From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 31

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From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 31



Chapter 31 My Big Fat Sub Wedding

The wedding turned out fabulous. Bob was the best man, recovering the position from the now estranged Roger, and Dr. Harris gave me away, which was apt, given the current version of me was largely his creation. My mom was thrilled by the event; she had been very supportive of my whole transition. She had always wanted a daughter, and was delighted that I was happy with my decision. She knew generally about my sub/Dom relationship with Mr. Jenkins, but she didn’t want, and didn’t provide details.

She was looking sexy herself and flirted with the older single men—if she only knew… how many of them had been inside her daughter. Our network friends were there: even Vera and Bernie were looking elegant dressed up, though anyone within earshot could hear them bicker. Dr. Harris was allowed to reclaim them, and all were happy to be back to together, though we still borrowed her for dinners. Harris was still the same old horndog. He tried to shove his tongue down my throat, while we waited for the wedding march to cue us in.

My work-wife, Jeff Smith, who was my right-hand man and replacement for the next three weeks seemed as happy as I was. He was an earnest young gay man. I had tried to set him up, a couple of times, but he didn’t like my big beefy guys. He was looking for pretty; and… his date was gorgeous. It was like he had ordered him off a GQ cover, they were dating, but it was casual.

We were married by Joe, who had gone online and made himself an officiant for the event. He also served as the MC for the public reception. We had two; the first at the venue and another at Angel and Bob’s. Joe had arranged a surprise guest…. It was Lori. I hadn’t seen her at the ceremony, but Joe brought her over to me at the reception. She looked, frankly… worn out. Joe had kept in touch with her and found her a job at his company. She was there with Paul, the guy she had left with and two little kids six and ten (his from a previous marriage).

She still looked sexy with her big tits and waspish waist, but she bore the haggard look of someone who has lived a hard life. Paul was good to her, she said, but he liked to be really rough all the time. They were strictly monogamous, and he didn’t have the patience to wait until she was fully healed to use her hard again. I had never really considered this aspect of the equation. If I was Daddy’s only outlet for aggression, I too would be worn out.

All of the punishment he delivered to Betty, to Vera, to Ashley and others, I didn’t know else, would fall to me. As much as I enjoy the pain, that would be too much. I had the luxury of experiencing the pain I wanted and then having time to recuperate, while not denying my man his pleasure. Plus, he didn’t always have to be rough. We had “straight” sex about half the time.

She apologized profusely again, for everything she had done, and thanked me for her share of the apartment proceeds, I had sent. It was not just her Master’s heavy hand, she had had a lot of stress. She had lost her job and gotten a certain reputation in New York engineering circles.

The money helped them get by, while neither was working for a while, and he had child-support payments to make for two kids. I searched my heart and mind, and found I no longer held any animus against her at all. I felt a little sorry for her, given how quickly she seemed to be aging. I shook hands with Paul and hugged the kids; thinking I probably would never see her again, as I moved on to greet other guests.

The CEO of my firm was there; very happy to see me “made an honest woman,” without a hint of irony. He was just that kind of hokey old-fashioned Midwesterner. But he was a good guy, who had taken a huge risk on me, both supporting my transition and offering me the number two position in the company. Ultimately, he was a numbers guy, which guided both those decisions.

For those of us going to the “afterparty,” the reception went on too long. As for the rest, “the civilians,” were having a great time. We hired a great band and instructed the waiters to keep the booze flowing. The plan was for the bride and groom to leave with the traditional cans and shit tied to the limo. We’d ride out to Queens and await the trickling in of the rest of the guests as they filtered into the more “adult” reception, leaving those at the first party to dance and make merry to their hearts’ content.

I got to Bob’s already a bit tipsy, Daddy was quiet and pensive on the way and didn’t really say much, until we were pulling into Bob and Angel’s place. We got out of the limo, and he kissed me quietly on the lips, but just a peck. I tried to turn it into more, but he turned toward the door and nudged me on ahead of him.

Meg and her very tattooed boyfriend were setting up the bar and some of the other staff from the shop were there as servers. They mobbed me at the door, hugging and kissing me, even Kait, the usually aloof corsetier was congratulating and caressing me.

Bob and Angel bursa escort were right behind us; we hung out with them at the bar as others trickled in. Anna Smith and Fritz were next to get there. She looked much happier than the last time I had seen her. She kissed Daddy in a very intimate way, then congratulated both of us and gave me a warm hug. Fritz gave me peck on each side of the cheek, very European.

