unleashed monster and his other hand roamed her torso, pleasuring her with little ingle. Wherever he touched.

Sunita had unraveled like her clothes. Shyam had just gone with the flow. Neither had expected things to go in this direction.

But now that Sunita was in the throes of an ecstasy she did not could happen, he was more than ready to fuck her. And the agility with she scrambled on to the table and positioned herself was more than he had seen with his wife.

If she was willing to move more there was more to be done.

The sex was not improbably illegal bahis siteleri wild as seen in some porn movies. But the agility he needed from the woman to fulfil his desires for experimentation were available with Sunita.

Quickly, he saw off the office boy promising to lock up the office properly. When he returned to his cabin office, Sunita was curled up in a ball, shyness returning as passions subsided.

It took but a touch of his hands to send her shivering again.

Soon, he invited her to climb on top of him and swivel over. Her pussy closed in on his mouth. She knew how to do that. She knew exactly where she wanted the lips to meet and wanted him to suck the way he had sucked at her earlier.

When she lowered her head she found a thick cock leaping and pulsing feely in the air, awaiting relief.

She leaned forward and felt his lips begging to resume their work again.

She felt the girth of the cock and marveled. She watched it as she gently fisted him. She felt him moaning into her pussy.

She had done this for her husband. But not what she was about to do next. He had asked, and she had denied it. But today for Shyam there was no need to be asked. She stretched her mouth open wide and closed in on his cock. And now, the new woman unleashed in her instinctively knew that her mouth was to work like a pussy.

They pleasured each other till Shyam felt his cock was about to explode but that was not how he wanted to come.

And that night, their first and last one was long! They fucked in every way except the missionary position.

She rode him. His wife never did that. She could feel up, hard and wide, spreading her out as she slid up and down. Her husband never felt this filling.

He took her from behind. And when she wiggled he came without intending to. The pause from his orgasm made them realize they were hungry. Shyam wore just to respectably receive the food from the Swiggy guy. But those few minutes of pause and absence caused Suita’s insides to burn with unbearable desire. This was unprecedented. If her husband fucked her it lasted them a week, may be even a month. But here, she could not bear the minutes.

When he returned, he found her hungry for something else. She dropped to her knees and undid his trousers, slid down his underpants just enough so her mouth could claim his half-erect cock. And with her lips sucking him in and out she made him hard as ever again. Her lips never leaving his cock she swiveled around under him so that when they lay, he was on top and she below in the new favorite – 69!

Her phone rang when her mouth was busy on his cock. She glanced at the screen, not taking her mouth canlı bahis siteleri of him and controlling his thrusting with her other hand. She took her mouth off and turned her head. She held him in her fist, briefly marveling at the thickness again. Then she answered the phone.

Shyam wanted the wet warmth of her mouth and thrust hard, smearing her hair with his precum. “Yes,” she answered urgently, her voice breathless. “It is my last day so there is stuff to finish,” she told her enquiring husband. As if on cue with the phrase “stuff to finish” her hand slid faster on Shyam’s cock. He grabbed her ass and stabbed with his tongue as deep as he could causing her to grunt.

When her husband asked what that was she replied, “Some [grunt] files [grunt]!” And as Shyam heard that he fucked her harder and Sunita’s husband heard the scraping sound of the phone being pushed away and a new grunt morphing to a wail as the phone disconnected.

The vigorous action started off a round of spewing. She quickly put his cock back in her mouth and slid her tongue over to take in his secretions. They ate and drank each other. She had never stopped flowing. But this time she never let him stop: her lips fucked him till he jetted into her. He filled her mouth and it spilled from overflowing.

The food which had been waiting its turn, served as another medium for making love, each feeding off the other. When he awoke later she was riding him, facing away. Anything but missionary, it seemed. Anything but ordinary was needed.

When she climbed onto his lap taking him in deep, her clit rubbed against the cock as she slid on and off. She screamed and shouted in pleasure; something he missed with his wife. He became hard repeatedly and fucked her again and again. But each time he made sure she came; and that was something she missed with her husband.

The fucking was wild and animal. It was a discovery. It was everything he had imagined unbridled lust to be but had never experienced.

And the encounter was everything she had heard from some of her friends and wondered what they were talking about.

They were drained, satiated and completely delighted.

IT was regret but also relief for them that Sunita’s husband was moving out of town; so they were unlikely to meet again. The relief was from knowing that this wild and high intensity passion could not be controlled if they had opportunity to meet again.

The regret was so many years together had passed without this discovery.

But the page was turned with that night.

Her husband had always thought his wife might be attracted to Shyam. Without saying so in as many words he encouraged Sunita to change her social circle from the old town they had lived in, where he had family, to the new town they had adopted.

And so it was that for two years, neither exchanged even a text message. And when she did, it was to introduce him to “Bhabhi-ji”, her sister in law.

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