Music of the Flesh

23 Mar

Music of the Flesh



Music of the flesh

Kyle stepped out of his room in the posh resort of Chaud, holding the door before it closed completely ensuring he remembered his four-digit code to his door. “sixteen, twenty-five.” He mumbled under his breath as he finally let the door close. Although if he did forget, the resort could electronically change it to something else. Walking naked down the hall, he could not believe he was finally here. Not just in this resort of hedonistic pleasure. A law had just been pass allowing any person aged twenty-one and over whether male or female could be without any clothing in a public place within the city limits; even though the law would not go to effect for a few more months.

Kyle heard the news just like every American; it was all over social media but he unlike a lot of American immediately got aroused. His cock was curled into a ball like package nestled in the pouch of his male style thong underwear he liked to wear. One moment his cock was flaccid, the next he was stiff as a board. He was excited. He loved being naked specially if people looked him. The idea of being naked whenever and wherever he wanted. Of course he had to move to this city.

Shaking his head, Kyle brought himself back to the present. The first thing Kyle did when he moved to the city was to go online and joined the club called Chaud. There was only one rule in Chaud; get permission beforehand.

Shaking his head, Kyle brought himself back to the present. The bar drew his attention. Slowly he took the measure of the people along the bar. All of them were couples paired off. Here and there were same sex couples in each other’s arms. Mostly though it was men with women all caressing the other, a tit here or a cock there. Kyle found a place at the bar and waited to catch a bartender’s eye.

“Rum and coke please.”

“Can I get you a double?”

“No thanks, tonight promises to be a long one. Wouldn’t want to not be able to perform.”

“Right you are. So what kind of fun gets you off? Men or women?”


“Here you are sir. Well you are in luck; there are some fine-looking chicks in tonight. And you sir will be in high demand.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

Kyle was a light-skinned black man from the islands in his late twenties. He had a large back piece tattooed on his back. It was of a wolfpack hunting a bear in a clearing near a river. There were twelve wolves in the scene in various position working as a team to take their prey down.

“On account of you being hung. I saw you as you walked up. A lot of the ladies here are size queens. Your name sir? To bill you for the drink and my tip.”

“How would giving you my name bill me?”

“When you registered as a member, you paid the fees with a card, either a credit or debit. That information is kept as your card of record, your name allows me to access this.”

“Kyle Meyers.”

The man nodded and turned to the computer. He wore a red garter around both biceps and black running shoes, the bar was busy and he and his fellow bartender, a female also nude were running around serving guests. A sly rather thin smile appeared briefly on his face and then it was gone. Standing with his back to the bar now, Kyle took in the room around him.

The bar was along one wall, the left side if you looked from the entrance. To the far right was a DJ in the corner with an area for dancing. Half of the room was tables and chairs while on the far side of the room away from the dance area were sofas and coffee-tables. In the center of the room across from him was a door leading to private room.

Several people were dancing to the latest pop songs mostly women with their tits and asses shaking and bouncing. Most of the tables had drinks on them. People were sitting talking and laughing. He saw one woman, a blonde sitting on a table before a man. Her legs were spread wide for him, her arms took her weight as she looked the man who looked not at her eyes but at her pussy. The man of course was stroking his cock. Kyle could see her lips moving as she talked to the man between her legs. Another woman was sucking a cock at another table. Several men were jacking off watching the various sex acts.

Kyle’s eyes continued to wander until he came upon a rare sight. A woman alone. She was at a table directly in front of him. Dress only in knee high black boots she slouched on the chair, her right leg was thrown up on the table, her left was equally as wide to the other side. Her skin was tanned just enough to be erotic. Her tits were full and sat proudly on her chest. Her nipples were hard and seem to Kyle be as big as berries. He wanted to suck those nipples; sucked them long and hard. But he noticed the fingers of her right-hand dancing with the lips of her pussy in time to the beat of the music. Her muscles showed she spent time in the gym and loved every second of it yet had not lost her femininity. He caught glimpses of her clit as the red nails moved. It was big, almost like a tiny cock.

