Hands with a Heart

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Hands with a Heart



I was 13 minutes early for my Thursday appointment at 9:00 PM at the Verdure. I introduced myself at the counter to a rather large girl wearing a black towel, seductively tied above her breasts like all the others. A bold ‘V’ badge in gold, clipped on over her left side, glinted in the LED lights hidden below the shiny wooden counter top.

“Hi Roy.” She smiled. ” I am Donna. You have a few minutes. Follow me and you can relax here and I’ll come get you soon.” She gestured to a door to her right and I went after her into a small softly lit waiting room with three comfortable armchairs. I settled into one and Donna said: “Enjoy!” and left.

She looked a bit familiar as this was my fifth visit to Verdure in six months. As she walked towards the door, even in the dim lights I noticed that she was better looking from behind and her ample butt could be imagined proportionate enough to be even classified as sexy. She wouldn’t be one of the girls inside as her extra pounds would be to her disadvantage. I saw myself giving my judgment of sexual attractiveness a dynamic standard of progressive lowering, because of my recently acquired single status. Sex deprivation was doing things to me!

Verdure was a large swanky establishment of three floors and as the name suggested, dealt with lushness and health. Being on the suburbs of the big city and no more than an hour and half away, it was a favorite haunt for wealthy middle-aged anonymity seeking executives. The three floors housed the ‘Crimson Pad’ in the humungous semi basement that received the fitness nuts in all shapes and sizes. The main floor, just adjoining the room where I was seated was called the ‘Green Path’ where a variety of naturopathy treatments were practiced either in groups or as individuals. The top floor appointment with Adrianna was what I was waiting for. It was called the ‘Purple Patch’ and had luxurious chambers for sensual massages. They were easily the best to be found in our part of the world and was the pride of Verdure that brought in the biggest number and famous clientele. As a result, it was the money spinner for Kelvin Wong, the proprietor.

Donna walked in again with what looked like a tablet and spoke as she approached me. “I am very sorry.” She smiled apologetically. “But Adrianna had to leave in a hurry. Her uncle was taken ill. Do you mind if we switch your Cherub or do you want to rebook?”

Cherub is the term they used for a masseuse at Verdure. I was too horny to go home without a release, so I chose to switch. Donna showed me Tanya’s image and told me she was ready to go now. I agreed. As she noted it on her tablet and turned, her towel slipped and she grabbed both her towel and the device but not before I had a full view of a good portion of her large pendulous boobs. I helped her by holding her iPad as she rewrapped herself, red faced. But I was not sure the towel drop was a total accident. Donna hurried away. There was none around, and I wished I had seen her butt instead!

She was back in minutes and told me Tanya was ready. “I am truly sorry about the towel.” She searched my face for a reaction and got none. “You’ll keep the same Kube, Waves?” I nodded. Then she whispered: “If you are lonely and want a good fuck, call me on this number.” She handed me a card. “For one hour of a fabulous girl-friend-experience just $200. I do everything.” She smiled coyly, close to my face. “But hush is the word! I don’t want trouble.”

I said I understood and walked up the stairs with her slightly behind so that I could enjoy the visual appetizer as a prelude to my evening’s indulgence. I did not read what Donna’s card said but stored it safely in my wallet. Who knows?

On Purple Patch hallway, we reached the second chamber called Kube Beta and Donna pushed open the naked woman shaped bronze door handle. The door itself had a full-length mirror that was one way, as I learnt on my previous visit, with a giant ‘ß’ on it. I walked into the familiar intimate yet curiously open luxuriousness of the ‘Waves’ milieu. Donna left with another: “Enjoy!”

The three luxury Chambers at Verdure were called Kubes and each of them could have an artificial, yet realistically constructed environment called milieus. They cost $30 for 15 minutes. There were some ten other smaller chambers. I had chosen ‘Waves’ that constructed a hot sunny beach scene with a set of eighty-inch HD monitors and simulation of sound and temperature ambiance including a warm breeze. The screens of crystal-clear make-believe scenes occupied one wall and about a third of the slanted ceiling, the rest of which was fitted with a huge mirror. The opposite end of the Kube had a small glass shower cubicle and a spot with a dryer and a full-length mirror. The table sat in the middle, of course with the head end towards the ‘Beach’.

