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Subject: Mark and Jay after Swimming Practice Mark And Jay after Swimming Practice Nifty is kind of enough to host/publish this and other stories, let’s show your appreciation by donating to help defray costs, they need your donations so they can continue to host other stories for your enjoyment. Go to: fty/donate.html. A big thanks to Zach for his help. Note: The story contains unprotected sex, I’m not an advocate for unprotected sex, but excluded from story for your reading enjoyment. Mark got out of the pool, he put his palms on the edge using his arms and upper body strength as he pulled himself up out of the water. The water cascaded off his lean physique, leaving him wet in his tiny Speedo. He felt someone or something was staring at him, he looked up but didn’t see anyone. Pulling the bathing suit back down over his ass cheeks, that’s when he noticed Jay peering through the door to the swimming pool. Mark flashed Jay a smile, turning to head back to the locker room to change. Mark turned to look over his shoulder, but Jay was gone. Jay was known for being a loner. He dressed smart and was an art student. Most people ignored Jay and he preferred it that way. But once in a while Mark and Jay crossed paths; and they both noticed a spark, but neither acted upon it. Jay knew he liked guys, but he didn’t think they would like him in return. He was too effeminate as it was constantly being pointed out. He had several girlfriends he hung around with, they seem to accept him. As Mark walked back to the locker room, he reached down to adjust his excited cock. He tried to ignore it, but there was something about Jay that caused his loins to stir. He sat on the bench, with the towel around his waist, hiding the obvious boner that can’t be very well hidden in speedos. After the showers were free, Mark stripped off his swimsuit; put his towel around his shoulders; walked to his preferred shower as his cock dangled between his legs – swinging back and forth with each step. He knew some guys were envious with what hung between his legs, but he acted like he didn’t notice nor care. He did enjoy stealing glances at their naked bodies, but for some reason he liked his guys less masculine. An alpha male was definitely a turn off. He walked back to his locker to towel off before getting dressed, as he exited the locker room, he noticed Jay was walking ahead of him, talking with some of the girls on the cheerleading squad. Mark admired his body from the behind, big shoulders that tapered off to a small waist. He even liked the swish in his step as well as his effeminate hand movements. He could be heard chatting with the girls about the latest fashion project. Jay heard someone behind him, he stopped and turned around to look, so did his girlfriends. When he saw it was Mark, his jaw dropped to the floor, the girls giggled as they continued on without him. Jay was speechless as his prized swimmer was walking toward him. He felt himself stuttering even though he hadn’t said a word. He held his hands to his face as he watched Mark’s svelte body walk toward him. Thinking he had been caught and was going to get an earful about stalking Mark, he was surprised when he saw Mark smiling at him, as he approached giving him an unsuspected wink. Relieved as he didn’t detect any hostility, Jay choked up when Mark looked him in the eye saying “Hello.” Jay was left paralyzed as he stood there watching Mark walk by. Jay gawked as he continued down the hallway. Mark turned around and winked, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Flashing another smile towards Jay, making it obvious he was scoping out Jay’s body before turning around to continue down the hallway, as Jay stood there following Mark with his eyes till he couldn’t see him anymore. Feeling flustered that he looked like a jerk when Mark said `hi’, the only thing that was left of the brief encounter was his cock snaking down his pant leg. Gwen returned to save her friend. She snapped her fingers in front of his face. As Jay was still standing there she glanced down at his groin; biting her lip, she snapped her fingers a second time causing Jay to return to earth, not realizing he stood in the hall for almost 10 minutes since the blotched encounter. When Jay snapped out of his lustful trance, he continued his previous conversation like nothing had happened causing Gwen to giggle as well as be amazed (her `boy’ friend sure was into Mark, but heck Jay sure could get right back on track with a conversation). When Mark got home, he stripped down to nothing needing to get online to watch a little stress reliever. He kept scrolling through ‘twink’ sites of hairless effeminate guys which turned him on. He reached between his legs grasping his swelling cock, as he watched a `twink’ service a hunky man. It wasn’t the hunky man Mark was interested in, it was the young hairless guy servicing him, especially the soft features. Mark thought of his brief encounter outside the gymnasium when he watched some of the videos. Mark thought how he would like Jay to be his `girlfriend’. His longish hair, his full lips, his gestures, the way his clothes hung off his hips. There wasn’t anything particularly manly about Jay, except the impressive package that he found himself admiring, and that he wanted to be with him. Mark wrapped his hand around his expanded cock closing his eyes as he imagined