She Sincan Escort had been licking her lips while her eyes roamed his delightfully naked body. It was the back tattoo that first caught her attention. She wanted this man, wanted him to take her and do as he will. She hoped he knew how to handle a big clit and she hoped he ate pussy and loved it. She watched him watching her. He stood there slowly sipping his drink allowing his cock to harden to its fully length. He stood there confident with a smile on his face, and she imagined him believing he found the holy grail.

She watched him stroll over to her; curious how he neither hurried nor dally but one moment he was at the bar and the next was standing between her legs. She felt his legs bump against her chair. She wanted to know what he was looking at. She wanted to look into his eyes, but she couldn’t. She was transfixed by his cock jutting up towards her. The stranger was so close she could lean forward and take him in her mouth, but she did not want to suck him now. That could come later.

Now she wanted to be fucked. Fucked so hard for so long she couldn’t see straight. She didn’t want to know where she was when he finally came or know who she was come to think of it. She imagined that cock; it had to be ten inches; inside her. It would reach places long since ignored.

Kyle had been mesmerized by those fingers. Her fingers betrayed the wetness of the pussy they tried to hide even if only through her own pleasure. He wanted to suck the juices from those fingers. He wanted to suck the juices straight from the source like a vampire that fed on female lubricant and ejaculate. He wondered if there was a word for that.

Standing so close Kyle could smell her excitement, her arousal he noticed a woman warrior as well tattooed on the front of her right thigh. Instinct told this woman did not want her pussy eaten, did not need it. Right this woman needed only one thing. She wasn’t going to play games with him and leave him to simply look at her and jack his cock. She would share her body with him and demand he do the same.

Her fingers pressed harder against her womanhood as she rubbed herself to an orgasm. This man was a tease. How dare he stand there looking so delicious and not do anything even if it was the wrong thing. She didn’t want to imagine that cock burying its way into her any longer, she wanted to experience it.

Kyle’s eyes were on her fingers moving back and forth over her loins, but he was aware of the rest of her. He noted the change of her facial expression. It went from a slight smile perhaps of expectance to a frown equally as slight; almost nonexistent. He was beginning to lose the moment. He had to do something.

Kyle squatted down enough and slid her right leg over his shoulder. At almost the same time, he yanked the chair around, so it was braced against the table. Taking the head of his cock in his dominant hand he dragged it through her pussy lips. She removed her fingers allowing him total access. He placed his right leg across her left in a somewhat kneeling position.

He traced his cockhead through her pussy lips a couple of times. Then without warning he impaled himself to the balls in her. Delighting in that musical sound of flesh smacking flesh Kyle smiled down at her. The warmth and wetness of that pussy at that moment was heaven.

When he had repositioned her only one thought entered her mind.

“Oh shit.”

She noticed she was pinned beneath him not than she wanted to go anywhere. The feeling of his cock playing in her vulva was amazing by itself and gave her an idea they could try later.

Where did that come from? Suddenly her body and mind exploded and shut down at the same time. The orgasm she lazily pursued founded her. Her leg over his shoulder shook. She could not control the exclamation that escaped.

“Oh god, I’m about to fucked for real.”

Kyle instantly settled into his natural rhythm; it was like a brisk walk. The music of this tempo was the smacking of his pelvis on her partially upturned ass. He wanted the music of the flesh louder, so he fucked harder but always to the beat of his soul. He gripped the back of the chair near her shoulders and gave her what she wanted.

For the first time she looked up into his eyes. She just met this man…met wasn’t the correct word. She didn’t know his name but already she knew this cock would be part of her life.

He felt what all men wanted to. The cum leave his balls for the base of his shaft. He paused stroking deep inside her.

“Right now this is an appetizer. I can try to stretch it into a light lunch, or I can cum, and we can make it a full dinner, but we must get more comfortable for that.”

She blinked several times. If she understood what he was saying, she wanted the full dinner and told him so. Half her mind was captivated by his accent. She knew it was from the Caribbean but wasn’t sure of the island.

“I was hoping you would say that because this Ankara Olgun Escort pussy is tight and nice, I am going to enjoy fucking the hell out of you. I also want to suck that big clit of yours for an hour or so if you don’t mind of course.”