Hannah came next, with her whore Julia and Roger Willis, her cuck. Alex and his Dom Larry were not far behind, and Harris, Vera, and Bernie arrived at the same time. Marvin, Terrence and George came after them.

Daddy was mingling, and I was talking with Anna, when two couples, I had never met, and not at the wedding or the reception, arrived separately. Anna seemed to know them and introduced them as Herb and Sarah Mills. The other couple arrived soon after and introduced themselves as Mary and Bill Fielder. I caught up with Daddy, who was talking to Dr. Harris, when Joe arrived with his girlfriend Diane. Joe was designated last to leave the first party, he hung around continuing to emcee the party until all afterparty guests had left.

When they walked over Mr. Jenkins made a point of showing his dominance over Diane. She greeted me with a warm hug, but when she went to greet Daddy, he leaned in and kissed her hotly, then reached down the front of her tight blouse and pulled out one of her fat bubs. He grabbed the hem of her short tight skirt and roughly manipulated her pussy. He seemed to be doing this for my benefit and Joe’s.

He was reminding us of the rules even on this auspicious day, I thought. This was the arrangement; though I had not really witnessed much activity between him and Diane, I had to assume he exercised his dominance over her on occasion. I knew he found her round plumpness less appealing and most of his other whores were on the fitter side. She was making pleasant mewling noises as he fingered her and pawed at her fat tits. She was breathless when he stopped suddenly and then pecked her cheek as if all was normal.

He turned to Joe and pushed me toward him by nudging my arm at the elbow, like he was handing over a willful pet or child. “Here, get her ready!” He commanded Joe.

“Yes, JJ!” Joe snapped back. I had no idea what this was about. My idea had been that this would be an open form orgy without no real structure. I didn’t ask, knowing I had no real input if he had something special planned.

Joe led me to the showers/dressing room area. In a casual seeming, but determined manner. Once in there, he had me take off my casual wedding dress, little more than a simple summer dress with lacy straps. Underneath, I had some frilly white panties and a camisole to match and a white garter belt with white stockings. He had me undress completely except for the garter and stockings.

I looked at him uncertainly and asked “what’s going on, Joe.”

“I’m sorry, Michelle. But I can’t answer that.” Then he looked away not wanting to make eye contact with me. I was growing concerned, but just went along.

He clipped my pussy lips with two clips each side and used the garter belt to keep them to clipped open. He had me put on super high BDSM wedged boots then stood me on a flat-bed rolling cart with a platform about three inches off the ground, with my legs wide open. He clipped the shoes with a strap to the deck of the cart, where there was ring.

He pushed my top half forward until I was bent in half and my breasts were about ten inches above the push bar of the cart. He, then clipped my nipple rings to the cart with a chain and a carabiner. He tied my cuffed my wrists with my arms behind my back and had me spread and hold my ass cheeks open.

When he had secured me to the cart, he shoved a large dick gag in my mouth. Then, I spotted a large cardboard box decorated like a gift. He raised the box over my head and onto the cart. There was a slit for the cart handle, and I had to scooch back, tugging on my nipples to keep my head away from the box wall. When the box was secured, I heard him texting Mr. Jenkins to let him know I was ready.

My mind was racing; I was confused and bewildered. I couldn’t figure the plan, or what I was supposed to be. “I was the bride, dammit!” I thought, with a sense of impending injustice. When Daddy sent back the okay, Joe began to wheel me back into the main room. I could just make out the group trough the slit as Joe towed me along behind him. They were no longer milling about casually, but were all gathered around the Bellini, as if waiting for the “show.”

Joe wheeled me right up to the inner curve of the C-shaped Bellini, and joined the crowd. Daddy jumped on top of the Bellini and addressed the group assembled on outer curve. Sitting on either side (on the “prongs” of the C) were the two women I had met earlier, Mary and Sara. They were both younger than me, Mary looked to be maybe twenty-six and Sara maybe a bit older. Mary had spectacular tits that seemed to bursa escort bayan defy gravity. Sara was slight and frail looking, like a tiny bird that might be blown away in a stiff breeze.

“Folks! I want to thank you all for coming to celebrate our ceremony and our send off to our European honeymoon. Michelle would thank you too, but her mouth is a bit full right now. Hahaha!

