Light House Ch. 01

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Light House Ch. 01


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Sand Man

‘Make love to me’, she whispered in his ear. Her eyes were closed as she felt his hand pull open the buttons on her cotton nightgown. His lips descended down her neck, they were soft and warm yet her nerves prickled as though ice was pumping through her veins. As his face moved over her bare shoulders; the fabric fell off of her. The cool crisp winter air hit her chest, hardening her dark brown nipples; their contrast was dramatic next to his pale snowy skin. His tongue glided over her mounding flesh, beginning to take tiny bites. It caused her to jerk, her excitement growing. She giggled and pressed into him, wanting more of her senses to be filled. Her energy began to move her, blood throbbed in her clitoris, engorging her labia. Karina’s head fell back; a soft moan slipped out of her lips. The stranger continued lowering himself, nibbling, sucking on each inch of her body. Taking her gown down to her ankles, he grabbed her hips, lifted her into the air, and set her on his shoulders. Her warm vulva gave off the most alluring scent.

Brushing his tongue over her erect clit and between the pulsing inner lips, a deep purr came from his throat. His black hair hanging down over his face hid him from the young woman. Karina bit her lower lip. How she loved this gentle feeling; she wanted so much more. The figure’s hands ran up the small of her back then back down to her full butt. He grabbed each cheek hard, massaging into them. Leaning his face in, his mouth connected with her inner labia. Using his tongue he began licking her lips following the folds deeper inside of her, caressing Betturkey the soft places, exploring the ridges. The warm fluid inside of her began to collect in the pale man’s mouth. He swallowed hungrily. His nose pressed into her clitoris, pushing more moans out of Karina’s mouth. Her own hands ran threw her hair, tangling the strands in her fingers; her eyes were closed, sinking into the erotic feeling that surged through her. The feeling stopped abruptly, causing her head to fall down, and she stared at the black hair surrounding the pale skin; his features were indistinguishable but something did stand out to her. Bright glowing gold eyes stared deep into her blue ones.

“Karina, Karina, come on you’re going to be late, get up!” The mahogany skinned girl shook her head as she woke up from her usual dream. She had slept through her alarm clock and now had to rush to get ready for school. Her older brother Sosa had been the one to wake her up for the past few weeks. He was in the kitchen toasting bread and scrambling eggs. “I gotta get going; your food is in the microwave. And get to class!” Sosa grabbed his jacket, as he yelled down the hall to his sister, and headed out the door to work.

As she stood in front of her mirror and cleaned herself up as quickly as possible, she couldn’t help but think of those glowing golden orbs. Who was it that haunted her like this? That drove her senses wild and gave her chills in the night?

“Guhhh! I don’t have time for this!” Karina put on her winter coat and stuffed down her breakfast, picking up the messenger Betturkey Giriş bag that waited for her at the door. The bitter wind blew around the street buildings and through her long hair; her black locs danced loosely behind her as she ran to the bus stop. Karina and her brother lived in a one-bedroom apartment downtown. Their father was in the military and often had to leave them by themselves. A few years ago he was deployed overseas, war called him away. In the event that something were to happen, he had given legal guardianship to their grandmother. Their gran, Kanna had taken a turn with her health and couldn’t work much longer. Kanna was strong-willed and didn’t want to think of herself as a burden pulling from resources that her grandchildren needed, but as time passed medical bills and medicine showed themselves to be unforgiving. It was all they could do to keep the apartment they stayed in and take care of the woman who’d spent so much of her life taking care of all of them. The money Sosa and Karina’s dad sent back to them paid for Kanna’s relocation to an assisted living facility where she could receive the care she needed full time, there was little left for the expenses of the other two. Sosa, feeling like he was the only hope for his family, quit school his senior year and started working to support his little sister and himself. Karina panted as she finally made it to the bus stop; it was about a block and a half away from her home.

“Hey, I was worried about you girl.” Her friend Yuki walked up to her. “You’re already on probation for being late, you know.” The girl put her hands on her hips and reminded her friend.

“Yeah, yeah, I remember. Don’t worry about me, Yuki; they cain’t get rid of me, no matter how hard they try.” She laughed. The girls waited at the curb and joked, piling into the city transit with all the other commuters. The thought was always in the back of her mind: no matter how much she brushed off the idea, Karina knew the only way she could afford to go to the preparatory school was on a scholarship. The problem with privately funded schools was that the administration fit snugly within the back pocket of its patrons. Unlike the rest of the students, Karina’s scholarship meant that she had to be on her best academic and political game. She was on pins and needles trying to get through the school days; her only reprieves were the few friends she had and her own burning passion to excel.

Yuki and Karina got on the old grey and green bus and took a seat towards the front. Karina grabbed the window seat and stared out as the snow began to fall. It really comforted her. It was soft and magical, pure and renewing; a smile crawled onto her lips. Her head turned back around to her friend who had called her attention, and the bus pulled off.

Seconds before a red Audi R8 had been speeding through the city and stopped for a moment by the rusting bus. The driver turned his head for a brief glance out the window as his heater blew inside the car. His eyes barely caught the deep aqua eyes through the dirty window before she turned around. Without a doubt in his mind, he knew those eyes must belong to the same mysterious girl in his dreams. The streetlight turned green, and the old bus took off at a mild speed to the next stop. Zule pulled out of the turning lane, cutting a few others off, and trailed the bus. He had found her.

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