how Jay would react seeing bursa escort his naked body. Mark wanted to touch Jay’s naked body, taste him, and experience him. He knew Jay was the stereo-typical gay, but he wanted to get to know him better, there was something about Jay that enthralled him. If he was going to be in male relationship, Jay would be the guy he would want to be with. Mark imagined coming home to Jay wearing lacy things, to see his hard cock under women’s underwear, see him in heels, maybe an occasional French maid outfit, serving him a drink. Jay was Mark’s ideal man, the more he thought about pleasing Jay, the faster he flailed on his cock. His body pushed back in the desk chair; his legs opening further apart; and his breathing grew heavy. He felt the surge course through his body when his ass left the chair. Ball batter arcing through the air, landing on his smooth chest, the volley created a trail of cum that lead from his chest down to the base of his pubes. After drenching his body, Mark wiped his hand through the thick jism, licking the remnants from his hand before falling asleep alone in a bed he so wanted to share with the right man. The following morning Mark woke with major morning wood. Noticing the time, he thought he would head over to the gymnasium to get in a few laps, and to take his shower there. He packed his gym bag with his swim suit and the clothes he would wear for today. When Mark arrived at the gym, he was greeted by the guard who left him in. Mark headed to the locker room, stripping off his clothing. He sat on the edge of the bench, his cock and balls dangling over the edge, he was alone and realized there was no none to see his boys. He absent mindedly reached down between his legs, groping his cock and balls before stepping into his white Speedo. He choose the white one this morning as it looked obscene when he would get out of the water, hoping to catch someone’s attention on what he proudly displayed. Once dressed, he checked himself out in the mirror before heading to the shower. While glancing in the mirror, he caught something out of the corner of his eye, someone was looking through the door window, when he turned to look whoever it was disappeared. After the shower, Mark’s bathing suit was translucent, it was like he was wearing nothing at all. He checked himself out in the mirror, readjusted himself. Mark smiled as he walked toward the door of the swimming pool, once on the deck, he looked around but didn’t see anyone. He slid his hand under the waistband, blatantly adjusting his cock in the Speedo. He climbed on the diving block, jump into the water. He gasped when he felt the coolness of the water, but continue slicing the water like a knife as he swam across the pool and back. When he stopped to rest, he felt like he was being watched. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed somebody duck from the pool door window. Feeling the briskness of the morning, his blood was pumping through his veins, this was what he liked about swimming. He kicked off the side of the pool swimming several laps, practicing several different strokes. When Mark sat on the edge of the pool to rest, he looked down seeing his flesh through the white suit. It was giving him the desired result he wanted, as you could see his package like he wasn’t wearing anything at all. He was deciding if he should scrap the suit and go for several laps naked, as that always felt good. As he sat there, the door opened to the stands and Jay stepped in. Their eyes met, as Jay sat down, staring at the almost naked man. Mark looked up and flashed him a smile, leaning back to give full view of his body. Jay kept staring, with his legs crossed at the knee and his wrist relaxed on his knee. Feeling his cock react to seeing Jay sitting there, Mark lowered himself back into the water, using his arms to lift his body from the edge of the pool, which jutted his groin into the spotlight. Mark made sure Jay got a good view before slowly lowering himself into the water. He kicked off the side swimming back and forth across the pool. After his final lap, Mark stood in the water, loosening the string from his speedo. He knew if he did this right, the water would cause suction and pull the little swim suit from his body, giving Jay an eyeful – hoping to break the tension between the two. Mark looked up at Jay, saying “Hi,” before gripping the edge of the pool, pulling himself out of the water as well as out the swimsuit. The desired result was achieved as the translucent suit was down between his thighs. Jay stared at Mark’s nakedness adjusting himself. Mark was looking directly at him, pretending he didn’t know the swimsuit had slipped down his body, as he ran his hand across his chest. As he turned to head to the locker room, Mark looked down seeing his swimsuit around his thighs. He quickly turned around to show off his ass, as he pulled the speedo off, he exposed his smooth hole to Jay, standing back up, Mark looked over his shoulder at Jay slung the wet suit on his shoulder walking to the locker room door. Mark looked behind him, noticing Jay staring as he sauntered into the locker room, he gestured with his head to come join him. Mark turned held the door open biting his lower lip as he touched his package, he slowly entered allowing the door to swing shut. Jay sat there drooling over what he just saw. Wondering if this bursa escort bayan was just another horny college guy looking for a quick