I took a quick shower and sat on a chair next to the table waiting for Tanya. I looked around and was again impressed with the details to istanbul travesti usher in the appropriate mood. The walls had several paintings of male and female nudes. The faucet in the shower corner was shaped like a penis in bronze and the water poured forth from a vagina shaped shower head. The purplish lights that dominated the entire floor oozed the sensual atmosphere and reflected the name and the theme of this unique place. The description is essential to capture the complete emotions that ballet around within these walls as I was about to get myself pampered.

I saw a girl at the door through the one-way glass. It was probably Tanya. She pushed through the doors and walked in with a beaming smile.

“Hello!” As she walked towards me I realized that I may have not chosen well! She had dirty brown streaked hair tied up to a small ponytail, a chubby face and seemed to have some acne scars. She was possibly south American of noticeably light brown complexion. Could not see the rest of her as she wore that black towel with the ‘V’ pin at the top. She had a beautiful smile though, with nice even teeth.

“Hi, Tanya. I am Roy. So glad to meet you.” I gave her my hand, but she held it drew me to her for a warm hug.

“I think we can get more cozier.” She kept smiling. She felt nice and soft under the towel and a little closer I saw her face did have some marks and her cheeks were chubby alright, but she was pleasant to look at. “So, what will it be, today?”

“I’ll take the ‘Two-Way Street’.” I said, which meant nude reverse massage in Verdure parlance.

“OK, awesome. Shut your eyes while I take this off and get on the table.”

I complied and turned away to let her have her exaggerated privacy. I guess it was more titillating.

I heard her movements and getting on to the table. “I am ready. There is a choice of oils on the rack”

I selected lavender. I took my time to turn around. I was going to make this as slow and sensual as possible. She was lying on her tummy with her head turned towards me with that glorious smile. Her bare back was smooth and inviting and as I glanced downwards, I saw that she had her white thongs on. Well wounded ample gluteal globes sat invitingly on either side of her thong ‘floss’ as I called it. She kept smiling, her arms by her side in apparently amused readiness.

“Are you going to wear your towel?” She mocked. I took it off and flung it onto the chair. She looked at my package still smiling. I was not hard yet but the beginnings of arousal were there. “Hmm… Nice.” She complimented. Never had that said to me, I thought. Not even by my ex-wife.

I applied the oil copiously and wondered where to start and chose her neck region. I told myself that I wasn’t good at this and I was not meant to be. I was going to feel this woman for my own pleasure as I should. So, I went for her neck very gently and at the first full touch of all ten fingers, she jerked with what I thought was pleasure. Wow, I thought. I was good!

“Your fingers are icy cold!” she complained.

“Oh, sorry.” I rubbed my hands together while I kicked myself for that false start! Making sure I was warm enough I went for her neck, shoulders and back extremely carefully.

Oh lord, she had wonderful smooth skin that was yielding and soft. Her eyes were closed now, which was a good sign. Should I move to her butt? Traditionally massagers all skipped that area to go to the foot region and that’s what I did. I spent the time gently feeling her toes, soles, feet and ankles with my focus and vision on her sexy butt and the crevice with the mysteries between her legs.

It was when I travelled slowly up her calves and her thighs that I really developed a sort of an erection. The sensations felt in my fingers had finally travelled to my throbbing penis. I was thrilled with that feeling.

I gathered up some initiative to move to her awesome ass. Underneath the smooth and soft skin was firm muscle. I went circular and then downwards and placed my palms between her upper thighs and separated them.

“Gosh!” She exclaimed. “You didn’t want me naked? Never met such a shy man. You asked for ‘Two-way’ and that means both of us should be nude.”

“You never told me.” I defended. “Shall I take your thong off?”

“Of course!” She hoisted herself up to help me and I gingerly drew the flimsy white fabric down and off her ankles. I looked at her behind and between her thighs. As if to read my mind she parted them slightly. “Are you looking between my legs?”

“Where else would I look?” I was not ashamed or shy any more of my raw lust.

She giggled. “You like what you see?”

“Absolutely awesome!” I may have been exaggerating. I glimpsed her clean-shaven cunt lips and the beautiful crevice continuing down from her butt. I had that desire to touch and feel her close to her core but I didn’t.

