Sod’s Law

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Sod’s Law

Sod’s Law.

(-briefly defined as; anything that can go wrong; will..)


It was the perfect place under a clear blue sky for what they had in mind. Very peaceful and secluded and almost completely surrounded by trees and rambling blackberry bushes now heavy with ripe purple fruit. Sunlight filtered delicately through the overhanging leaves to give dappled shade here and there. The grass was tall and dry, knee-high, the stalks just turning to seed. Small flies darted in the deeper shade and the air was warm and rich with the scent of summer.

The only sound that broke the almost total silence came from the large woman from Birmingham who had chosen a spot for herself a little below and to the right of where Richard lay. She’d brought her own blanket to lie on and was the least inhibited of them all.

The sound of her excited breathing carried clearly in the still air. Sometimes she moaned, sometimes she sighed. If Richard raised his head he could see her chubby knees raised and held wide apart above the grass that concealed her. There was a sense of motion, of frantic and urgent but pleasurable activity, conveyed in the sounds she made and the rustling of the grass.

As he listened –now she was panting, building towards something big- Richard fondled him self and wondered why he couldn’t get hard.

He was lying comfortably on his back with his jeans and underwear at his knees. By chance the arrangement of the leaves above him allowed an unfiltered ray of warm sunlight to shine through the branches directly onto his cock. It felt good but somehow, unbelievably, he couldn’t get an erection. Try as he might his cock stubbornly refused to respond to the familiar touch of his warm fingers and flopped apathetically from side to side in the sunlight.

It was Sod’s Law. The whole thing had been his idea and now he seemed to be the only one having problems.

On the other side of the small clearing the two other men who had joined them sported thick, proud erections. They were lying about ten feet apart and obviously pacing themselves as they masturbated lazily with deliberate and almost hypnotic slowness.

Below Richard the three young women, all nursing students, who had come along at the last moment ‘for a laugh’ as they said, lay on their backs side by side and talked in whispers and sometimes giggled. Two of them wore jeans which they’d pushed half way down their thighs while the third wore a skirt. After some initial hesitation they had settled themselves there and now all three were quietly masturbating.

Richard raised his head and looked at them. Normally a sight like that would have had him rock hard in an instant. Just thinking about it would have been enough but now, even watching the three of them and seeing how slowly they rubbed themselves, his cock still refused to rise to the occasion.

He wrapped his fingers around it and pulled gently, trying to will a little life into it, but nothing at all seemed to be happening down there. He couldn’t figure it out.

His dream, vision, fantasy Ümraniye Escort had been of twenty, thirty, fifty like-minded adults –the more the merrier- getting together somewhere in the open air. He thought of it as an homage to nature, to life, to human sexuality, or something equally high-minded like that. All those people masturbating openly without inhibition. He’d masturbated on numerous occasions as he’d thought about so many people getting it on at the same time. The fact that only seven had committed including himself had hardly dampened his enthusiasm. He’d denied himself for two whole weeks, saving up in anticipation, and now that he was there; nothing.

He sighed and was about to lie down again when he realised one of the other men was trying to attract his attention. Richard saw him move his head in the direction of the three students. He saw him put out his tongue and waggle it as if he was going down on one of them and Richard grinned and nodded in agreement; -he wouldn’t mind a piece of that action either.

Now the other guy held the base of his cock and frowned and Richard could only shrug; he didn’t know what the hell the problem was.

He opened his hand to reveal his flaccid member and felt immediately envious of the other guy who had a stand alone, full on, majestic hard-on. He saw him shake his head in sympathy and Richard smiled half-heartedly and lay down again.

To hell with it; he just couldn’t believe it would happen, and now of all times.

A light breeze stirred the uppermost leaves above him. The trees were at their best; the blackberries at their fullest; sap rising all around him; six people beating off nearby and he couldn’t raise a twitch.

He toyed with his cock one handed while the other gently cupped his balls. It was the first time in his life he’d never been able to rise to the occasion. He thought about women he had known, actresses he lusted after, spankings he wished to give, homosexual acts he might like to participate in. Any one of those things usually gave him a raging, straining, beat-off or die erection, but not then; not then.

At that moment the large woman from Birmingham let out a particularly loud gasp of pleasure followed quickly by another and then another, each one slightly louder than the one before. She sounded almost surprised and very, very aroused, and Richard couldn’t resist sitting up to take a look.

Some of the grass which had previously concealed her had now been flattened in places and through the remaining stalks he could see her large and pale, naked body.

She was lost in her own world of self induced pleasure, lying on her back with her thick legs still raised, and engaged in vigorously thrusting something repeatedly between her legs. She’d obviously brought a toy along. Now she began to writhe and moan louder and louder, her cries becoming increasingly more urgent as she hurried herself to her climax.

Richard glanced around and saw that everyone else was watching her too.