way to get off; or was there something different going on here. Wanting to run out the door, Jay found himself standing up to follow Mark into the locker room. Mark smiled when he heard the door from the pool area open and saw Jay standing there. Mark stood there totally naked eyeing Jay’s body. He walked over to Jay introducing himself as `Mark’. Jay stood there with his jaw to the floor as he shook the naked man’s hand, stuttering he was `Jay’. Mark with a twinkle in his eye replied it was nice to meet him. They both stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, both eyed each other’s body. To break the ice, Mark hinted to make himself comfortable and would he like to join him in the sauna. Jay normally understood what this type of invitation meant; and normally, this is where he made his quick get-a-way. But for some reason he decided to take Mark up on his intriguing offer. Mark offered his locker for his clothes as he handed Jay a towel. Mark watched in awe as Jay started to strip. Jay looked up nervously, debating if he should go through with this or not. Jay pulled his tee-shirt over his head, exposing his smooth chest with pink nipples. Mark inhaled at the sight, liking what he was seeing. Jay unlaced his boots before stepping out of them. While still leaning over, he removed his socks, placing them inside the boots. He was sorta horny but didn’t want to feel awful afterwards – allowing some guy to use him to get off and never talk to him again – going out of their way to avoid him. Taking a deep breath, Jay unbuckled his belt, letting it dangle in the loops as he used his other hand to pop the bottom of his waistband. Standing up straight, Jay reached for the zipper pulling it down slowly. Jay opened the flaps to his pants, grasp each flap, he peeled them back before pulling them down his legs so he could step out of them. When he looked up at Mark, he saw that he couldn’t contain his excitement, amazed at the nice size and shape that stood proudly from Mark’s groin. Jay was down to his mesh underwear, he closed his eye thinking it was now or never. Could he deal once again with the rejection after they deposited their load in his mouth? With reluctance, Jay pulled down his underwear, standing naked in front of the guy he admired. He was nervous about what was going to happen, but he kept telling himself, this type of attention is better than no attention, even if was for a few minutes. Mark walked up to him, placing his arm around his shoulders as he led the way to the sauna. Mark’s cock totally hardened as he felt Jay’s naked flesh against his. What Jay didn’t realize was that Mark desired him, and wanted to please him. Mark opened the door to the sauna, placed his towel on the bench before sitting on it. He gestured for Jay do the same, as he patted the bench next to him. The steam and heat were causing both to glisten. Jay nervously sat next to Mark, waiting for the order to get between Mark’s legs and make Mark feel like a man. Jay jumped when Mark placed his hand on Jay’s thigh, sensing his uptightness, Mark leaned over to pull Jay’s face towards his lips. Jay was surprised as he felt Mark’s tongue slip between his lips, passionately probing his mouth. Most guys he’s been with don’t kiss. Mark pulled Jay’s hairless naked body toward his as they kissed. Exploring Jay’s mouth as he reached between Jay’s legs, checking to see if he was getting the desired response. Mark felt the swelling member between Jay’s legs, he backed off from the kiss to look Jay in the eye. Smiling, as his hand wrapped around Jay’s cock, he slowly stroked the shimmering shaft. Mark leaned in for another kiss, wrapping his arms around Jay’s naked body. Their bodies slid against each other, as they sweated. This was different than most of his encounters, Jay gasped when Mark found his way to kneeling between Jay’s legs and placing his mouth over Jay’s cock. Mark’s mouth felt wonderful, and Jay seldom experienced a man wanting to taste him like that. It was exhilaratingly moist as the warm tongue swirled around his cock head to be engulfed by Mark’s mouth. Jay placed his hand on the back of Mark’s head, pushing it down onto his shaft. He never felt power like this before and got excited as Mark moaned from his slight aggressiveness. Mark worked his hand around the base of Jay’s cock, feeling his lips slide down the entire shaft as the head probed the back of his throat. Jay didn’t know how much longer he could last. The heat of the sauna was having an effect on him, being caught added another dimension as to what was transpiring. The fact that this man was servicing him like he had done with others encouraged the feeling of his wanting to use Mark like he had been used. He was better understanding the aggressiveness of the guys he knelt down allowing his mouth to be used to make a deposit. Never again to return to see if there is interest. Mark stroked his own cock as he continued to suck on Jay’s thick cock, Mark had the man where he wanted him. The way Jay responded to his oral administrations was bringing Mark to the edge. Mark sensed Jay was getting close and quickly stood up. Looking upon his naked guy, Mark pulled him to his body. Jay was disappointed as he thought Mark really wanted to get escort bursa him off. Expecting his head to be forced on Mark’s cock, Jay was surprised that Mark caressed his head as he held him next to his abdomen. Jay glided his hands over