Instead I simply felt her butt with both hands occasionally dipping into istanbul travestileri her valley. Careful fondling and tender fingering to arouse my senses was all I did.

“Do you want to turnaround?” I asked tentatively.

“Wondering when you’ll ask.” The ever-smiling Tanya flipped around.

She did so with fluid gracious movements that defied her extra flab. After a quick decision, I went for her breasts that were of reasonable size but now flattened by the supine posture. I gently palmed her nipples, when Tanya interrupted me.

“I am looking down there and you are still not fully hard. Am I not good enough to feel and look at?”

“Oh, no you are.” I looked down at myself, held my penis, and gave it a couple of strokes. “I’ll get there. No worries.”

Yes, she was a little flabby, but she was incredibly smooth. She spread her arms wide as if to present herself. Her 36C size boobs hardly looked saggy even when she was lying down, and the tummy flab was cleverly indrawn. Her thighs were chunky and sexy like her butt and her pussy was inviting enough; cleanshaven, fleshy, a visible clit and with a longish slit. I got all that at the first glance and now I took her in more in detail.

She was OK. By that I meant she was fuckable. I tucked that bit of information in the deepest part of my brain.

These thoughts were important as it brought on some more arousal. I kept at her breasts and noticed that her nipples had hardened. Eyes closed she moaned softly. That encouraged me to go on kneading her warm flesh even more eagerly in concentric circles and with a touch of gentleness. I went on covering every millimeter of skin till she hummed her satisfaction again. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Come on. Get on the table. It’s payback time!” She looked down there again. “Aha! The guy’s upright now! Good.” That was the most salient observation.

I needed no further invitation.

“I am going to use lavender as that’s what you chose for me.” She said as I climbed on. I lay on my stomach and she went to work gently from my neck downwards. Her fingers were both soft and firm as if to tease every muscle fiber into total flaccidity. Soon she was doing that to my gluteal region. Cleverly dipping into more sensitive areas with a glancing enticing sweep. She even touched my balls between my thighs ostensibly accidentally. It sparked a warm thrill in that region, rekindling the erection pressed under me.

“I think you can turn over.” Tanya’s arguably shy demeanor and winsome smile were out of place in a massage parlor.

Now on my back and my cock with an embarrassing and expected erection, I waited with bated breath. Of course, my needy, throbbing manhood was callously ignored. Tanya went about doing my chest and even my abdomen carefully avoiding touching me there. Patience, I told myself.

“So why are you here?” She asked glancing at me while doing her expert skirting around my crotch area. “I mean are you missing something or someone? I don’t mean to pry on you but tell me only if you want to make this experience better.”

“Oh, I had a happy divorce eight months ago.” I began. “We still live in the same house with me in the basement. We are emotionally and financially independent and the split of our assets was a smooth amicable slice in the middle.” Tanya still showed no signs of reaching second base. “So, I don’t have any regular woman company now. On my walks around Lake Spencer I see Julie, a woman around thirty-five walking her lovely yellow Labradoodle called Benson. She is sexy with mixed African or Caribbean blood and looks single. I have never spoken to her much but I almost walk every day to see her. By the way Julie is the name I gave her. You know, she looks like a Julie.”

“That’s funny. OK, so you want to close your eyes and think this is Julie with you?” She looked at me with eyebrows raised. That’s kind of a nice fantasy, I thought but I hadn’t even got to know her that well. I can’t imagine being this intimate.

“Wait a minute. I have another one that I was dating. Her name was Gina. She was an absolute beauty in every way. In fact, I think she dumped me as I was not good enough for her but walked away when she heard I was still married. That was the excuse.”

“Did she give you good hand jobs?”

“She did once or twice but she was such a knockout beauty that I was almost always doing stuff to her. She wasn’t very participatory and at first I thought she was the shy type now I think it was a lack of a connection.”

“OK, buddy. Close your eyes and go back to those days and imagine this one time she really wanted to please you. Did she have a good body? Shut your eyes and imagine she’s here.”

I did as I was told and immediately, soft fingers and then a palm wrapped around my cock that sprang to action.

“Roy, darling, I want to make you happy. Please forgive me for being so callous. I want to make up!” The last sentence was a sexy, travesti istanbul husky whisper.”