She almost laughed at that. “Why would I mind having my pussy eaten for an hour?”

“I might not be any good at eating you and it would be torture not pleasure.”

“Any man that entertains the idea of going down on a woman for that length of time as to at least enjoy it. If he enjoys it, he will make sure he knows what he is doing.”

During the brief conversation Kyle was grinding against her but now he began stroking again. Stroking rhythmically again he reestablished the music of the flesh as loudly as he had before.

“Oh, can I cum inside you?”

She nodded up at him as she thought how good this cock was. It was long but wasn’t impossibly long; it was thick but not painfully so and how he could use it. He didn’t fuck her like she would break. The orgasm she was experiencing was evident in her voice when she spoke.

“I came off my period a few days ago.”

Kyle knew the woman beneath him came several times in the few minutes his cock was encased in her pussy. Her shaking leg told him that, perhaps it was a continuous one. He didn’t feel bad now he was going for his. Only now did he break his natural pace, stroking as fast as he could, but he maintained the hard pounding. Until finally he came.

He lowered her leg from his shoulder as he slipped out of her. He stood and stretched his back while he helped her to her own feet.

“You might have to hold me for a while. I may have trouble standing. That was an intense ten minutes or so.”

Kyle found she was tall for a woman as she put her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist. He returned the gesture by placing his around her shoulders. He could feel her tits against him as she pulled him close causing his cock to keep its erection.

“Your cock is rather persistent.”

“It always behaves so when holding a beautiful woman close which reminds me of something I have always wanted to do.”

As he spoke Kyle removed her right arm from behind his waist with his left. He slipped his from her shoulder to her waist and began to move around the area towards the dancefloor heedless of the fact the music did not fit that style of dance. While he moved her Kyle dropped his right hand from her waist to her ass. The fingers moving into the crack of the cheek until he came to her anus. He did not penetrate the rosebud but waited for her reaction.

She pushed her ass back onto his finger allowing a slight moan to rush from her mouth as she did so.

“You are a naughty man and I love it.”

“So you are a three-hole type of girl.”

“Oh I like a good ass-fucking now and then but I much rather my other two holes be used. Tell me are you an anal boy? Receiving I mean.”

“If you are the one doing the giving, I can take a finger or tongue hell even a strap-on from time to time. But understand this if we are to continue this as a relationship whether a full or even just a sexual one, me being pegged isn’t going to be an everyday occurrence.”

“Do think it makes you gay?”

“The idea of another man putting his finger up my ass other than a doctor for medical reasons never crossed my mind. The same goes for a male tongue or a real cock but the idea of surrendering for a few minutes to a woman who straps and dildo around her waist and lovingly fucks me without thought to hurt or humiliate is an idea that gets my cock hard.”

“Your cock is already hard. I am loving that finger in my ass, push it in further. Oh yes that’s it. Do you think anyone knows what we are doing?”

Kyle put her hand back around his waist but intentionally placed it on his left cheek. She did not need any additional instruction she reached for his anus to penetrate him as far as her finger would allow.

“I don’t know if anyone knows but the possibility excites me.”

She smiled up at him and suddenly broke into laughter. “Here we are with fingers in each other’s asses, and we don’t know the other’s name. I am Anais Valadez. I was named after the famous writer.”

“My father named me Kyle. Our surname is Meyers.”

“Your father?”

Kyle used the thumb of his left hand and rubbed it across her nipple for long moments before he answered.

“My parents have six children: three boys and three girls. My parents before they had any children that my father would name any boys and my mother would name the girls.”

“What are your siblings’ names?”

Kyle cupped Anais’s breast taking the weight of it caressing it softly with the tips of his fingers.

“My brothers are Lucas and Michael both of whom are older than me while of my sisters only Jennifer is older than I. The others are Pamela and Amelia.”

Following his lead Anais began to rub the head of his cock as it was pinned between Ankara Ucuz Escort them. Silence settled on them amid the dancefloor then she pulled away from him enough to be able to stroke his cock as they danced.

“Now I know we are being watched.”

Anais began to try and see if what he said was true. “You think so?”

