Chapter 39

27 Kas

Chapter 39



It had been months that I had known him and spent time with him. I had fantasized many times in my mind what making love to him would be like. I had refrained from my desires. How could I approach the subject with him. I had no idea he had some of the same thoughts going through his head as well.

When I saw him waiting at the car, I felt a warm sensation gush over my entire body. I felt the warm fluid escape from my vaginal lips and trickle down my inner thigh. My clit was throbbing for his touch and my womanly cave ached to have his hard throbbing cock buried deep within her walls. I held these feelings and thoughts of wanton lust inside. I didn’t want to seem too eager. I wanted him to want me and I was going to play a little hard to get. I wanted him to show me how much he desired me and how eager he was to make love to me. I wanted him to make the first move, no matter how much I desired his touch or wanted him I was going to restrain myself from being the one to leap into fate.

I had already engaged in a few nights of passionate kissing and heated foreplay. I was hungry for more. I was like a ravenous lion ready to jump my prey, and feed from the victim I had captured. I wanted to taste his kisses and feel his flesh. I wanted to engage in such heated passion that the world outside just simply disappeared. I wanted to be consumed by the pleasure and ecstacy that would be felt as he took me from any and every angle of kama sutra. I wanted Travesti to feel alive with lust, love and passion. I had resisted his advances, even as his hands moved across my body causing the blood to rush to the surface of my skin. I wanted a little more private setting if we were going to go any further. So far we had not taken it past the stages of a little lustful playing.

I knew what pleasures I could and wanted to give to him and what I wanted for myself, but I wasn’t ready to reveal this to him just yet. I wanted him to yearn and burn to feel a fiery passion for me. I wanted him to lust for my kisses and the touch of my velvet skin. I wanted to haunt his dreams and consume his every waking moment. I wanted to be the object he so desired that he could not rest till he had me for his own.

I saw him parked beside my car. I smiled sheepishly as I was unlocking the door. He was talking to me from his car. He asked me to follow him. I asked, “Where to?” He replied, “Up the road.” I could not resist the temptation, so I agreed. He lead me to a secluded park on the edge of town. There was no one in sight. I saw him coming to the car to join me as I scoured the view. It was haunting in the darkness. Very private.

As he entered the vehicle he asked, “Is this privacy enough?” “Yes.” I replied. I could see the crevices of his dimples as a smile formed across his lips. It was if I had said some sort of magical phrase.

He moved closer Antalya Travesti to me, kissing me and putting his arms around me. I could feel the fire in his lips as the passion poured from his soul. I could feel the fever for our desires grow. I knew there would be no turning back this time.

We moved to the back seat. We started removing articles of clothing as we hungrily kissed and caressed. He cupped my breasts and fed from the white mounds of flesh. His mouth moved across my skin embellishing me with kisses where ever his lips touched. His hands moved downward into my pants seeking the warmth and wetness of my womanly desires. His fingers danced in and out of my cave and tickled my clit as they moved in the silky fluid. I could hear my heart pounding, I thought the world would hear it. I moved my hands across his body burning a trail across his skin with my finger tips. I moved downward I longed to feel the excitement in his hard cock. I caressed its shaft as I felt the throbbing of his desires. He moaned and shivered with excitement under my touch. I removed my pants and made my self more comfortable as I opened myself to him for his taking. I wanted to feel his penetration. I reached for his hard rod and placed it at the opening of my woman hood as my eyes looked into his and begged him to enter me.

I felt the warmth as he glided into my depths. He moaned with each and every stroke he took, letting me know how much he Bursa Travesti had longed for this night. Letting me feel how much he had wanted to feel himself deep inside my walls. I reciprocated with the moans of pleasure that escaped my mouth and the thrusts of my hips as they met his. I moved my hands across his back caressing his butt pulling it into me harder deeper and faster. The friction between us was igniting. I felt him throbbing as he moaned my name over and over and erupted a sea of juice into my cavern. I then let go and spewed forth a fountain of warm fluid.

It was an exasperating, exhilarating explosion of pent up energy. We collapsed together catching our breath and just basking in the moment of ecstacy. As we gathered our strength and got dressed, we remarked to one another how pleasurable the experience was even if it was short lived.

He kissed me a few more times as we said our goodbyes. I followed him out of the park and down the road. He waved as I turned to head for home.

On the trip I just listened to the radio and reminisced about what had just happened. I smiled as I felt complete pleasure. I also knew I would want more. This time had been so full of intense madness. The caged lust we had felt that needed released was the only thing on our minds at the time. I knew the next time would definitely be a little longer with a little more erotic exploration. I wanted to have his cock in my mouth and feel it get hard as I sucked on the shaft. I wanted him to lick my throbbing clit and taste my juices as they sprang from me. I wasn’t sure if he liked that sort of thing but I was willing to find out. I could only fantasize about the night and hope for more in the future.

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