I felt a second hand on my balls giving me caresses gingerly with obvious knowledge of that damn testicular sensation,

“Ooh, you’ve gotten huge.” Appreciation was instant following the obvious engorgement.

“Yes, you are wonderful, Tanya.”

“No, this is Gina! Remember!”


Then she did the most incredible thing. She hoisted her left thigh onto the table adjacent to my right shoulder and spread herself just enough to show me her pussy and went faster with her stroking and started talking so excitingly dirty!

“Oh, what a cock! What a majestic beast! Gosh, I want to be fucked by this awesome piece of meat. Please, fuck me next time. Now I’ll give you this tug but next time you must, you will fuck me, OK?”

I put my hand on her big, soft ass and she went faster and faster with moans and groans that did not even sound false and I erupted with a big cry of ecstasy myself. I pumped my load in the air and Tanya exhaled sexily with each spasm of climax.

She lay on my thigh for a while before she started cleaning up.

After she swabbed and wiped me with a warm towel, she suggested I get a shower to get the oil off and led me to the little cubicle in the corner. She checked the water temperature and let me in and scrubbed me down with soap and shampoo and caressed me very sensually starting with my back. When she reached my butt, she naughtily slid her hands between my thighs and grabbed my balls and then my cock. She giggled. Me being a week and starved soul, developed another erection soon enough and I had the audacity to request another hand job in the shower.

“No, sorry.” She politely refused saying they were allowed only a single climax but kept looking at me while she held my cock gingerly. She even slid her palm up and down very, very slowly and whispered a very genuine: “But you have a beautiful cock.”

I took her for her word and did not want her to get into trouble for sure. She was the only one that joined me in the shower. I tipped her $50 and decided at that moment that she would be my Cherub forever.

My regular visits were on Thursdays once a month; that was once every four or five weeks. After skipping the first Thursday I was having Tanya withdrawal and phoned Verdure for an appointment the next week. I got one at my preferred time of 9 PM.

I ran through my memories of my previous episodes. My first Cherub was Cyndi. She was Asian and while she was okay at what she did, she seemed restricted either by her own personality or preferred practice style. She was just not enjoying what she did and was simply going through the motions, I felt. Even her reviewers agreed. She was tall for an Asian and remarkably endowed and shapely though a tad lean, may be. So, I dumped her for Lisa who was from the Caribbean and brown and genuinely nice to look at. Again, professionally she did her part well enough but when I took a little long to cum to prolong my thrill, she curtly muttered: “If you don’t make it in the next few minutes, it’s going to cost you more.” That did it and I chose Adrianna the next round. Adrianna was Caucasian, pretty, bubbly, short, curvy and a bit muscular like she works out a lot. She gave me a wonderful time with expert hands, sound technique and a friendly chat before, during and after. We really connected. So, I chose her the second time.

All these above visits were termed ‘The Beaten Path’ which meant the girls were topless and I was not really allowed to touch them sexually. On the second visit, Adrianna wore such a maddeningly sexy skimpy tight panties that her pussy shape was outlined. I told her.

“You want me to take it off?”

“I think so.” I admitted which also meant I was agreeing to the ‘Streak Walk’ deal where the masseuse got fully naked.

When she got going, her ass and pussy were so inviting that I wanted to touch, and she went: “Why don’t we upgrade to the ‘Two-Way Street’ which is when I heard of the mutual massage first. There were also more expensive options like ‘Glide Ride’ which was a body-to-body massage much like Nuru, the “Stereo Limbo’ with two girls and the ‘Fluid Phase’ which was a jacuzzi session.

Also, at the end of my second session with Adrianna, she cuddled up with me on the table and had a real heart to heart like lovers. We were both nude, of course and with arms and limbs entwined discussed sex and our preferences and what her clients were like. I was surprised to know that most of these girls had regular and often live-in boyfriends.

Now it would seem obvious why I had made Adrianna my choice and had some mental resistance to switching to Tanya. It was like cheating! But Tanya did perform above expectations and I even began liking her looks which is another way of saying that when you like someone they get prettier!

With much thrilling anticipation I walked through the plush glass doors of Verdure about five minutes before the scheduled time. This time Donna was not there and another girl called Pam showed me to my Kube straight away.

The usual ritual of a shower was done and I sat waiting for Tanya in my towel.

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