Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 1

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Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 1



Part I: Birth of the Blue Dragons

Another evening, another movie. Tamara and Dana were holed up in the basement TV room of Tamara’s house, ready to begin yet another rental video as their boyfriends watched a football game upstairs. The guys, Tamara’s boyfriend Eric and Dana’s current lover Curtis, always watched the games in the living room- it was closer to the kitchen and besides, the basement room had the VCR for the ladies. But tonight is going to be different, thought Tamara. Oh yeah- very different, the pretty dark haired blonde smiled to herself.

Tamara and Dana had worked in the same insurance firm for over a year now, and the girls had become very close, as had their boyfriends. On several occasions, a double date had wound up here in Tam’s finished basement, with both couples going at it at the same time. Not group sex, not yet at least Tamara thought as she worked up enough courage to put her plan into action. So far, it had been her and Eric making love in one corner of the room and Dana and Curtis humping in another space. Both couples had watched each other, getting turned on by the sight of the other pair making love. So far however, watching was all. This was the night things were going to change if the owner of this house had her way.

Dana had close-cropped black hair and a striking face. She was twenty-six years old and somewhat on the short side, but her huge breasts tended to distract anyone from worrying about her height. Tamara had decided months ago that she was very sexy. Tam’s first choice was always a guy, but when the boys pick watching a football game over having real fun, well, something just had to be done. After all, Dana was very attractive and Tamara wasn’t that bad herself- at least that’s what she told herself. She was twenty-eight, had a pretty face and shoulder length dark blonde hair, a good body, not huge boobs like Dana’s but nice ones- and that dumbass boyfriend of hers was watching television! Well, that was going to change. In fact, if her plan worked, the four of them were going to have a whole new relationship by the end of this evening.

“You know,” said Tamara sitting down on the couch next to her friend, “I don’t feel like watching a movie tonight. Let’s do something more- interesting.” As she finished the sentence, in her hand she produced a vibrator from between the cushions. Dana looked at it, then Tamara, then the vibrator again and turned slightly red.

“Oh shit,” the brunette blurted out. “You’re really ambitious. But what about the guys. If they come down here to check on us…”

Tam moved closer to Dana and gently brushed her hair with her right hand. “Well, that will add to the excitement, won’t it? In fact, I’m rather counting on them checking on us,” Tamara whispered as she closed her mouth over Dana’s.

Some time later, Curtis strode down the steps to the basement TV room. “Hey, what are you two up…” He froze on the steps, gazing at the istanbul travesti scene before him. Curtis was a well-built thirty-two year old black man who was an ex-Marine, but at that moment, a feather could have probably struck him a deathblow. “Dana, what the fuck?” were the only words he could manage to force out.

His girl was in a recliner, legs spread wide with Tamara kneeling before her. The blonde was stroking Dana’s sopped pussy with her left hand, and Dana’s eyes were just now opening to focus on her boyfriend. Tamara stopped her task and stood upright on her knees to address Curtis. “Look Curtis, I’m not trying to move in on your woman, but we are sick to death of you guys watching football while we stew down here with fucking rental movies. We just picked a different way to entertain ourselves tonight, that’s all. If you want to stay and watch, then sit down,” she motioned to a chair with the vibrator in her right hand. “If not, then go back upstairs.”

Curtis composed himself and a broad smile spread over his face. “Yes ma’am!” he said as he moved to the chair. Dana grinned at him. “Enjoy lover,” said sighed. “I know I am.”

Tamara now turned back to her work. She was spreading Dana’s cunt open with her fingers as she lapped at it. Tam’s tongue flicked over her friend’s clit like a velvet buzzsaw. With her right hand, she inserted the vibrator into Dana, using it as a dildo, thrusting it in and out. Dana’s eyes were closed, but her face had the unmistakable look of ecstasy written over it. With every new wave of pleasure Tamara set off, the small brunette squirmed and gave out a little sound of joy.

Curtis was watching it all, even taking some mental notes on new ways to pleasure his lover. He knew it would just be a matter of time until Eric would come down the steps to see what everybody was doing. How would Tamara’s boyfriend react to all of this? Curtis wasn’t even sure how he felt about it all, but if his rigid cock was any indication, he liked it.

Sure enough, as on cue, Eric descended the stairs. He was twenty-nine, but looked ten years younger. His dark, boyish good looks and cute smile had attracted Tamara the first time she ever saw him. He wasn’t smiling now though. Like Curtis, he had stopped on the steps, surveying the scene. The girls were so into the delight of the moment, they hardly even noticed him. It was up to Curtis to deal with his friend.

“Don’t even say it- I know what you’re thinking. It all went through my mind a few minutes ago when I come down,” his friend said to Eric. “Look, just sit down and watch.”

“Sit down and watch? That’s what you want me to do? Are you out of your fucking mind? Look Curt, in case you haven’t noticed, that’s your girlfriend being eaten out by my girlfriend, and you want me to just sit down and watch?”

“Trust me. In a minute, you won’t be mad, just horny. Besides man, what the hell would you rather watch- this or a football istanbul travestileri game? Man, this is hot- I mean, fuckin’ hot! Eric man, sit down.”

