Our late night of fun

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Our late night of fun



Our late night of funI was imagining you in your red outfit with the leather skirt and me between you legs. The smell of your cum, the smell of leather, the taste of your cum, the feel of the leather and your red outfit. The sounds of you as I eat every bit of that beautiful juice. Me hard as a rock making you groan with frustration and anticipation. The leather skirt rapped around my head as I eat you. Your hands wandering all over your outfit getting you hotter and hotter, You squeezing your nipples and rubbing the red latex and leather skirt. Your back arching as you build and build. I would chew and suck your clit making you wetter and wetter. All the time you continue to rub your new leather skirt. You are ready so I suck your clit in my mouth and rub it hard with my tongue until you orgasm so hard your back arches and you let out an amazing groan that lasts for ages. You sit up pushing your orgasm out and filling my mouth with your juices. You are so wet it dribbles out my mouth and down between your beautiful bum cheeks. You continue to groan and push out the orgasm until you are spent. I then slowly lick you clean and work my way up to bursa escort you lips. Kissing and smelling your leather skirt. You are already getting hot again. I lick and play with your latex outfit stopping to nibble on each nipple. You getting hotter now. I move to your mouth and you wantonly lick your juices off my face sharing in the pleasure of your orgasm. You kiss me deep ensuring your tongue is deep in my mouth mixing your juices with my saliva. Now you spread your legs and let me enter your wet, hot fanny. You hook your legs behind me and force my penis deep inside you beautiful vagina. In and out I pump harder and harder. Kissing deep with the smell of your orgasm on our faces and wafting through our noses. I push hard and ask your permission to fill you with my cum. You grant me permission and I groan and pump hard and fast filling you completely. You feel the heat and wetness as your vagina fills with my special offering. I collapse on your leather and latex outfit. You roll me onto my back and slowly kiss my stomach working down to my still hard penis. You slowly begin to lick my penis cleaning off our combined juices. You lick bursa escort bayan from the shaft to the head. Every so often kissing my lips so I can share in the pleasure of our mixed juices and love making. You get me so hard you continue your oral assault on my penis sucking and licking. taking the head in your mouth and rolling your tongue all around it. I feel the orgasm build but you slow down. In and out of your mouth slow and deep my penis goes. I need to cum but you won’t let me. I beg and you finally agree. You take my penis between your lips and suck hard. I burst in your mouth and fill you up. The cum oozes out you lips and dribbles down your chin. You crawl back over my body still dressed in leather and latex – our juices now dribbling out of your mouth. We kiss again this time it is my juice we are sharing. Now you force me down and split your legs over my face. You lower yourself on my mouth and I begin to caress your clit and make you hotter and hotter. Slowly I lick while you spread over my head wider. Your leather skirt hiked up and your latex all on display as you sit above my face. You build and build for another escort bursa orgasm but now I’m in control. You move your hips trying to have an orgasm but I won’t let you. I continue to manipulate your clit and lick your love hole. I can taste all our juices – hot, smelly and sweaty pure love. You beg to have an orgasm so I finally oblige as you rub you latex nearly out of control – I continue to suck and pull you clit in my mouth. Now I rub it hard with my tongue and you cum.OMG it is the biggest I every felt – you scream push down on my tongue. You pump and grind your hips trying to fuck my face. Your juices explode and pour into my mouth. your orgasm is a combination of you and I – our combined orgasms – and feels me with warm, sex. you cum for ages and your legs begin to shake. Eventually you stop and warn out we collapse in each others arms. You in you latex and leather and me covered in our juices. We kiss and wrap ourselves up in each others arms and fall asleep. When we wake up the smell is still strong so we finish with a soft love making session. Me on top pumping you slowly and lovingly. You underneath, trusting, loving accepting me into your body. We have a long slow session with many soft and beautiful orgasms. !2 hours later we’ve had sex, love, passion, absolute intimate sharing. We finish with a joint shower washing each other clean and fondling each other softly.

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