“We haven’t gotten together like this in a while, and I think we need to change that when we get back. But tonight, is a special night for us; you might be confused by the symbology of what we are about to do. I’m sure Michelle is confused because she has no idea of what we are doing here.

“Mmmph, uph!”

“Yes, I know, sissy. I have her made up as gift because she is the gift, I give myself today. To symbolize her gift to me; her willingness to give me freedom pursue my pleasure, while she endures great suffering. This is probably not the treatment a new bride expects, but that is a part of it.” He leaned over the edge of the box and attached the winch to a hook on the box. “I present you my new wife!”

Angel tapped her tablet, and the box went floating up in the air above me revealing me in my current predicament. I scanned the crowd from my position facing out toward them, as they applauded raucously. I was in the center of the C and Daddy was above me and slightly to the left of my head. The two girls sat recumbent on the ends of the C, right and left and slightly behind me.

I turned my head toward each of them to get a sense of them. They both seemed a little frightened and anxious. The thin one, Sarah, was a Scandinavian looking blonde with bright green eyes and a pleasant smile, which she had plastered on her face just then. The other was dark skinned Black woman, who was, as they used to say, “built like brick shithouse.” She was maybe 5’8″, but looked statuesque.

Her tits were amazing, they weren’t huge like Lori’s or Anna Smith’s, but they were big and pneumatic, yet when squeezed they looked pliant and soft. Even now, as the new married bride I was, I still loved to look at nice tits. The rest of her was just like her tits, spectacular: long shapely legs, a hot ass, a tight tiny waist, and gorgeous face. I was getting jealous, of her!

“Most of you know my other whores, Sara” and he pointed to her, and the crowd cheered in agreement “and Mary.” He pointed they all cheered again. “However, Michelle doesn’t know them. The thing is that she has never once asked me about any other whores. She knew there were some, but not a word.

“My Sissygirl, this is Sara, she’s been mine for, what is it…”

“Five years, Sir. Thank you!”

“Yes, five years, and Mary, well has been with me about four, isn’t that right, slut?”

“That’s right, Sir!”

“It’s not as if I was hiding them, there was never occasion for you to meet. But you must have guessed there were more?”

“Umhph, hmm!” I tried to answer with my mouth full of plastic cock.

“I’m going to take the gag off in a minute, my dear, but I don’t want you to speak yet.”

“Come here, sluts!” They both instantly jumped from their spots on the couch and knelt on the couch at his feet, hands behind their backs, as trained. He was wearing just a robe, which he opened to reveal his gorgeous cock.

“Of course, I have to thank both of your cuckolds. Cucks where are you?”

The two men I had seen before approached the Bellini; they were fully naked with their cocks in metal cages. Both were small, but Bill, Mary’s husband was super tiny, all you could see was his saggy ball sac and the tiny perforated button of his metal cage. Herb, Sarah’s cuck, was a bit better he had smaller balls but you could actually detect that there was a little dick in there.

Herb, like his wife had Scandinavian features, Bill was maybe Italian or Greek, somewhere Mediterranean, from his olive complexion. Bill was made up like a very non-passing transvestite. It didn’t seem he was actually trans, but that Mr. Jenkins and his wife had him made up that way for humiliation.

“Give them a hand… Bill, would you position your wife to blow the way you know I like.”

“Yes, Master.” He straightened her out bent her head back and placed her open mouth just below his swinging big cock.

“Michelle, my darling bride. You made a confession to me after my bastard brother kidnapped and tried to sell you. You remember?” He nodded to Joe, who came over and removed the big dick gag. I coughed and gasped for air.

“Yes, Sir. I said that when I had lost hope, I thought for a while that he should be my proper Master, Sir.” The crowd gasped like I was playing in the Masters and missed a one-inch putt to lose.

“And after you confessed you begged me to punish you for it?”

“Yes, Sir. I did. Thank you for remembering, Master.”

“Do you still wish to be punished, slut?”

“Yes, Daddy, please punish me; I should never have thought of him in favor of you.”

“What escort bursa did you say made you think that, sissy?”

“His harshness…” I whispered. He reached out and slapped my face hard, so that it caused my head to move, yanking on my tied tits.

“I couldn’t hear you, slut!”

“His harshness, Sir!” I said, overly loud, just when everyone had grown silent.