Mark’s sweaty back, feeling the sweat trickle down his body. Jay pushed back, looking up into Mark’s eyes. Seeing the smile, he knew he was to taste what was poking him in the chest. Jay opened his mouth, looking Mark right into the eyes, as wrapped his lips around Mark’s solid cock. Gasping, Mark watched as Jay expertly deep throated his cock. Watching it disappear between those luscious lips. Mark just loved how gingerly, Jay’s hand worked his shaft, Jay’s delicate technique was just like watching a woman working his cock. Witnessing the feminine manipulation of this blow job was turning him on. Jay was so gentle but he knew how to apply the suction to Mark’s cock. Mark stopped him from sucking his cock, he pulled Jay to his feet, guiding Jay’s lips to his. They kissed passionately, Jay was not use to this type of treatment, the more Mark made him feel good, the more he wanted to please Mark. Mark was so masculine in his lovemaking, and Jay knew this was love making, not another trick who was going to make him feel cheap. With Jay standing, Mark knelt between Jay’s legs, he zeroed in the hardened cock, applying suction that Jay never experience before. Jay held on tightly to Mark’s shoulders as Mark sucked earnestly on his thick cock. The more Mark sucked on his solid cock, the more Jay’s knees were growing weak, especially from all the sweat and heat in the sauna. Mark worked his hand around Jay’s shaft, meeting his lips with his hand. Jay had to lean against something as he felt himself getting weaker. Mark twisted his hand around the shaft, taking it down his throat. Jay’s cock glistened with Mark’s throat juices. As Mark continued to speed up the manipulation Jay couldn’t take it any longer and sat down. Mark held onto his prize by trying to suck the life out of Jay through his cock. Jay leaned back against the benches. Jay’s legs spread further apart as Mark took Jay to the base. Feeling weak, Jay’s body started to twitch. He stifled a moaned, holding back for he knew they were in the college locker room. He held onto Mark’s head, as his body convulsed, pushing down he thrust up, grunting as he felt the surge electrify his cock as he fed Mark the contents of his full balls. Mark would let up as he swallowed Jay’s offering. His own urgency peaked upon the receipt of the large load. Not being able to swallow the full load the cum flowed out the side of his mouth; down the expanded shaft; and into the pubes at the base. Jay’s body quaked after the incredible orgasm. The sensation was going to make him happy all day. Mark quickly got up and sat on the bench opposite of Jay. Looking at Jay’s afterglow, he stroked his cock with vigor. Jay turned his head to look at the Adonis flailing his cock, when the energy returned, Jay was dripping wet, as he got up to kneel between Mark’s long legs. He pulled Mark’s hand off his cock replacing it was his mouth. Mark gasped when he felt the tenderness of Jay’s hand wrapped around the base of his cock. Watching Jay lower his head while applying a little more suction. Suddenly, Jay was slurping on his cock. Mark found himself watching as his cock disappeared into that swallowing cavern. Mark was amazed how well Jay opened his throat to take his root to the base. Something snapped inside Jay, his technique changed, it was as if Jay was making love to his cock. Becoming obsessed with sucking cock it was his purpose for being there. Mark leaned back, his body shuddered as he felt Jay’s mouth trying to suck the contents of his balls through his cock. Jay wiggled his finger right under the nut sack, his animalistic desire sent Mark over the edge. Lifting his ass from the bench Mark roared, as the nut batter ripped through his shaft filling Jay’s mouth. Jay continued to expertly slurp on Mark’s cock, knowing this is what every man likes. Mark’s fingers dug into the bench as volley after volley of his seed was deposited in Jay’s thirsty mouth, swallowing all the contents he could receive. Not being able to move, Mark knew they spent more than enough time in the sauna. Reaching for Jay’s hand, he opened the door, both exiting. Mark pressed Jay against the hallway wall, kissing him as he looked in his eyes. Leading Jay toward the shower, they both needed to cool themselves off. Jay realized he’s naked and in the men’s locker room, he heard several guys changing. He was getting nervous and prepared for his walk of shame to the locker room. Mark heard the guys getting changed, pulled Jay closer to him, kissing him as he tasted his residue in Jay’s mouth. His cock was starting to come back to life, when he led Jay by the hand to a toilet stall. Mark giggled as he heard the guys in the locker room. As he sat on the toilet seat, he licked the tip of Jay’s cock, whispering he wanted more of that. As the last of the guys left the locker room, Mark stood up, pushed Jay’s back against the wall, kissing him passionately again. When all was clear, Mark led Jay back to the locker room, they both smiled and giggled as they got dressed. Putting his arm around Jay’s shoulder, they both headed toward to exit, Marking asking if he would like to join him for breakfast. Tears formed in Jay’s eyes as he never been asked on a `date’, just sexual favors that left him lonely, as they zippered up; turned; walking away, never giving him the time of day, unless he was the only available to release their urge.

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