Both men were now sitting, transfixed by the girls’ passion. Dana seized the initiative. She pushed Tamara’s face out of her lap and indicated for her to remain on her knees, supporting herself on the front of the recliner chair. With Tamara in a human bench position, Dana now straddled her friend and assumed a sitting position on Tamara’s rump, facing the men.

Just the site of the hot brunette astride her friend, with Tamara’s ass sticking out under her, would have been hot enough, but now Dana swung into action. She had taken the vibrator from Tam and was stoking herself with it while her left hand played with her pussy. She brushed the vibrator, which was now switched on, over her nipples, her thighs, and rubbed it across her clit as her fingers spread herself wide. Curtis made a moaning noise.

As predicted, Eric’s blood now boiled with erotic passion instead of anger. Dana trembled and made little bouncing motions on Tamara’s rump as she massaged the vibrator over her cunt. Every once in a while, her left hand would come up to grab and clench at one of her huge breasts as they swayed and bounced with her. Tamara held steady, with a broad smile on her face that no one else could see.

Smiles were also on the faces of the guys now. Both men had erections, but Eric was a little uncertain of how to react. After all, this situation didn’t exactly come up every day, did it? Curtis was less inhibited. He had been rubbing his crotch and at one point had started to unzip his pants when Dana momentarily broke from her rapture. “Not now!,” she barked at him. “Let me finish, then we’ll take care of both of you.” Curtis dutifully kept his cock in his pants, but it wanted out- really bad!

Dana rubbed her clit with her right hand and fucked herself with the vibrator in her left hand. Both hands seemed to be going at lightning speed, and her moaning now became full-fledged yelling. Curtis was cheerleading. “C’mon baby, do it baby, do it!” Even Eric added, “Go for it Dana!” At last, Dana came- and came- and came some more. The smile on her face was only slightly more than the smile worn by the two male spectators. “Touchdown!,” Curtis howled as the guys gave each other a high-five. “Oh baby, that was the greatest fuckin’ thing I think I’ve ever seen. I love you, baby! Oh, and you weren’t too bad yourself Tamara,” he added.

Dana was still astride her blonde friend, her pussy juices dribbling down Tamara’s butt. “Not too bad? You were won-der-ful Tam!” Dana said, and gave Tamara a sharp slap on the ass. As they both got to their feet, Tamara miraculously produced some towels for them to wipe off.

“And now, how ’bout us poor blueballed boys?” Eric said as he stood up to move toward his girlfriend. “Not so fast my friend,” Tamara said as she put her travesti istanbul arm around Dana and gave her a kiss on the check. “We need to talk. All of us.”

Eric collapsed back into his chair. Curtis looked at him, then at the girls. “You girls trying to tell us something?” he said with a nervous half laugh.

The women looked at each other and giggled. “No, we’re not dumping you for each other. I swear, you two are the biggest damn fools sometimes,” Dana said teasingly. Tamara laughed, but then looked at the men seriously. “We just wanted to show you what you were missing for a stupid ball game. Now, which do you think is more entertaining? Listen, we four are really tight. Think of the sexual possibilities. Look, Eric is still my boyfriend. Curtis, you and Dana are lovers now, and that’s not going to change unless you two decide otherwise. But hey, every once in a while, we should get together and have some purely sexual fun- the four of us. What do you all say?”

The men looked at the girls for a moment, then at each other. “What do you think?” Curtis asked his pal. In his eyes, he was begging Eric to say yes. Eric looked back at Tamara for a moment, then spoke.

“Okay, I’m in. But if you think I’m ever suckin’ this bastard’s cock, think again,” Eric chuckled. Curtis and Dana laughed. Tam smiled. Maybe not tonight, she thought, but give us a few sessions…

Curtis slapped his hands together and spoke up, a man inspired with an idea. “You know, every once in a while, we could even invite someone else, like a guest. Lots of hot people out there you know!”

“Yeah, and we could do it once a week,” Dana chimed in. “You guys have your ‘game of the week’- well, we’ll have our own sexual game of the week! It’ll be like our own little sex club.”

“And I don’t want this just to be getting together once a week for the same old fucking and sucking. We’ll want to come up with some, well, interesting things to do,” Tamara said. Her emphasis on the word “interesting” caused the other three to grin wickedly.

“I’d say you girls started us off right,” Eric observed.

“A name.” Tamara looked deep in thought, and caught the others staring at her. “If we have our own sex club now, we should have a name for it.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, Tam!” Eric said exasperatedly. “I’ve got the hard-on of all hard-ons after your little performance, and you’re worried about a fucking club name? What is this, middle school?”

Tamara glanced at her boyfriend. “Well, I think it’s important, and unless you want to suck your own cock, you better think of a name!” Eric rolled his eyes.

“When I was in the Marines, we used to hang out at a strip join near the base,” Curtis said, trying to help. “It was called ‘the Blue Dragon’. What about that? We’ll be the Blue Dragon Sex Club.”

Tamara thought a bit, looked at Dana and the two nodded at each other. “The Blue Dragons. Sounds exotic, and sort of tough. I like it,” she said. “I like it a lot.”

Eric smiled at her. “Great. Do you like it enough to finally do something about this blue dragon?” he asked, rubbing the erect dick in his pants.

“Yeah,” Tamara answered, “oh yeah.”

To Be Continued…

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