“Oh yes, now I remember. Well, whore, if you like harshness, tonight you’re gonna get what you want. Just what you deserve. Plug her up, Joe! I don’t want to hear any more from her, I wish to just listen to my sweet whores moan, right now.”

“Bitch!” He waved his hand at Marvin, who made his way toward me and stopped about four feet away from me with a bullwhip.

“Marvin is going to whip you slowly, while my whore, Mary, gives me a blowjob. Keep the count with the usual rules. The count doesn’t matter, and I won’t really be paying attention, but if you miss the count, Marvin will give you two extra lashes. Is that clear, whore?”

“Umph, ththph.”

“Bill, you’ve always wanted to suck my big cock, but never did because you refused to admit it when you gave me your wife as my whore. Do you regret that, faggot?”

“Yes, Sir, I’ve relished watching Ms. Mary sucking it all these years, but I wish I hadn’t denied my lust for your big cock back then.”

“Well, Billiboi, this is as close as you get; give me a blow job with your wife’s mouth, show me what you want to do with my cock. You do all the work; I want her inert. You’ve watched her blow me hundreds of times. Let’s see how well you do.”

Bill pushed his wife’s mouth onto the fat cock and then up toward his crotch. She began to gag; he looked up at Daddy. Daddy nodded; he pushed until the cock was all the way down his wife’s throat and he looked up again for direction. She began to choke and convulse, but he kept the pressure on her head until Mr. Jenkins nodded again, then he pulled back.

Meanwhile, Marvin waved the whip around building suspense for the first strike. I knew his accuracy with the whip, and I also knew he would start in a tender spot to set the pace. I couldn’t anticipate; he kept making false starts. I held my ass as wide open as I could. A part of me that wanted to focus on the unfairness of the situation. We had just said “I do” a couple of hours ago, and now he was doing this to me in a room full of our friends (granted, friends familiar with this behavior), but still. I was the bride, dammit! Shouldn’t this be my day?

Another part of me, the one that always wins out for a true submissive, knew—absolutely knew—I deserved this. I could have avoided it by just keeping my big mouth shut. Also, I had asked for it directly and ultimately, I enjoyed this kind of treatment, if it was for his enjoinment.

He was giving me what I wanted by letting me please him with my suffering and demonstrating why he did think of me as gift, I thought. At the ceremony, he had insisted my vows include the old-fashioned promise to “obey.” In a way, it legally formalized my submission to him. All of those thoughts flew out the window when the lash struck between my wide-open pussy and asshole. I could feel the welt rising just as I felt the burning pain of the lash.

“One, thank you, Sir, please may I have another.” I garbled something like that through the latex dick in my mouth.

Daddy had already grown tired of the whole “cuckold uses wife to blow Master” premise and banished both cucks back to cucks’ row. He was force-feeding his cock down Mary’s throat while she knelt before him still with her hands behind her back, while Sarah knelt behind him and licked and slurped on his big balls. The group was still, more or less, paying attention to the action but some were getting involved in their own dramas.

Harris was tying Bernie down in cuck’s row, while Vera waited anxiously to suck his dick. Bob was feeling up Ashley Samuelson, under her blouse, while she held her breath with eyes closed. People were feeling the sexual energy from the ersatz stage and the orgy was starting to heat up. Just then, Marvin pounced unexpectedly. At the crack of the whip, everyone turned their attention back to me for a second.

This time he drew line down the middle of my back right on my spine with lash. It hurt so bad; I felt the pain in my ribs around my chest. I burbled the phrase through my gag and continued to watch my new husband be serviced by two hot young women, while I waited for the guy, I had recommended to him as potential Dom, to expertly strike me with a bullwhip on the tender exposed flesh I held open for him to abuse. Because he always caught me by surprise, I was constantly yanking on my clipped tits in reaction.

The girls had switched places; now, Sarah had him balls deep down her long skinny throat and Mary was licking his balls. Sarah seemed to be doing a great job, when he suddenly struck her hard across the face. She looked up and moaned in surprise.

“Moan, you fuckin’ bitch; I want to hear you moan on my cock.” He kicked her in her flat chest right between her two hard knobby nipples, and she fell back onto the couch. While she was down and splayed out, he kicked her in the crotch with his barefoot and switched back to Mary on his cock. Sarah moaned loudly after that.

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