“You can’t jerk me off in the middle of a dancefloor and people do not notice.”

She did not get a chance to reply because another member came to stand next to them forcing them to stop dancing. They both pulled their finger from the asses they were in.

“Traci Diana, I haven’t seen you for a while. How have you been?”

“Never you mind how I have been doing you slutty bitch. I see you are up to your deliciously sinful ways again drawing all eyes to you and this sexy man. Who is he and where did you find him?”

“What do you mean ‘drawing all eyes?’ You can’t mean…”

“But I do; you two are the only ones on the dancefloor, well were until I came on, but I am not dancing. Everyone in this room is staring at you. Did you just orgasm you slut? You did, you can tell Traci Diana although I can see the cum running down your legs. Do not worry you are in a sex club in a naked city, so it is not only allowed it is expected. More to the point you have not answered my real question.”

Anais rested her forehead on Kyle’s chest for a moment as she spoke to her friend. As was clearly obvious to anyone who saw Traci Diana that she was an Asian trans woman with a size able dick and the tits and ass to match. Kyle moved his hand from Anais’ breast to her loins to find the truth. Fluids were running down her legs, but it could have been his cum from before.

“What question was that?”

“Who is this man? I have not seen him around town I would have remembered him.”

“Traci Diana, he is a grown American male. He doesn’t need me to answer for him.”

“Well I did not want to scare him off before I learnt if he would be cool with me.”

Traci Diana turned to face Kyle but couldn’t help glancing down and seeing the two hands stroking and fingering.

“Well I see he is a bird of a feather pushing the envelope so to speak. You know; only in this city could a black man be fingering a Latina while she jacks him, and Asian transexual watches them, and they are all nude. Oh sorry you were about to tell me who you were.”

“I am not Latina, I am Hispanic. There is a difference.”

“I am Kyle, and you haven’t seen me before because I just moved to this city. I wanted to come here seven months ago when the law first passed but my family made a fuss. Haven’t found a permanent place yet staying here at the resort until I find something more permanent.”

“Wow, in the city less than twenty-four hours and already bagged this unicorn. That is impressive, I will have to keep an eye on you.” A smirk appeared on her face as she wondered about Anais’ statement.

Both Anais and Kyle replied at the same time.

“He hasn’t bagged me.”

“What’s a unicorn?”

She looked toward her friend. “Anais seriously? Just then when you found out he was staying here at Chaud, your immediately thought he could stay with you. That way you two could fuck all day or all night or both.” Traci Diana turned her head to look at Kyle. “A unicorn in the sexual world or even just in the world of casual nudity means a single female which is a rear thing like a unicorn.”

The athletic woman sly nodded her head. “Do you hate me? Now you know I am a slut.”

“We are standing in a sex club. I think we are all sluts, but the male slut is generally called a stud, it is all the same. Only society makes one negative and the other positive.”

Anais rose an eyebrow at the thought of Kyle identifying as a slut, this could be an interesting area to explore further.

“See I told you he is a bird.”

“And a bird is…?”

“There were briefly three of us. When I moved here and met Traci Diana, we were having lunch at a café called Crazy Birds. Then Traci Diana and I became good friends we started referring to ourselves as birds as a sort of salute to that first meeting. Over the months it has come to mean birds of a feather meaning we had the same general outlook on life. But a bird is slang for women in England just as here we say chicks.”

“What happened to the third bird?”

“She was a lesbian named Robin. She was Traci Diana’s girlfriend and let’s just say they had a falling out; things were said that can never be taken back.”

When Traci Diana first joined them, Kyle noticed she was wearing a cock-ring. “That cock-ring you’re wearing, is that only for the resort or will you be able to legally wear that on the streets.”

“I will be able to wear it on the streets. Are you thinking about getting one? I know a place that insures a perfect fit. I will take you when you are ready.” Traci Diana looked towards Anais with another smirk on her face, although there was a twitch to her cock.

Kyle nodded as his own reply. It would be interesting to walk around with an erection in the street doing everyday things. He could imagine the eyes upon him, women with lust and some men with envy.

“I am going to leave you alone now. I see a man that loves shallowing my cock.”

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