The two men across Ümraniye Escort Bayan the way were on their knees and stroking themselves noticeably faster than before. Below him the three students were also sitting up and watching her, two of them still absently rubbing themselves, all three of them staring with undisguised fascination and perhaps even a little envy in their unblinking eyes.

Now one of the guys cried out and Richard looked across just in time to see him ejaculate. He saw him jerk at the waist, his hips pumped twice, and a glistening white glob of semen spurted from him and flew in an arc to vanish in the grass two feet in front of him. He collapsed; fell forward on one arm, still moving his hand on his erection and grunting aloud as he milked himself.

After that everything happened very quickly. The large woman climaxed with a loud moan of triumph mixed with pleasure mixed with pain. Again and again she gave loud voice to her feelings, crying out as if through gritted teeth; “-Yes! Yes.. oh yes!” and still all the while plunging her toy deeply between her trembling legs.

Richard saw one of the students, the only one who wore a skirt, suddenly throw herself onto her back and begin to masturbate urgently with total abandon. She lifted her bottom from the ground and thrust her hips towards the sky and began to moan as her hands moved between her legs.

Her two friends looked at her then at each other and as if at some given sign they too lay back and began to copy her.

It was awesome and beautiful and Richard could only stare in amazement at the sight of the three of them masturbating side by side in the sunlight as if they were in competition with each other.

His attention was drawn to the second guy who was now on his back and masturbating furiously, his hand almost a blur on his thick and swollen cock. He swore and lifted his hips as he climaxed spectacularly.

Now the urgent rising moans of the three students filled the air as from time to time one or the other of them raised their bottoms and writhed sensuously and thrust their hips into the air. They climaxed in turn, one, two, three in quick succession, their hands working feverishly between their wide open legs.

It was all over as suddenly as it had begun. One moment everyone was at it and the next, wherever he looked Richard saw them all collapsed, wasted, satiated, gasping for breath as they came down slowly by degrees.

Both men were stretched out full length in the grass, theirs cocks still big but beginning to soften. The three students lay as if they’d been ravaged, their clothes in varying stages of disarray, all of them breathing fast, one of them still with her hand moving slowly between her legs.

The large woman nearby was sitting up. She was red faced and there was grass in her hair and she smiled wearily and puffed out her cheeks when she saw that Richard was watching her.

His eyes moved as if of their own accord to her large and eye-catching breasts then back to Escort Ümraniye her face. She didn’t seem to mind him looking, then she frowned gently and attractively, and looked pointedly at his crotch and mouthed something to him.

Unsure what she meant he glanced down at himself to see his hand fisted around his now fully erect, miraculously straining, cock.

He stroked it gently, experimentally, and it strained responsively.

When he looked again at the large woman she moved her head and smiled encouragingly. It was obvious what she meant; it’s your turn, what are you waiting for?

Sensing movement opposite him Richard looked that way and saw both of the guys were now watching him. The students too, all three of them now sitting or half lying, with their exposed pussies in clear view were all looking his way and watching and waiting expectantly.

One of them threw back her hair and almost casually placed her hand between her legs as his eyes met hers.

Richard felt his heart beating with a slow, deliberate rhythm as he looked at them all; he had an audience. He felt excitement stirring in his chest, in his stomach, more noticeably in his cock. He stroked it gently. It didn’t waver or lean when he released it but stood proud and gratifyingly thick.

Both guys were now gently caressing themselves and attempting to coax new life into their cocks. Two of the students were blatantly masturbating each other while the third, the one who had thrown back her hair, slowly moved the tip of her finger in her pussy as she looked at him. The large woman was gently pulling at her nipples. Her mouth was half open and there was a happy, far away look in her eyes as Richard slowly lay back on the grass.

It was the perfect place under a clear blue sky for what he had in mind. By chance the arrangement of leaves above him allowed an unfiltered ray of warm sunlight to shine through directly onto his cock.

It felt good as he began to masturbate. His left hand played with his balls as his right did the business, moving smoothly up and down the length of his throbbing cock. He closed his eyes contentedly and concentrated on the slowly building wave of pleasure that began as something vague then rose all consuming and demanding release. He ached for that moment of release and masturbated faster.

He was a slave to it; always had been.

He felt it building deep inside him; something rushing, something intoxicating.

He held his breath as he hurried towards it, his movements becoming ever more urgent, his need ever stronger. His cock strained and he began to raise and lower his hips in anticipation. Faster and faster. Nothing else existed but his desire for release, then it was there, HE was there.

He grunted aloud as he ejaculated, as his semen spurted, and as some of it fell back on his fist. He grunted again and again as he kept his hand moving for as long as he could and then he sank to the ground gasping weakly for breath with his heart racing and the blood pounding smoothly through his veins.

When he looked down at himself he saw that most of his semen was on his fingers. He released his cock and looked at his hand then realised that they were all still watching him and smiling.

He smiled in return and shrugged and wiped his fingers in the grass; it was Sod’s Law; again.

The End.

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